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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad October 18th 2006

J'ai voyage avec eux de la Havane jusqu'a Trinidad. Puis on a louer une voiture pour faire un tour des environs. La semaine que j'ai passee avec eux etait super et j'etais ravi de servir pour la premiere fois d'interprete. ... read more
Conny et moi
Conny und Andreas

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad October 2nd 2006

Hi everyone, Still no ability to load photos here I am afraid hopefully when I get to veradero in a couple of days. I have a fantastic collection however until then you will just have to take my word for it. I am currently in Trinidad. I was supposed to leave yesterday however met a couple of great people and decided to stay a little longer. Laura is from Manchester in UK and Mary is from South Korea. We went to Casa de la Musica the night before last and had a great night. More Cuban music and salsa. There is a Casa de la Musica in every town I think however this one in Trinidad is outside. Was a beautiful night and the mojitos and beers were flowing. There was another Australian girl there who ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 13th 2006

On the 12th headed east out of Havana to Trinidad. On the way to the Zapata Peninsula there were endless fields of citrus trees & sugar cane. Stopped for a yummy lobster-tail lunch at a roadhouse and had a swim in the Caribbean - fabulous. Visited the Museum Giron dedicated to the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion by US-supported Cuban exiles against the Communist regime. Fascinating stuff. Stopped in Cienfuegos for a coffee break. A local did a caricature of me, which you generally pay 1CUC. On the road to Trinidad there were thousands of crabs crossing the road to lay their eggs. As the vehicles travelled along and squashed the unlucky ones, flocks of turkey vultures would descend to pick at the fresh road-kill. Our hotel was overbooked so we got upgraded to an all-inclusive ... read more
Museo Giron
Note from Che
Rolling, rolling, rolling

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 2nd 2006

Since returning from Cuba I have been asked dozens of times what Cuba was like. These queries mainly come from eager Americans and Europeans who seem keen for reports of a socialist paradise where liberated socialists enjoy the benefits of free health care and enforced leisure time. Each time I’m asked, all I seem to muster is a series of ummmms and errrs before quite meekly finally describing Cuba as “different”. And I suppose that is the truth. Cuba is unlike any country I have visited before. Did I enjoy Cuba? I’m not sure. Yes, parts of it were fun but other parts were solely frustrating and confusing. Did I learn about the system of socialism that supposedly exists in Cuba? I don’t know. I returned to Central America with more questions than I arrived with. ... read more
One horse and two bullock town
The cockfight
The beach in Cuba

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 17th 2006

Paso obligado para el turista.... read more
En cada puerta

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad August 10th 2005

The morning of our horse riding trip started well enough when a woman collected us from our casa particular (our lodging house), but we were soon to discover we were in the hands of cowboys! We were left standing at a street corner to await the arrival of the other tourists. They took so long that eventually a woman who lived nearby let us sit in her living room to get out of the already intense sunshine. After some time, everyone had arrived and without so much as a "This is a horse" we were cajoled to mount our steeds, and off we all trotted. This part wasn't too bad but soon we came to the top of a large hill, nay, mountain. The path narrowed to a mouse-run overhung with nasty looking bushes and low-lying ... read more
View from Museo Romantico
Boy sitting
Bride in car

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