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Quebrada Ganado Wednesday We took an early walk partway down to the macaw's nest, but no bird sightings. We passed an interesting fruit tree, probably a grapefruit. We returned by way of the river estuary. Many shore birds, and several guys fishing from shore. Many birds were swarming over one area of the ocean, with pelicans diving straight down into the water. The bigger fish (perhaps tuna) drive the smaller ones toward shore, and then the birds have a feast. Later in the morning we heard "caws" coming from the beach. We went down to their favorite tree by the beach (probably an almond). We saw two macaws, but couldn't get any good photos. This is beginning to become an obsession! Later when Bob was looking for some hotel reservations, I walked down there again, but ... read more
Birds Feasting on Small Fish
Grapefruit Tree
Driftwood Along the Beach

Quebrada Ganado Tuesday Heard the macaws about 6am this morning again, lots of loud squawking. We followed the sound to a big tree by the beach. We saw two of them way inside the branches, but we weren't able to get photos. They are certainly elusive creatures. But we will continue to try. Continued down the beach to the river, where we saw several pelicans. Many fishermen were getting ready to head out. Back along the beach we noticed that the big boats (something like a racing scull or canoe) were nine-seaters, with a big outrigger float on each side. Right by the hotel gate, we saw three chicken-like birds, black with white legs. They looked something like buzzards, but seemed to be non-flight birds. From an Internet search, we think they were chachalacas. We were ... read more
Furry Friend by our Patio
Pelicans by the River
Scene Along the Beach

Quebrada Ganado Monday (We lost Internet for most of the day yesterday.) The people here are very friendly and helpful. Yesterday when we got into Quebrada Ganado, we needed groceries and a taxi. Bob talked to a young man on the corner who called a cab for us. As we were waiting for the cab with our bags by the grocery store, another young man asked if we needed help. The cab driver was also very helpful. At 6am today I heard the red macaw's "caw". Went outside to look and saw two fly over the swimming pool. I later saw two fly over the ocean. They have a very distinctive sound. Took some walks early in the morning before the heat set in. We walked along the beach, past a few shacks and tents with ... read more
Colorful Walk
Fishing in the River
Big Kayaks by the Ocean

Quebrada Ganado Sunday (The blog city is listed as Tarcoles, which is the closest place to Quebrada Ganado, where we currently are.) About 80 baby turtles were released to the sea last night about 8pm. We didn't see it, but were told by a hotel traveler. Would have been interesting. Today was a travel day. We caught the 8am bus this morning back to Paquera ($7 for two tickets). A monkey was at the bus stop again. It was fun to watch him going from tree to tree, but he was too fast for a good photo. The bus was about 15 minutes late, and we had a little delay for road construction, but we made all our connections. Lots of passengers got in an out in Cabano. We drove through Tambor, a fairly affluent town ... read more
Orange Treat at Ferry Station
Selfie on Ferry
Ferry in Nicoya Bay

So stinking hot here today, don't remember it being this hot when we were here last. Two ships in port today, so didn't know how we would go with organising our own driver - but all went well found Francisco, a lovely local from Puntarenas - as we had been here 3 years ago and done the capital San Jose and Sarchi the craft area - we decided to do a more country and nature type tour today. Costa Rica is just so rich with wildlife -birds, crocodiles, lizards, monkeys etc - set out to see what we could find just in the wild. Saw the cutest little cappuccino monkeys. To get to see all these things we travelled along the Pan American Highway for about 30 kilometres. Huge mango, melons, cashew growing area as well ... read more

Nice when we got up today - blue sky's temperature rising quickly to about 28 or 29C. Time to get in the pool! So before breakfast we were all in and cooled down. By 8 am. the local ISP engineer was ensconced in the house and on the phone talking to his mates - not looking good for WiFi in this property. They ended up taking the router away and as we needed to go out god knows if we'll ever see it again. Model is a Tenda doesn't fill me with any sort of confidence whatsoever - better spending a bit more and getting a Netgear. The phone had also packed up... This is Costa Rica people... We had decided that we would do one of the Canopy tours today so went to Villa Lapas ... read more
Villa Lapas
On Tractor

Wheres me monkey? Worked out that today was Saturday and we wanted to see some animals a bit bigger than frogs and parrots. Further down the coast is the Park National Manuel Antonio it's a bit of a drive about 50 miles each way but we think it will be worth it. Particulalry as we'll see lots of coastline as well. Popped in the pool before breakfast to cool down a bit even though it was actually reasonably pleasant – as soon as I got in the pool the dawn chorus of Scarlett Macaws passed over and landed in the tree outside. Got some good pictures – at one point must have been 10+ in the tree! Had a good breakfast – Ramon arrived to turn on the pool filters and we got away not long ... read more
Parka Manuel Antonio

Up reasonably early today and into the pool before breakfast. The Scarlett Macaws leave the National Park early in the morning and come down to the mangrove swamps by the sea. This means they fly past or in our case land in the tree outside – 5 giant parrots eating whatever was in the tree outside.and lobbing the rinds on the floor – it was like some scene out of a science fiction film. Particularly as I wanted to get close and take a picture and when I looked right I noticed a giant squirrel hanging from the electric cables. Stupid animal had decided to hold onto both cables – certainly curled it's hair! Great swim – more butterflies – everyone is different – I imagine this is what the UK was like before we killed ... read more
Silly Squirell

A Mummy went a Mowing Just as the day was breaking – large amounts of snoring was heard by Eleanor – which she likened to the sound of a large lawn mower... need I say more? Paid for the Holiday Inn in San Jose and then the car was delivered by a nice guy from National Rent a Car. Decided to take the GPS as the app on the iPad was rubbish. Nice car big 4x4 Toyota Prado – which easily took all our luggage and passengers. Not as nice as the Tank though J GPS directed out of San Jose – via a few back streets and then on a 60km road to almost our destination. Stopped off for some shoppingin a place called Ortina – at a biggish supermarket and then looked over the ... read more
Not the Pool
Poison Dart Tree Frog

So I am here living in Tarcoles! Speaking Spanish all the time is pretty darn difficult I must say, especially when I'm trying to get stuff done! Ive been doing interviews with fishermen and lujadoras and writing up the analysis for those. I am also presenting my research project on Sunday so people know what I'm doing exactly and designing a event for the lujadoras so when they get enough money together they can implement it!So its been a bit of work but I'm having fun! Yesterday a couple came in to look at starting a volunteer program here and the girl didn't speak Spanish so I helped out a little with translation! It was pretty neat that I actually was able to do most of it! Anyways, I'm leaving monday for San Jose again...wish me ... read more

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