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Published: December 3rd 2015
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Quebrada Ganado


We took an early walk partway down to the macaw's nest, but no bird sightings. We passed an interesting fruit tree, probably a grapefruit. We returned by way of the river estuary. Many shore birds, and several guys fishing from shore. Many birds were swarming over one area of the ocean, with pelicans diving straight down into the water. The bigger fish (perhaps tuna) drive the smaller ones toward shore, and then the birds have a feast.

Later in the morning we heard "caws" coming from the beach. We went down to their favorite tree by the beach (probably an almond). We saw two macaws, but couldn't get any good photos. This is beginning to become an obsession! Later when Bob was looking for some hotel reservations, I walked down there again, but still no luck. Looked for shells along the way. Not very good pickings here, but still fun and beautiful. There is so much driftwood on the beach. Too bad they are too big to take home. Would look nice in a garden.

Played a game of Scrabble on the porch (no comment on winner). We then went to dinner at a fish place along the road to the macaw's nest. The food was excellent (garlic fish and shrimp again, our favorites), the prices reasonable, and the owners were very friendly. Lots of chickens, roosters, and baby chicks were in the backyard. Chicks were very cute. They ate seed and coconut pieces in the yard. They also ate from the dog's bowl, and he didn't seem to mind sharing. There was a wooden ladder up into a tree, and the mother was getting all the chicks up in the tree. They probably sleep up there to be free from critters.

Got back from dinner and found a little critter in our room, a gecko. We tried to shoo him out the door, but he scooted under the bed, and now we don't know where he is. I hope he will behave himself.

Tomorrow we are going to Manuel Antonio (Quepos bus stop). It is said that at one time there were more monkeys in Quepos than people, but not any more. Hope to see some howler monkeys.

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