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Published: December 2nd 2015
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Quebrada Ganado


Heard the macaws about 6am this morning again, lots of loud squawking. We followed the sound to a big tree by the beach. We saw two of them way inside the branches, but we weren't able to get photos. They are certainly elusive creatures. But we will continue to try. Continued down the beach to the river, where we saw several pelicans. Many fishermen were getting ready to head out. Back along the beach we noticed that the big boats (something like a racing scull or canoe) were nine-seaters, with a big outrigger float on each side. Right by the hotel gate, we saw three chicken-like birds, black with white legs. They looked something like buzzards, but seemed to be non-flight birds. From an Internet search, we think they were chachalacas.

We were without Internet until later this morning. Priscilla came by, pressed a couple of buttons in a big box on the next door porch, and we were up again. Lots of dogs here. The owner has three dogs and eight hamsters! A fellow animal lover! Lots of bicycles here for transportation. The riders seem very friendly and usually say hello.

Spent part of the afternoon reading on the patio. We are running out of books! Went for a relaxing swim in the pool. We were the only ones in the water, and felt like we had our very own estate! Later we walked down to check out the macaw nest again. About a third of the way down the road, we heard a "caw" and two macaws flew quickly overhead. But again no photo! Walked a little further along, and Bob spotted a couple of toucans. With a little research, we decided they were collared aracaris. We reached the macaw nest tree and hung around for a while again, but no macaws. I think they are avoiding us.

Had dinner on the porch again, then stayed outside to read and update the blog. It is beautiful here in the evenings. No bugs and no snow! Another great day.

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2nd December 2015

Don't you have a tablet with books on it? If not, you might need to upgrade for next time!
3rd December 2015

HI Lynn! We have one tablet with several books on it. I have read some of those, but Daddy likes to read a paper copy. I think there might be a book exchange at the next hotel.

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