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An 08h00 start. Although not quite in the Cloud Forest, it was cool as we climbed aboard the bus. Leaving the hotel, we made our way through the village of Santa Elena and out towards the coast. Within a few hundred yards, the climate had completely changed from cool and wet to hot and very dry. The trees were no longer tall and covered in moss but much shorter and, more importantly, deciduous. A fine dust pervaded the air. Continuing down the unmade road, we eventually arrived in Carara (meaning crocodile). This area contains what is known as a transition forest with a mixture of lowland, hot tropical trees and the cooler, more humid cloud forest trees. The walk through the trees was extremely hot and the effort was not rewarded by views of the wildlife ... read more
Black Iguana
Black Iguana
Strangler Fig

Since our last entry on Christmas Eve every day has been packed with action, animals, adrenalin, and adventure. Since we did so much in such a short time we are going to break the entries into short journals covering one to five days. On Christmas Eve we anxiously awaited the arrival of our first guests from Canada. Owen and I went to the highway and with Christmas lights attached to the car we waited for the McLeods to notice us. It only took fifteen minutes and there they were at 8PM sharp as promised providing strong evidence that the McLeod family is from Canada. After some big hugs and a quick look at the decorated car they followed us to our house. I can tell you that it was a very big day for us to ... read more
Christmas Is...
The excitement of...
Even if you are a "big boy".

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