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We flew from San Francisco to Houston, had a three hour layover then onto Libera, Costa Rica. We rented a car from Enterprise. One of the smartest moves we made was to rent a GPS. I asked how much they cost, the answer $12.00 per day, I said no thanks the cost was to high. Enterprise then said they would rent it for $8 per day, SOLD. I also paid extra for a AAA type service. I had read about people having their tires punctured and when local show up to help they rob you . I want to have a service just in case we ran into trouble. Our first stop was La Fortuna the town in the shadow of Arenal Volcano. The GPS gave us directions like turn right at the road or turn ... read more

At the airport and heading home. We are sad to leave the warm weather and friendly tico people of Costa Rica. I have not blogged for the last 2 days and hope to get the photos organized on the flight. Ziplining on Sunday and a trip to Nicaragua yesterday. I got the full search in Liberia, Costa Rica. They did the full bag search with the test for drugs and firearms. They even wiped down the flip flops! That's what happens when you have the extra stamp from Nicaragua in the passport. The rest of the travel through Atlanta went well. Long lines going through customs, but we were not in a hurry as we had several hours before our next flight. The Atlanta flight was late and i fell asleep before we took off. We ... read more
Pedro at Libreria Airport Costa Rica
Atlanta Airport
Chicago 294

Another beautiful day in Costa Rica. Spent the morning touring in our "Buggy". The tour company was "Buggy Tours" of Costa Rica. Brian was our guide. We went about 30 miles over just over 4 hours. I mapped it out with the GPS on my watch, but missed the first part of it. We saw all sorts of agriculture and nature. Pedro liked the brahma cattle. We saw 3 kinds of monkeys. Howler, spider and capuchin monkeys. The howlers were napping and not moving too much. The spider monkeys were more active and the capuchins were moving around and all over. We saw lots of birds. The big owl was very cool! I think it was a spectacled owl. Mary, you will need to correct me if I am wrong. The ride to the beach took ... read more
Pedro and Lori on the Buggy Tour Costa Rica
Playa Grande Zapotal
Pedro and the brahma cattle

We spent the day visiting a variety of beaches going south from Playa Panama. Jose Diego was our driver today and he did a great job with the navigation and making sure we had a great time. Dantita Beach and Dante Beach were the first stops. We drove and hiked a vista first and then took a walk on the beach. We stopped at Flamingo Beach and took another walk. Another stop at Brasilito Beach . Then we had lunch in Tamarindo and after we took a short drive took a walk on Playa Longosta. We went back to Tamarindo and took our surf lesson from Iguana Surf Shop. We were in a small group lesson with a couple from France. Kendall was our instructor. After a short lesson on the beach it was into the ... read more
Lori surfing Tamarindo
Iguana Surf School Playa Tamarindo
Pedro surfing Tamarindo

We spent our day enjoying time at the Casa Conde beach resort. We walked the black sand beach. Played some pool (billiards). Relaxed at the pool. Walked the beach again. Food has been excellent. The staff has been friendly and helpful. The grounds are beautiful as is the beach. It is very quiet and relaxing. ... read more
Playa Panama
Pedro and Lori at Playa Panama
Pedro on "Gilligan's Island" Playa Panama

All of our flights were on time. Made it to our hotel! It is nice and warm! We have a view of the ocean from our balcony. ... read more
Costa Rica!

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Samara February 22nd 2019

The road down from Monteverde was pretty good. It seems more newly maintained and there’s evidence of fairly complicated blasting and channeling water to protect the road from washing out. All in all the roads to and from Monteverde were pretty good - at least for these two Canadian travellers. We took our time driving. Dave took us on a road out of the way. I didn’t realize this until we were well into it. But the country side was beautiful and we drove through some stunning landscape and farming communities. Stopping to take pictures of cows on the road and whatever else we came across and to get some ice cream on the side of the road. The temperature rose at least 10 degrees Celsius, if not more. It was mid to high 20s in ... read more
Dusty roads to the coast
Cora’s Reef airbnb

After happily anticipating our third trip to Costa Rica, we were a bit disconcerted about the American government shut-down. However, our layover in Dallas and departure the next day, went smoothly ! The security staff carried on admirably, despite the prospect of no pay. We arrived in Liberia to cloudless blue skies and a temp of 94 F. It felt great after the cold January rain of British Columbia. After quickly settling into our favourite hotel in Hermosa, we set off for the beach and enjoyed a swim. In spite of being high season, it wasn't terribly crowded, even though it was the weekend. Monday was even better! The iguanas were still patrolling among the trees nearby and fish were leaping from the water. Doves still serenading us during the early morning hours. It felt like ... read more
Costa Rica 2019 019
Costa Rica 2019 022
Costa Rica 2019 041

The plan before leaving Monteverde was to add in a second natural reserve dedicated to conservation as was Curi Cancha. Unlike before, the alarms got set for a slightly later time to take our shuttle bus. Ascending several 100m from Santa Elena town, we climbed for a good fifteen minutes up a bumpy gravel road, with several works in progress trying to recuperate it with the imminent wet season. The mainly European tourists aboard joined the bus bit by bit, but fortunately, being the off season, the chances of entering were greater than it could’ve been. A beautiful lush scene of dense rainforest lay before us, and in minutes we’d parted with $25NZDpp to enter this paradise. Of the 48km of trails laid here, we’d time for a fraction choosing the ‘de bajo’ and ‘encantadora’ in ... read more
Monteverde to Canas
Ecologically valuable bats - mossie control and pollinators
Crocodile, Palo verde

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