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Hello all, Sorry for the delay in writing what has turned out to be my last blog. It is hard for me to believe that a year has passed since I left! Many have asked "why did you leave paradise?" So this entry is an attempt to explain why I left and what lead up to that decision! It has taken many attempts and this being my 20th to get it where now I think I can type what I want to say without it sounding … Let me start by saying that I had an amazing experience in Costa Rica. The people I met, the things I did would have never happened had I not emailed Andrew and asked him if I could come for a visit! Even though I had joked with a friend ... read more
The Pooches!
Traffic Jam or Rush Hour!!!
Raising Cane!

For those waiting for the story of Bill's hike up Mt. Chirripo, it's been pre-empted, temporarily. Blogs will be few and far between for a few weeks now because while Bill neared the base camp of Chirripo I fell down the concrete steps near the pool at our hotel and instantly knew my leg was broken, just my luck...I heard the two snaps. Callista and I were lucky enough to have the owners nearby to help us. I'll write all the details later ... the main details, I made it to the ER in Perez Zeledon Tuesday nite. We retrned to San Ramon Thursday and Friday we were off to CIMA hospital in San Jose for surgery. I now have 7 screws and a metal plate in my right ankle. There are moments life seems like ... read more

In Costa Rica we're preparing to blast in the New Year. The country doesn't ring in the coming year they use polvora, fireworks to explode into the next year. Fireworks are legal, even for purchase by children. I expect to hear the Red Cross ambulances along with the explosions tonight. As in the states, our plan is to be safely in our home and off the streets before night fall. No parties or guests for us this year, that’s the plan. As our circle of friends has begun to grow our time alone has dwindled, especially thru this holiday season. We’re looking forward to being alone and doing nothing for a couple of days even though we know it’s not likely to happen. I’m thankful for the friends we’ve made this year but as I’ve said ... read more
Visiting a local farm
Coffee picking season
What a beautiful country

It's the beginning of a new season in Costa Rica. We only have two seasons in this country although you’ll hear them called different things, wet or dry, green season or not, summer or winter, high or low. The winds of late have brought the dry weather. We’ve just entered into the dry season. Change is evident everywhere. Christmas is celebrated in the summer in Costa Rica. It takes some getting used to, having summer when it’s winter in the states. For us a warm Xmas is the norm as we came from Arizona. For those from the colder states I’m sure it’s more of an adjustment. We’ve done our decorating and are ready to enjoy the season and the new holiday traditions practiced by locals in Costa Rica. The children in our area are getting ... read more
New Friends

The wicked winds have arrived in our part of the country! We've heard these winds referred to as the Christmas winds, they're early this year. Perhaps we summoned the winds by decorating the giant cypress tree in our front yard Sunday and Monday. The howling winds began here on Monday night. Bill insists the gusts are no less than 40 mph. The Christmas tree is shaking but so far all the balls have stayed on. We had business to attend to in Palmares sometime in the week so we decided to get out of the wind and take care of business this morning. Palmares is in somewhat of a valley protected by the surrounding mountains. It was a warm, lightly breezy day in Palmares. We finished our business quickly, ate lunch and decided to hang out ... read more
Beautiful Iguana
Kay's Store

This past weekend we headed into San Jose for several reasons as is usually the case. We never go into the city for just one reason. There is always something we need or want that isn't available in San Ramon. So when we go to ‘the city’ on business or otherwise we make sure we pick up those luxury items that aren’t really necessary but add to your lives in ways you never realized. The desired luxury item this week was pretzels. Pretzels, like bagels and many other things people take for granted in the states are not available in all the towns outside San Jose. You can find most American snack foods in the heavily traveled tourist areas like Manuel Antonio or I’m assuming Tamarindo but even in a good sized town like San Ramon ... read more
Pretzels anyone?
Got Altoids?
Jorge, Daddy to be

I believe in randmon acts of kindness. We like to practice them as well. They're anonymous acts and not done to recieve thanks or credit in any way. I feel when we are the recipiants of those kind acts they ARE worth mentioning. Yesterday morning we were getting ready to head into Palmares for business with ICE, (the electricity company) when we noticed Edgar, our landlord and friend weed whacking our yard. We talked to him the previous afternoon about he and Bill working together on this the upcoming weekend. We have a large yard. It's much easier and more fun for the two of them to whack it together and admire their work over a couple of Imperials. Edgar is a woodworker, more than that, he is a craftsman. He works six days a week ... read more
Cypress , waiting to be decorated
Water running down the driveway
puddles in the yard

Have you dreamed of visiting Costa Rica? We've got a great opportunity for the right person. We need to be in San Diego for a week next summer in late July to attend Bill's son's wedding and we’re in need of someone to dog sit for us. Bear is our 12 yr old, four legged son. Flying him to California and back with us is not an option. It was stressful enough having him fly once to move here. Taking him to a kennel is also out of the question. We did that once and never will again. He’s a part of our family and doesn’t deserve to be locked up. Taking him to somebody else’s house is not an option either. He would be most comfortable in his own home and in his own bed. ... read more
Bear in Berlin
Playing in the yard
Chasing birds

Friends, our friends in Costa Rica are awesome! We met two other families’ blogging about Costa Rica thru our blog, When you blog, you seek out others. Trust me, it’s kind of an addiction. The Bortman’s of and The O’Boyle’s of and . One of the best things about moving to Costa Rica is the people you meet. We’re pretty open and willing to make friends with the locals but are cautious bringing North Americans into our lives. People move here for millions of reasons. You meet good people and bad ones. Some you wouldn't be friends with in the states, why be friends here? It’s great meeting people first thru blogging as you get a sense of who they are after reading their stories. You only contact someone you want to know. ... read more
Posting our flag
Taking in the view
And that's Palmares over there...

We passed! It took us two tries but on Friday 13th of all days we passed our auto inspection and received our window stickers. WHEW! That’s a relief. You can’t drive in Costa Rica without your sticker. Ok, you can but you’re asking to be pulled over. Why court trouble. Here’s how Revision works: You call and make an appointment at the location nearest you or make reservations online at least 14 days in advance of desired appointment date. I’d call and verify a couple of days after making the appointment online but that’s just me. When you arrive for your appointment, check in outside to see if you’re on the invited list for the day. If the man at the table finds your placa or license plate number he allows you to enter the ... read more
check in here first
Revicion 2

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