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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal October 1st 2008

Hola We´ve made it into Costa Rica, via a few days in Nicaragua (and an overnight stay in supposedly scarey San Salvador, which thankfully wasn´t so scarey) and are chilling for a little while in the cloud forests at Monte Verde All´s well here (despite Adam´s ice trauma!). We´ll be heading down to the Costa Rican Caribbean coast tomorrow, from where we´ll pop down to Panama. It´s one month down already - time is flying! Anyway , enough chat .... here´s some photos for your viewing pleasure :) xx ... read more
Volcano Pacaya
Pedro the Pig-Thing

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal September 10th 2008

Hi all, we know that only a few days have passed since we updated you, but we´ve had a busy time and thought we´d let you know what we´ve been up to..... In our last blog we explained how we were due to take our first chicken bus to Ometepe Island (Nicaragua) the next day...well we survived the experience, only to be directed next to a chicken boat! Both could be best described as hot, sweaty, noisy, and slightly scary experiences - the bus went at about 100 miles an hour and the boat at about 5 miles an hour, and we seemed to be gaining water at our feet the entire time! But at least we experienced transport local-style!! Once we arrived at Ometepe we met another bus, (this time a private one for the ... read more
Chicken buses!
Nicaraguan public transport..
Inside a chicken boat

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal September 4th 2008

I'm now in La Fortuna, a beautiful little town about 3.5 hours outside of San Jose. 3 nights ago I met two Americans, Jimmy and Brian, at the restaurant at our hostel in San Jose. We went out to a bar that had THREE bands playing simultaneously, and it was a little crazy. Later we met another guy from England who was a little different, followed us around for a bit, and tried to sell us we ended up leaving. If you get caught associating with someone who does drugs in Central America, even if you don't use or buy, you get a huge fine and are often sent to jail. The laws are pretty harsh, considering we're in the channel for drug running that connects Columbia and Venezuela to the U.S. and Canada. Jimmy ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal September 1st 2008

Wow what a sight, We still have the car and we are heading for the Volcano. we will stop on the way and see the tourist place Santa Ellena, this is a place where the animals have left because too many people have cleaned up and sanitised for lack of a better word. the Zip line here is the only thing worth comming for but we enjoyed the one we did so we gave this a miss and just went on a big Sky walk where you just go on a hike and cross the vallies on a high suspension bridge. They were pretty rustick and lynne was weary of their weight loading but as usual we survived. We are less than 2kms from an active volcano. Let me make one thing clear the Observatory is ... read more
Santa Ellena
Costa Rica is very green

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal August 25th 2008

We parked in the parking lot then descended past the gates of the fancy hotel. When we arrived at the river, we cornered a couple lizards onto a rock near the waters edge and as we advanced closer, they lept, sprinting across the water's steaming surface. An amazing feat of speed and agility, each step taken before the last could sink. We lower into the warm water and position ourselves behind the waterfall. Surrounded by the sound of water pounding against its self and the soothing sensation of floating in liquid warmth, the falling water creates a translucent moving wall in front, allowing only diffused light to penetrate into the watery cave. The current creates an eddy, but I still have to dig my feet into the sandy bottom to keep my position. I move into ... read more
Enjoying the Warmth
Leaves and Clouds
The hot river

This weekend is our three day weekend and we don't have to report back to class until Tuesday morning. Ten of us got a tour company to get us a reservation in Arenal which is north on the map, but it is impossible to drive that way because of the Tilaran Mountain Range. So we took a van through some small hills for 1 1/2 hours, then a boat across Lake Arenal for one hour and then a half hour van ride to our hotel. Five of us opted for a nicer accommodation and 5 others opted for a hostel in the town of La Fortuna. Just getting here was kind of an adventure. At first my group in the nicer hotel were kind of perturbed that we were so far from town, until the clouds ... read more
On the Van
On the Boat across Lago Arenal
The Group at Breakfast in Arenal

hey all. we stayed in paquero last night due to the storm that hit. we didnt' feel comfortable getting back on the ferry with that weather. we stayed at a place called cabinas margaritas, though margarita was not in last night. during the day, jenna and i left puntarenas by ferry to paquera. our goal was to drive to playa santa teresa because we heard it was beautiful. our detour to islas tortugas offered an irreplaceable experience. we met up with three other travellers: first was "kit" but we call him christopher because that's his birth name. he's from california originally but is currently working in boston at Harvard. the other two, gary and pam, are from scotland. the three joined us and our capitan juan on a boat ride to the islands and then to ... read more

Although I knew that Hurricane Season officially started on June 1st, I did not think it would begin with such punctuality and force. As soon as it hits June, these rains and storms unleash their annual pounding of central america without hesitation. We noticed on the weather channel that Hurricane Alma recently started up in Nicaragua and we would be flying over the region the next day. Yowza! Fortunately, the worst part of this weather system pushed out of our direct flight path and we had no problems. We landed in San Jose Costa Rica and quickly made our way to Volcan Arenal. This volcano has come highly recommended from a number of sources. It is apparently the most active of all volcanoes in the Americas. One neat way to enjoy this Lava Party is to ... read more
Arenal in a storm
The Owl Butterfly
Pristine Green

Kate: After such a wonderful time in Montverde but feeling a little tour guided and wildlife watching out we decided to head for La Fortuna which is home to one of Costa Rica's active volcanos' Volcano Arenal. Steve had never seen a volcano so we were pretty excited. The journey was slightly shorter this time- thank god- and we took the bus-boat-bus option to break up the journey a little. As far as we had worked out and people had told us we decided that we would only make it a short stop to Fortuna as once you have seen the volcano there isn´t a huge amount else to do. We were both pretty ready for some more beaching too so one day we thought to see the sights would be plenty. Because we had such ... read more
Our boat that took us across Arenal lake
Arenal Volcano in the evening
The Volcano

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