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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal November 8th 2010

So this past weekend I took another trip. I went with the other USAC group here in Costa Rica to Volcan Arenal again. I have been there before but I hadnt done the activities that we did this past weekend. The whole weekend was simply a blast! We left Friday for the volcano and that whole experience was an interesting thing. This past week has been a week of solid rain and there have been a lot of consequences. For example around 20 people died close to San Jose due to a mudslide burying houses and the road to Puntarenas was closed due to a mudslide as well. When we heard this news, it meant that I couldnt be picked up by the rest of the group (they were from another city but San Ramon was ... read more
Our hotel
the pool
pool at hotsprings

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal October 31st 2010

We left Moneverde for La Fortuna, a small town next to Arenal Volcano, reputedly the second most active volcano in the world. Rather than taking the 11 hour bus ride to LA Fortuna we opted for the increasingly popular jeep-boat-jeep transfer. The jeep was actually a mini-van that was driven by a guy who really wanted to believe that his mum's gutless, people carrier was in fact a hill grinding Freelander, such was the idiocy and impotency of his driving. However, the boat ride and second segment of the trip was nice and easy. The Arenal volcano is like a model of a volcano. It looks exactly like you would imagine a volcano to look. All except, there's no lava. One of the most active volcanoes in the world is as quiet as a door mouse ... read more
A little closer
Coatis are cousins of the racoons
Guess what I am...

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal September 13th 2010

So this past week I went to the Semi-Finals of the San Ramon basketball team. There weren't as many people there as I thought there would be considering it is the semi-finals. However it was a lot of fun and a great experience to talk spanish with the local people. Also the trip to Monteverde with the choir has been postponed due to some reason. I cant remember because it was really hard to understand everything the director was saying when she talked really fast in spanish. It's going great though and I'm learning a lot of fun music to sing and meeting a lot of wonderful people. Finally we went to Volcan Arenal and we saw the lava! I actually saw lava shoot out of the volcano twice this past night. Aparently it's really rare ... read more

¿TENÉIS ALGÚN PLAN DE EVACUACIÓN PREVISTO? 6h30. Nos despierta el teléfono de Sonia. Alguna persona interesada en alquilar su piso seguramente. No pusimos al día los anuncios y es lo que pasa... Logramos volver a dormirmos hasta las 7h20 horas, cuando nos despierta un enorme ruido. Abrimos las cortinas de la habitación y desde la cama, vemos, qué maravilla... el Volcán Arenal! Sin una sola nube! Tamim se apresura a coger la cámara e inmortalizar este momento. El cielo está despejado, y hoy promete ser un día intenso. En este hotel, se sirve el desayuno entre las 7 y las 8 de la mañana. Carmen, la mujer de Miguel, es muy estricta en este sentido. Al principio, parece un poco seca, pero poco a poco, se va abriendo. Somos los únicos clientes del hotel hoy. Carmen ... read more
Volcan Arenal 2
Catara la Fortuna
Sontam en la catarata

AUTOPISTA. ¿WHAT AUTOPISTA? 7h45. Nos despertamos por el estruendo que hacen los pájaros de la finca. Tras una noche de sueño intermitente, pero reparadora, estamos listos para emprender nuestra aventura costarricense. Nos vestimos a toda prisa, muertos de hambre pese a las seis comidas que habíamos hecho el día anterior. En la terrazita del desayuno, allí están Justin y Amanda, desayunando. Nos unimos a ellos, ansiosos de tomar nuestra primera taza de café local. Tostadas, mermelada, zumo de naranja, fruta tropical cortadita y café es nuestro primer desayuno. El café está hecho en una cafetera eléctrica normalita y está un pelín aguado, aún así, muy sabroso. Justin y Amanda se van a La Fortuna, un pueblo cerca del volcán Arenal. Preguntamos a nuestros huéspedes por recomendaciones de itinerario. El volcan Arenal es una buena primera ... read more
Verde, Verde y mas Verde
Nuestro coche

Today we went right up to the Nicaragua border for a boat trip around the Cano Negro wildlife reserve. Our guide Alcides lived up to his tribal name of "white hawk" by spotting a huge variety of wildlife for us, from Cayman, basilisk and turtle to egrets, roseate spoonbills and brilliant blue kingfishers. At one point we dived into a bush where he had spotted a little row of resting bats on a branch. Later we saw squirrel monkeys, white faced capuchins and sloths and then a group of howler monkeys quite close. The sound of the boat set them off with their loud calls just over our heads. When we reached the border we all got out and walked up the bank for a photo shoot of us with one foot in each country. After ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 2

We are safely at the Arenal volcano observatory where the food is excellent. The volcano is making a fair bit of noise but no lava visible, just rocks tumbling down and big puffs of smoke. In the mornings we can hear the howler monkeys in the jungle. Today we hiked down a gorge to the foot of a 70 metre waterfall and swam in the river, which was very cold. The rain was quite heavy but warmed us back up again. We went out to lunch in La Fortuna, then in the afternoon hiked through the cloud forest up to the old lava flow, Saw lots of birds and some very pretty orchids, also some very large golden orb spiders. Mrs P and Charlotte claimed the sight of the day however, as they saw a rare ... read more

Yesterday we left Jinetes de Osa. We took a cab back to the Drake Bay airport, but this time it was a truck, not a tractor. Our flight was pretty quick and we were back in San Jose after a quick stop in Puerto Jimenez. This time we sat right at the front of the plane so we got to watch the pilots fly. It was really neat. When we arrived in San Jose we were met by the car rental company. We filled out our paperwork and were on our way to Arenal. The drive from San Jose to the volcano was mostly on a very narrow, very windy, very hilly road through the Costa Rican countryside. It was a bit nerve wracking when we passed trucks going the other way, but we got here ... read more
Us in Front of Arenal
La Fortuna
Amy Pre-Fear Conquering

La Fortuna and the invisible volcano… After two wonderful nights in Monteverde we set of around 8 in the morning heading for a small town nestled at the base of Arenal volcano called La Fortuna. I have to mention the fantastic drive down the mountains as we approached Lake Arenal; possibly one of the most impressive drives I’ve ever been on. Unfortunately, due to excessive alcohol intake the night before, many of the other people on the tour didn’t appreciate the winding decent from Monteverde and were more concerned with not vomiting on each other in the back of the mii-bus, much to my amusement! Once we arrived at the western shore of the lake we boarded a small boat to take us across the lake, saving us about 3 hours of road time. Crossing the ... read more
Wet bar
View from our balcony at hotel

Y por fin Costa Rica!!! la última etapa de este viaje y también la mas esperada porque me voy a encontrar con Rafa y Victor o lo que es lo mismo , despues de mucho tiempo me voy a reencontrar con la amistad , las risas y el mejor humor... como además esta es una oportunidad unica para disfrutarla todos , deseo compartir la buena energia y buen humor de los amigos ,vamos a exprimirlo al máximo asi que esta vez va a ser Victor el encargado de relatarnos con su peculiar punto de vista y punzante sentido del humor esta parte del viaje...asi que preparense a disfrutarlo, les dejo con Vitocho y su detallado Diario del Viaje a Ticolandia...La aventura comienza aquí. Como voy a estar cansado de repetir las batallitas del viaje a unos ... read more
Cascada.La Fortuna
Cascada.La Fortuna Fortuna

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