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Well, for this year’s vacation we decided on the complete opposite adventure from Egypt. Lush rainforests, stunning waterfalls and vast active volcanoes – we’re in Costa Rica! We boarded our flight to Liberia, Costa Rica via Atlanta, at 5:45am today. It’s a complete coincidence that we’ll be exploring the jungle on Earth Day – a pretty cool coincidence. When we boarded our flight in Philadelphia the stewardess for Delta Airlines immediately moved Michael and me to the exit row for the journey because of his height. I ended up sleeping most of the time in wondrous relaxation. Then after our very short layover in Atlanta we boarded the 4 hour flight from Atlanta to Liberia and, once again, Michael and I were moved into the emergency exit row so that we could have a more ... read more
Joe and Michael waiting for baggage

We were sad to leave the Peace Lodge as it had been a restful place to stay after our busy tour of Guatemala but we were also looking forward to our next stop at the base of the Arenal volcano. It was a fairly easy 2 and a half hour drive to Arenal, we were very pleased to check in to our hotel and find it exceed our expectations. The Royal Corin has a number of hot spas and pools all feed by hot thermal springs. We had been able to get a good internet deal and found ourselves in one of the hotels suites. The room was huge and had a fantastic view over the pool area and towards the volcano which continued to smoke the three days we were there. We found ourselves relaxing ... read more
our room at Royal Corin
The thermal pools at our hotel
Royal Corin pool

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal January 2nd 2012

One of the many nice things about living in India for 4 years was all the people I met along the way. Like most capital cities, Delhi is home to people from all over the world. Each country sends people from home to staff and provide services at their respective embassies, and you get to meet many of these people along the way. People that are willing and able to take assignments in foreign lands often end up to be some of the most interesting, educated, world-aware, and well-traveled people. Matt and Brina are two such people. I met Mat and Brina while living in Delhi and we have stayed in touch since on Facebook. Since leaving India in 2010, they have been stationed in Washington, DC and now Vancouver, Canada. Matt works for the Foreign ... read more
Photo 6
Photo 43
Photo 16

So where do I start? Many people that we know have been to Costa Rica or have some connection to it. We had heard that it is the most developed country in Central America; it had amazing beaches, and attracts many English speakers. Preparing to go, we did our research: reading blogs, internet research, and reached out to friends. We had many expectations and precautions. Costa Rica turned out to be a mix of these... We landed in San Jose and were overwhelmed at the airport exit with taxi signs, car rentals, and everyone calling us "friend" to get our service. I was very concerned about renting a car because we had read so many horror stories about rentals gone bad and how the Costa Rican roads eat cars alive (and how the rental agencies eat ... read more
Costa Rica
Near San Juan
La Casita Del Cafe

We chose the jeep-boat-jeep option (3 hrs as opposed to 8 hours via car or bus around the perimeter of the lake) to go from Monteverde to Arenal. One and half hours over very rough gravel roads took us down to the edge of the lake. It was a trip made more interesting by seeing very obious climatic changes in the scenery in a short period of time. We crossed from the dustier, drier Pacific side of the mountains to an obviously much greener Caribbean side. Very hilly country but scenic. There was no boat ramp at the lake - the jeep parked at the waters edge and we waited 20 minutes or so until we saw a boat heading across the lake towards us. In the distance Arenal Volcano loomed on the horizon and it ... read more
Waiting for the boat to arrive
The boat ramp!
View of Arenal Volcano from the boat window as we crossed the lake

Helloooo!! We have had an awesome few days here!! Sunday was our last day in Puerto Viejo. Ian and I went on a botanical garden walk in the morning which was pretty cool... saw lots of red poison dart frogs and learned how many different foods are produced. We saw raw cacao, sugarcane, black pepper, pineapple, guava, etc. It was cool seeing what these foods look like before they get to us. Then we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed our last plate of nachos from Banana Azul...seriously the best thing ever. I think we had nachos at least once a day. Everything (chips included) is made fresh at the hotel so the taste is phenomenal. The chips arent like the ones you get in the US... they are super light and crispy and amazing! ... read more

Dear all. So, I have only two days left in San Francisco and six in Costa Rica. It's a shame to leave the school just as I feel more comfortable - the opposite feeling to getting into the swing of things (e.g remembering that few 10 year olds speak Aristotle) in the weeks before. I don't doubt that it deserves its reputation as one of the best schools in the north of Costa Rica - the children have the opportunities, facilities and standard of teaching of a good UK primary school (in fact there seem few differences). I've been taking classes of my own, and games make the children very enthusiastic - it's rewarding to see how much those children who say little in a larger class can be livelier in a smaller group. The most ... read more

I think at least one member of Monty Python was once a frustrated primary school teacher. ´What... is your name. What... is your favourite colour'. Small child continues to prefer nose-picking to intellectual endeavour. 'What... is the capital of Assyria?' Child fired into abyss. There seems to be a serious pencil and biro currency in the school - they are the prizes that Oliver (the english teacher who I spend most of my time assisting) and I hand out to the younger years and always brings rapt excitement. Best keep my fountain pen hidden. I'm starting to see that many people in the area don't live as comfortably as my host family. For example apparently many parents can't afford to give their children breakfast before school. My first proper jungle walk with Victor began by entering ... read more

Went on a trip to the volcano Arenal and some hot springs nearby. We were Mikkel, Simon, Yvonne & Joanna (Germany) and Lukas (Austria).... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal December 17th 2010

Our Photos from the rafting!... read more
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Photo 33
Photo 34

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