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Published: February 12th 2010
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Bubbly poolBubbly poolBubbly pool

this is how it starts
ere it is Monday morning of our last week. Hard to believe we're halfway through our vacation and we haven't done a least that's what we tell ourselves every morning. Saturday was spent on the internet or trying to get there. We called Bobby's Market before heading to the beach and they were so busy they wouldn't take our order over the phone. I was asked if I could fax it over....uhh...we're on Jost Van Dyke in a fax in sight. We packed up our snorkel gear and went to the Soggy Dollar bar to use their free WiFi access even though its slow as molasses. We sat in the wicker furniture in the shade next to the bar and gift shop....excellent place to people watch. We sat with Greg and Garreth, two brothers from their 20's here on holiday. Their diet has been bread, peanut butter, rice cakes and beer...carbohydrate loading for sure, but they don't care. They staying in a campground on the beach and having a great time. Lisa and I feel the need to ask them when the last time was they called their Mom to let her know they're ok.

Took a
Bubbly poolBubbly poolBubbly pool

this is how it ends
long time to get the grocery order put together and emailed but it worked and the groceries came over from Tortola on the last ferry of the day...pretty good service. Fred and David played Jenga with Greg and Garreth and also taught them was fun to watch the generations interact. Lisa and I caught up on two days of really took us well over an hour. Lisa found a great new and lemonade...very refreshing. It was a very breezy day and I thought a trip to the Bubbly Pool was a good idea. David got antsy, Freddie was pooped so we left for the villa in late afternoon wondering where the day went.

Lisa made meatballs, David made a red sauce and we had a great pasta dinner on the porch. We played Setback, boys against the girls...the boys won...for now. We tried to watch Monty Python's movie “The Life of Brian” but we just couldn't keep our eyes open. We all called it a night and went to bed early.

Sunday morning we got up feeling refreshed from a good night's sleep. Fred walked down to the west end of White Bay and back....the uphill part to the villa is a real killer. There were waves breaking out on the point beyond White Bay...a good sign the Bubbly Pool would be awesome today and we weren't disappointed. The video files are too big to download with the slow internet speeds here so you'll have to wait until we get home to see those.

We had lunch at Foxy's Taboo and chatted with another Dave that we met from New York City. He hiked the mountain road from White Bay to Diamond Cay....oh to be younger and very fit. After lunch David went fishing....Freddie napped while Lisa and I snorkeled hoping to find the turtles we we saw on our dinghy trip. Diamond Cay is full of turtle grass but no turtles in sight today. Got to see some squid up close to the shore...very cool. Once we got back home we found it was “vengeful vixen” week on one of the TV stations and they aired the movie “Full Disclosure” with Michael Douglas and Demi Moore. Having been through hours of sexual harassment training I found myself squirming and yelling at Michael Douglas to “get out now”.

We had dinner and watched the Super Bowl at Foxy's in Great Harbor....nice big flat screen TV and a rowdy crowd pretty evenly divided between Colts and Saints. It was a lot of fun especially when the Saints won...YAY!!!!!!

Monday morning and housekeeping is coming. We headed to One Love for a relaxing day on the beach. Freddie and Dave went back to the villa to make lunch and bring fresh towels. Dessert was chocolate ice cream cones....yum! There were a bunch of people off a boat that walked down to the west of the of the beach were we were. They divided into groups and played games... a relay race on the beach wearing diving fins and a 3-legged race. Well it was all fun and games until somebody got hurt. They got a bag of ice from the bar for the wounded player....turns out he had a nasty gash in his eyebrow but fortunately there were two doctors in the group. Freddie was interested to see what was going on and to offer his help. The boating staff had limited supplies in their first aid kit, but Freddie had packed some Dermabond and offered it. The doctor gratefully accepted and said the patient would be just fine. knight in shining armor, comes through again!!! That's why we all love him so much!!!!

Back at the villa, Lisa and I made salads for lunch on our sailing day tomorrow and watched TV to catch the forecast....partly to mostly cloudy, 30% change of rain, winds 5-10 mph....hmmm....doesn't sound promising. Thad came up to the villa to tell us our sailboat, “Forever Young” had come in early was anchored in White Bay. We got our our binoculars and checked it out.....very nice and we can't wait for tomorrow. We met our captain Larry, at Corsairs where we had dinner. He said we'd have a 2 hour ride out to our destination...Monkey Point on Tortola. Winds wouldn't be strong enough for sailing so we'd have to motor. They would provide drinks, lunch and on the return trip....champagne and chocolates....can't we have that for breakfast???? We agreed to meet on the beach in front of Ivan's around 9:30 AM and they'd pick us up by dinghy....their's looks to be in great shape...YAY!!!! This is the time of year that humpback whales migrate here to give birth. The waters in between Tortola and JVD are on their route so we hope to see some tomorrow.

After dinner we played “Apples to Apples”...Freddie won again. Here's how the green cards ended up:

David: speedy, intelligent, wicked, chunky, radical
Lisa: spunky, shallow, elitist, confused, milk, cosmic
Fred: normal, unhealthy, weird, hopeless, explosive, sultry, innocent, spiritual
Linda: insane, quiet, frightening, casual, frazzled

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12th February 2010

sounds like a great time for all! you missed a nsow storm,,,but one a coming when you are back. yes, I are lucky for that knight in shining armor. I espically love the "girls" I'm sure Dave and Fred enjoyed their company too. What day did you meet with Jules? I too cannot believe you trip is almost over...Have a few drinks for me! See ya soon...Love me
12th February 2010

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I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole.

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