Harry Verderchi and Trixie Go To Rome

a trip by Aeroswine
From: September 27th 2013
Until: October 13th 2013

If you don't know who Harry Verderchi is, please search the Internet for "The Honeymooners" season 6 episode 14 titled "When In Rome" made in 1957, or its remake titled "Confusion Italian" made in 1966. Ralph Kramden overhears his wife Trixie on the phone with someone named "Harry Verderchi" while they're on vacation in Rome. If you still don't get it, sorry I can't help you.

We're off to Rome for 17 days, staying with family living in the northwest hills just outside the city. We'll be spending lots of time with our teenaged niece....hope she's ready for this!!! I'm being told the wifi service at their villa isn't too reliable, but maybe I'll luck out and be able to post entries daily or every other day. We're hoping to get to Pisa and/or Pompeii for day trips on the weekend....wish us luck. We failed at Rosetta Stone but our dear friends gave us a pocket guide to common phrases. I've also downloaded a translation app on my cell phone...it'll be a hoot for sure!

So we hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures, mishaps and mayhem on our first trip to a non-English speaking country!!!
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Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
October 1st 2013 We're here and we're walking and we're walking! Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 1st 2013 Sunday trip to Ostia Antica Europe » Italy » Lazio » Ostia Antica
October 1st 2013 Rome on our own! Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 2nd 2013 It's Tuesday....laundry day, rest our doggies day, afternoon glass of wine day Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 2nd 2013 Baths of Caracalla and the side of Rome less traveled...at least by touristas Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 3rd 2013 Spanish Steps, lunch, Trevi Fountain Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 4th 2013 Friday...a quiet day at home, Saturday more of the same, except for the house alarm. Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 7th 2013 My way or the Appian Way Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 8th 2013 Greetings from the sick house Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 9th 2013 Tuesday - Coliseum Tour Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 9th 2013 Cattle car train, Vatican Tour...way too many people Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 11th 2013 Rain, rain...come again some other day Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
October 11th 2013 Friday - a most excellent day of Basilicas, pasta, vino, grappa and family Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
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