Thursday and the Mega Yacht

Published: February 16th 2010
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Mega Yacht AMega Yacht AMega Yacht A

Couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this in the bay. Freddie thought he'd been a very good boy and Christmas came a little early this year...wrong!
Thursday morning a mega yacht anchored in White Bay. It was named "Mega Yacht A" and looked like a submarine with a giant conning tower. Out of one of it's garage doors came a black Zodiac that carried two crew members to the beach where they set up wooden chaises w/cushions and a huge umbrella.

Another white rib brought the owners from the yacht to the beach. What a life. You can find more info on this yacht on this website: It's owned by a Russian billionaire and his former supermodel wife. It stayed overnight in White Bay...I tried taking night photos but they didn't come out well. The big "A" on the transom lit up and there were blue lights all along the waterline. We were told the lights attracted schools of bait fish which brought in a school of Bonnet-head sharks....night time swim anyone???

Thursday night we had dinner at Foxy's Taboo and then downloaded the blog from Foxy's in Great Harbor. I have two videos taken at the Bubbly Pool but it took way too long to upload the files so I used photos instead.

Additional photos below
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Look it hatched a boatLook it hatched a boat
Look it hatched a boat

black zodiac heading for the beach. Wonder if they bought it from Sound Inflatables?
How big is too bigHow big is too big
How big is too big

view from White Bay just dwarfed everything else in sight.

23rd February 2010

holy crap!! you can't actually tell how big the mega yacht is until it hatches the zodiac...geeeeeesh, thats HUGE!!! and the "girls"...brilliant!

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