Today is our last day on Brac. Our young Italian neighbors have gone diving so we get to continue our usual routine. So off we went to the beach side gazebo in skivvies and pjs. The winds have diminished but there's still a chop on our side of the island. Our breakfast was whatever was left in the thankful we had coffee!!! We walked the beach looking for bundles of money or contraband....anything of value that may have fallen out of a Jamican drug runners boat in yesterday's Nor'easter....wishful thinking but looking for a way to avoid going home to the rat race and facing the eldercare issues waiting for us. The lady from the car rental agency called...wondering what time she can come by to take the credit card info....I wanted to say 5pm....our ... read more
Flags in the breeze at Macabucas, West Bay, Grand Cayman
Macabuca's tiki bar
Sunset at Macabuca's

I woke up at 3:30 am this morning, came downstairs to shut windows...thought I heard thunder. Wind was blowing like crazy!!!! When we got up, we could see white caps in the water off the beach...WOW!!! Seas were predicted to be 4-6', winds 15-20 knots, small craft warnings too! I couldn't believe the size of the waves crashing onshore...took lots of photos and videos...couldn't wait to see how it was at the swimming hole and south side. If it was big waves on the normally calm south side then it was the perfect day to check out the blow holes at the eastern end of the island. We finished up the bacon and coconut bread...will miss that...looks like we'll have enough coffee for our last day tomorrow. I did a load of laundry, had to hang ... read more
It's the caribbean nor'easter
Our beach looking west
Our beach looking east

Breakfast beachside again followed by a day of "free styling" as Fred calls it. My nose is peeling and so is the top of Fred's head...another day of slathering sunscreen before we go swimming. We visited Robin at the local firehouse which is adjacent to the airport because it serves that and the rest of the island with two of which is dedicated to the trucks serving the airport. All their trucks are made in the US and are tankers carrying desalinated water. The island has a few hydrants but the water pressure is so low, they're useless. They have a Boston Whaler they use as a rescue boat with twin 100 hp outboards...Robin says they need a bigger boat and are waiting to see what the British government gives them. We met all the ... read more
Cayman Brac Fire Dept.
Cayman Brac Fire Dept.
Cayman Brac Fire Dept.

We had to slightly alter how usual morning routine today....Hank the care taker was here. You'd think raking leaves was strictly a chore in the fall for New Englanderand other areas with lots of deciduous trees, but it's also a mission here in the Caribbean...if you chose to accept it. The Sea Grapes drop their dead leaves every day...the leaves are thick and leathery and don't blow away. I keep thinking that the folks here need to learn about all the benefits of composting...these leaves would definitely need to be shredded to speed decomposition. We know they have beef cattle here so manure is available to add to the mix. Unfortunately all the chickens are free range so no way to collect their droppings. We sat on the deck outside our bedroom, enjoying the view and ... read more
The "cold front" moving through
Captain Robin and First Mate Andrew
Freddie is so proud of his Speedo tan line

Yesterday (Saturday) was a lazy day, started with our new morning routine of breakfast beachside under the gazebo...Fred in his skivvies, me in my PJs. The apartment in the main house won't have renters until Wed. so our routine is safe for a few more days. I did laundry...clothesline is electrical wire strung between two coconut trees in our backyard. We plugged in the hot tub on our bedroom deck...its a small soft sided spa, the jets work and I set the temp to 93 F so it'll still be refreshing. There was a water delivery...a company on island delivers fresh water...they filled the underground cistern so no water worries here. We use bottled water for drinking and coffee because the tap water has a slightly off taste. Fred is still deaf in one its ... read more
Sea Beef
Tenson's jewelry
Info on Brown Boobys

We made breakfast at the cottage...bacon, etc all imported from the U.S.....the 12 oz package of Eight O'Clock ground coffee won't last very long but it sure tasted good. Forgot to get Bailey's for our coffee...will have to see how expensive it is...the large bottle of Yellow Tail wine we bought here was $22.75...crazy!!! We sat out on the upstairs deck off our the shade, nice breeze and view of the Caribbean Sea...perfect! Fred did the kitchen cleanup, and we decided now was the best time to call our car insurance company and file a claim. The Magic Jack app worked well, the insurance company took all the pertinent info and said a claims person would contact us within two business days...well at least he didn't say we weren't covered. Time to move on!!! We ... read more
One of the 3 gazebos on property
Classic coconut tree
Gazebo with hammocks

We got up early but figured on island time most places wouldn't be open for breakfast yet, so we decided to take a ride to the west end and south side of the island to find the public beach. Our cottage is in the middle of the north side and there's only a few roads that cross over the limestone ridge that runs down the center of the island...the long way...east to west. We drove to the west end where the airport is along with a few hotels, stores and restaurant/bars. We went past the end of the airport runway, to a small parking area by the water. We walked around, found an abandoned, run down mess of a house for sale. It's a great spot...totally private...but the house is a tear down. We got to ... read more
Public beach
Pair of Brown Booby's
Brown Booby's

We said good bye to Jerry last night before going to bed. Today we fly to Cayman Brac to start the real vacation part of our trip. We're renting a two story cottage, called Featherstone, on the beach for 8 days. We had another leisurely morning, packing up our stuff, having coffee and dinner leftovers for breakfast. Fred was able to consolidate his stuff into one larger suitcase...including his CPAP (YAY!), leaving his suit, jeans, etc at Jerry's, so we only had two bags to check. We flew Cayman Air...a pudddle jumper...with a quick stop on Little Cayman Island and arrived at Cayman Brac about 4 pm. Mylene met us at the aiport with the rental car...we followed her to the cottage, about 15 minute drive...filled out all the paperwork and we were on our own....vacation ... read more
Restaurant at Grand Cayman Airport
Grand Cayman airport
Shrubbery at airport

We had the morning to ourselves, spent some time looking at maps of West Bay and Georgetown….opted for a walk to the beach…only a few minutes from the house. We had the whole beach to ourselves…nice sand for walking on at low tide, but rocky with turtle grass in the water. Probably best swimming is at high tide so the rocks can be avoided. Back at the house, went in the pool….so refreshing after getting hot and steamy on our walk. A nice lazy morning before heading into Georgetown for Fred’s interview at the hospital later this afternoon. We found our way into Georgetown on our own, had lunch at Legendz….we knew we could find it…then to the hospital for Fred’s interview. I waited in the car, reading tourists guides about restaurants on Grand Cayman. I ... read more
Conch Point condos - for sale!!!!
West Bay the other direction

Jerry tells us about a Easter weekend tradition for the locals here...they camp out on the could see the tents and shelters all along the beach as we drove into Georgetown. We started our day with breakfast at the cafe next to Legendz. Good omelets....ham and cheese, jerk chicken...home fries, etc. then drove out to the eastern side of the island. Checked out the areas of Prospect and Savannah...going farther east there's really not much for shops within walking distance of residential neighborhoods. We drove around Georgetown, past the hospital where Fred has his interview on Wed. There are free clinics for hospital employees....might be a good place for me to get my aching knee replaced! Lots of jewelry and clothing stores that cater to tourists and cruise ships that come into the harbor, making ... read more
View down Seven Mile Beach looking towards Georgetown
Calico Jacks beach side

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