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6th April 2016

Glad to see your finally settling in lol :-)
6th April 2016

Did you decide?
I didn't know I could comment. Did you decide what your going to do ? I've been a lot of places, for long durations so I know it's a big decision. I look at it like me travel g now. I get home and realize how much I miss the place. Remember you'll have to get your money home and somehow filter it in if its tax free. Your gut instinct is usually right. Luckily for you knew is a trophy wife (except during the car accident incident) and she will have no problem working on her tan and taking fishing trips alone cause your working
6th April 2016

Hey Phil...it's Fred's trophy wife...
We get a written offer from the hospital tomorrow so can't make a decision without seeing that first...need to see how the numbers compare to jobs in the states. We don't have a home to miss, so now is a good time to go.
4th April 2016

You guy's are too funny. Catch a big for me :-)
4th April 2016

Great Time
I'm glad you guys had a great day, looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!!!!!
4th April 2016

Thanks Jerry
We'll try to stay safe so we can see you Thursday....fishing this afternoon....who knows what that will bring!!!!!
4th April 2016

Looks like You Guys had a Super weekend. Surprised though,Polish Prince#2 ,didn't do anything crazy or have any major problems.We did see the videos on FB,they were great.. take care be safe, Skip.
4th April 2016

It could all change today
Freddie will post more video from our adventures yesterday. We're fishing this afternoon, not sure what kind of boat rescue service is available here, hope we don't find out.
2nd April 2016

Quick Hi
Looking Good... One thing though could You find a hat for Fred,the shine is making His pictures look overexposed.... :>) :>) Have an awesome time. Lets hurry back to Maine,"The Way Life Should Be"... take care, Skip.
2nd April 2016

Thanks Skip
he does have a basebal cap but didn't wear it swimming...he's now sun burnt. Today will be spent in the shade....a good day to go exploring the caves on the island.
1st April 2016

looks pretty deserted and rural. Not commercialized at all.
1st April 2016

Hi Em
You're right...Freddie keeps saying Cayman Brac is like a ghost town...the few larger hotel complexes aren't really that big and are all in the same neighborhood. Most of the coastline is rocky with sea grass so I think that's helped to deter a lot of commercial development. Lots of private homes and villas to rent. The biggest attraction here is diving, and bird watching during the migration season.
1st April 2016

I Love Reading Your Blog!
Hi Guys - so just wanted to let you know that it took everything I had yesterday not to comment on the "accident" --- I felt really bad for Fred BUT it was hard to resist laughing out loud!! Reminded me of another vacation that included a local police woman. Fred, did you have your picture taken with your arresting officer?? :) Hey, I love reading about the island and your escapades -- Excellent job Auntie Leenda!! And oh by the way --- TAKE THE JOB -- I'll be happy to help you move and get "settled in". Love you!
1st April 2016

Thanks Auntie Lisa
hahaha...no photo op, everyone was way too upset, and please never hesitate to comment on the blog...we love reading what people have to say!!! No need to help us move, the hospital pays for that but you could definitely help us explore the islands...are you willing to drive??? Love you too!!!!!!
1st April 2016

Looking Good
Well it kooks like You Folks are doing Great. Any Polish people there? Looks like Fred needs some guidance..
1st April 2016

Its too late for guidance
Skipper, I've been giving Fred friendly guidance about his driving since we got to Cayman Islands....slow down, look right, drive left...he doesn't listen to me...please pray for us!!!!! Haven't met any Polish folks yet...but people from South Africa, Philippines, lots of Jamaicans and ex-pat Americans.
31st March 2016

Omg! Only my Fread would have such a story to tell! This is one y'all will look back on and laugh about for a long time ( with enough alcohol in body)😍
1st April 2016

We hope so
thanks Jean. Today is the day we call our car insurance company and AAA, hope it goes well.
30th March 2016

House Hunters International
I think I saw this episode of House Hunters International last week! I'm so jealous! Make sure you get the extra bedroom for family and friends to come and visit.
14th October 2013

Thanks for staying with Lizzie and Miles. Miles has been so "out of sorts" today. He must be missing licking the gelato bowls every night. We hope you will come back soon. Although you saw a lot...there is still a lot more to see, see, see!
9th October 2013

Enjoying your blogs, vicariously being there; appreciate that you're using public transportation. Can't blame the big dogs for just doing their jobs. Will you visit the Guzzi factory ? - way more important than the Vatican.
7th October 2013

Love your Blog!!!
Ciao Zia Leenda and Zio Frederico!!!! David and I are just back from our 4 day mini-vacation celebrating our 15 years of wedded bliss!!!! Can you believe it -- 15 years!!!! Anyways, we tried pretty much to stay unplugged!!! It helps a lot!!! Soooo, I just read all your blogs and looked at the wonderful pictures -- I must say that I feel I am walking the streets and seeing the sites right beside you!!! I miss Italy!! It sounds like you guys are really enjoying yourselves (except maybe for the power outages!!!!) I don't ever remember one rainstorm but it must be awesome to watch from your house!!!!!! Loved seeing the pics of the Hounds of the Baskervilles (ohhh, wrong country)!!! Miss you guys - definitely need to get together! I'm glad my "non-electronic" travel book is helping!!! When do you get back home????? Love ya!! Ciao bellos!
7th October 2013

Leenda and Rico's excellent Roman vacation
trip and food pictures have been so nice. glad you are having a good time. the dogs would freak me out. shared your blog with the dulcimer mouse so she can follow. regarding your long walk that took you way out of your way, we had a similar experience going way out of our way to get somewhere that turned out to be close by when we were in Quebec. the locals are not always helpful. stay out of trouble. somehow I am expecting to see a snap of one of you behind bars for some reason.
3rd October 2013

Love all the pictures and blog. Love to see pictures of you, fred, lizzie and all the food you are eating. Also their house. Say hi to lizzie for us.
3rd October 2013

Love the blog! Rays vs Sox starts Friday!
Love the blog guys, feel like we can at least pretend we are with you! The Rays won the Wild Card, our series starts Friday, we are going Saturday!! Have fun and be safe!

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