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We are back to the BVI for another fun day! And yes, this time it's a diving day! I did my homework properly this time. I knew the diving in Virgin Gorda was ok, but there was a nice lobster BBQ organized by Club Med 2. JVD, Jost Van Dyke is way smaller. This is a yachties paradise...and yes, diving seems to be way more fun! The island has only 180 yes, it is a cute and small place. I'm diving today with Jost Van Dyke diving. First fun point, these guys are actually living on Tortola and do the 45 minutes crossing with the diving boat every morning. Well, today it's actually not only me, I have the chance to get Thierry with me. Thierry hasn't dived for 10 years, he has 50 dives ... read more
After the dive...
Diving with Thierry!
little ray...

Stunning small sandy spit stayed overnight, but not many of the other charter boats did. Played cricket on the beach for an hour with the boys. Wondering when you become too old to play beach cricket for an hour?? Stunning pristine waters, and blinding white sand!! Dinner on Boomerang. Eric (John's brother) cooked pancakes!... read more
Beach Tennis

Left the west end Sunday for jost van dyke. Spent the night there and then sailed to cane garden bay. Dinghiedaround for snorkel this afternoon and now off to dinner on the beach.... read more

16 février 2012, Bonjour à vous tous and you two Neil and Stef,, Nous entamons notre sixième saison de navigation hivernale dans les Îles Vierges Américaines (St-Thomas, St-John, St-Croix) et Britanniques (Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, Anegada et autres). Comme l’an passé je vous donne quelques nouvelles de ma sœur Louise qui continue de combattre un cancer. Depuis le printemps dernier plusieurs séances de chimio et radio ont donné de l’encouragement mais vers la fin de l’automne son cancer a repris de la vigueur. Le problème majeur son les maudites métastases qui se promènent un peu partout. Elle s’est même brisé une clavicule deux fois en faisant des travaux légers. Je sais qu’elle doit recommencer bientôt certains traitements plus ciblés qui nous l’espérons tous vont finir par donner des résultats positifs. De là, Louise, nous ... read more
Allez! À l’eau

Here it is the day we've all not Valentine's Day, although today is Feb. 14th and David did get extra brownie points for buying Lisa a card. Its the day we leave JVD and return home to the cold, snowy Northeast. We packed last night and have until 10 AM to do dishes, sweep up, throw out the trash and leave the villa. We decided to catch the 9:30 AM ferry to Tortola and arranged to have Lorelee meet us at the West End Ferry dock. David dropped off us and the luggage at the ferry dock in Great Harbor then dropped off the rental car downtown. There was nobody to take him back to the ferry (eventhough that's the promise that was made) so he started walking. He was picked up by a couple ... read more
Hoops and YoYo
Last view of Great Harbor
I'm still on the beach

Friday was another lazy day spent on White Bay...when are we going to do something other than relax on the beach, swim, eat, read and drink??? Lisa wasn't feeling quite up to par...she's swearing off rum for the day. The North swell really got rockin' and rollin' today. Big rollers came crashing in all day and most boats left for calmer waters. Lisa and I finally got our happy hour on the beach...the guys brought us cheese and crackers. The plan was to buy drinks from the beach bar but it had already closed....we are on island time after all. Dinner was at Corsairs. Check out their sushi...we didn't try it but have heard from several sources its the best! We chatted with folks from Wisconsin who were also staying on island. A friend of theirs ... read more
More of the trail
This is just the start of the tough part
Hey we got 4WD....wanna go off road?

ere it is Monday morning of our last week. Hard to believe we're halfway through our vacation and we haven't done a least that's what we tell ourselves every morning. Saturday was spent on the internet or trying to get there. We called Bobby's Market before heading to the beach and they were so busy they wouldn't take our order over the phone. I was asked if I could fax it over....uhh...we're on Jost Van Dyke in a fax in sight. We packed up our snorkel gear and went to the Soggy Dollar bar to use their free WiFi access even though its slow as molasses. We sat in the wicker furniture in the shade next to the bar and gift shop....excellent place to people watch. We sat with Greg and Garreth, two brothers ... read more
Bubbly pool

Wednesday has been a very quiet day. We slept late, had a continental breakfast then Bloody Mary's made with Jack & Bernie's mix....great stuff...will have to see if we can get it someplace at home. We headed to Great Harbor so David could buy tomatoes for our dinner tonight of Lobster Fra Diavlo. We had lunch at Ali Babas...Freddie finally got to have the chicken roti that he's been dying for all vacation. There was a cute island style Jeep parked next door that we'd love to take home with us. After lunch I played the guilt card...”Lisa if you really love me you'll get your hair braided”...and Lisa gave in. There was a salon in the same building as the grocery so the boys went to Foxy's while Lisa and I each got 5 braids ... read more
Island Jeep
Island Jeep
Banana's front porch

Tuesday morning...we've had our breakfast in the villa and packed up for our day on the “Forever Young” a 42' Catalina built for charter sailing. We have to meet them in Great Harbour because the north swell came up overnight and makes it impossible to load from the beach in White Bay. We met Captain Larry at the dock and motored in his dinghy to the sailboat anchored in Great Harbor. Betty met us with a warm welcome and we quickly started our journey. Captain Larry advised us that Monkey Point would be murky today because of the north swell and we'd have better snorkeling at the Indians. We came to a consensus and decided to head to the Indians and then Water Lemon Bay on St. John. We had a lovely trip, a combination of ... read more
more coral
The Indian
Fire coral

Thursday morning a mega yacht anchored in White Bay. It was named "Mega Yacht A" and looked like a submarine with a giant conning tower. Out of one of it's garage doors came a black Zodiac that carried two crew members to the beach where they set up wooden chaises w/cushions and a huge umbrella. Another white rib brought the owners from the yacht to the beach. What a life. You can find more info on this yacht on this website: It's owned by a Russian billionaire and his former supermodel wife. It stayed overnight in White Bay...I tried taking night photos but they didn't come out well. The big "A" on the transom lit up and there were blue lights all along the waterline. We were told the lights attracted schools of bait fish ... read more
Look it hatched a boat
How big is too big

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