Forever Young

Published: February 12th 2010
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Tuesday morning...we've had our breakfast in the villa and packed up for our day on the “Forever Young” a 42' Catalina built for charter sailing. We have to meet them in Great Harbour because the north swell came up overnight and makes it impossible to load from the beach in White Bay. We met Captain Larry at the dock and motored in his dinghy to the sailboat anchored in Great Harbor. Betty met us with a warm welcome and we quickly started our journey. Captain Larry advised us that Monkey Point would be murky today because of the north swell and we'd have better snorkeling at the Indians. We came to a consensus and decided to head to the Indians and then Water Lemon Bay on St. John. We had a lovely trip, a combination of sailing and motoring. Larry and Betty shared their stories of their Caribbean adventures with us. It was very interesting to hear their tales of life on a charter sailboat. David and Lisa are now even more committed to visiting Trinidad and Tobego after listening to Larry and Betty's stories.

Snorkeling at the Indians was incredible. Larry asked us to use noodles and we were very glad we did. The current was very strong and the noodles made snorkeling much easier. Once back on board we were served a very tasty lunch of caesar salad, curried chicken wraps and fresh fruit. Betty was more than happy to accommodate Lisa's fruit allergies in her lunch offering. We had a very tasty beer from Isle de Marguita...what a treat.

We then set sail for Lemon Bay, had a great snorkel there and then headed back to Great Harbor. Betty mixed our cocktails of choice served with fresh munchies. A glass of tasty champagne was our final treat before loading our stuff onto the dinghy and heading to our car.

Captain Larry's party words:
There are all kinds of ships...big ships, small ships,etc...but the best kinds of ships are friendships. Thankyou Larry and Betty for a wonderful day on and under the water. We wish you all the best in your Caribbean sails and look forward to seeing you again.

We drove to One Love to pick up the two Caribbean lobsters that Seddy had cooked for us. David has plans for them in a yummy spicy red sauce served over pasta for dinner tomorrow.
The IndianThe IndianThe Indian

Lisa in the foreground...."Forever Young" in the background
When we got to the villa, the two island kitties showed up looking for dinner. They're feral but very cute with a squeeky meows. I know I shouldn't feed them but I feel so bad for them and had been giving them leftovers whenever they showed up. Fred is convinced they'll be fifty cats coming by looking for food here by the time we leave on Sunday.

Additional photos below
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Fire coralFire coral
Fire coral

not sure if you can see the tiny blue colored fish just about dead-center in the coral.
Water Lemon BayWater Lemon Bay
Water Lemon Bay

a school of fish over coral
yellow tail and sargeant majorsyellow tail and sargeant majors
yellow tail and sargeant majors

I call them bumble bee fish but what do I know
David and friendsDavid and friends
David and friends

two caribbean lobsters we'll have for dinner tomorrow
island kittiesisland kitties
island kitties

two of the four kitties that show up for food.

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