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After making it across the border and into Belize City, we caught the water taxi to Caye Caulker and had a very lazy day.... Watermelon nice at the Lazy Lizard, a short walk around and a nap (apparently I really can't sleep on public transport!) Dinner was AMAZING - freshly caught and grilled lobster, three sides, three rum punches and dessert for 25BZ - about £8! The next day we had a full day snorkelling tour with Caveman - we saw a manatee, turtles, stingrays... Swam a shipwreck and the Hol Chan marine reserve (did you know that Central America has the second largest coral reef in the world??) and finally saw a seahorse in the mangroves! The only downside was dealing with sunburn afterwards (its fine now!) ... read more

The 2 month mark of being in the nomad world is approaching, and I’m honestly not sure whether it’s all gone by too fast or too slow. I KEEP getting stuck on the whole perception of time, it’s never felt quite this skewed to me before. It seriously feels like my days fly by and crawl by at the same time, like how does that make any sense?! Previously, I felt I had an idea of what time was, but now I couldn’t understand it any less!! I used to place so much importance and weight on it since I felt like I didn’t really own it all; my work and other responsibilities claimed much of it. Anyways, I think I really need to stop trying to analyze the idea of time though since I really ... read more
Friends from Mexico!
Awesome peeps met at Pause!
Trying to connect with our "inner ice cream"

When in Mexico, you do as the Mexican's do, that's tequila shots, when in Belize do as the Beliazian's do, that's beer thirty and rum o'clock. After a short taxi ride from our lake paradise we arrived in Chetemal, Mexico's border town with Belize, we brought a very expensive ferry ticket over to Caye Caulker 65US, then hung around as you do at borders joining different queues and answering funny questions. Luckily we had emails with our flight break down showing Mexican taxes paid, many people who book though and agent don't have this and then have to pay £15 to exit Mexico, top tip keep that breakdown safe! The crossing to San Pedro is two hours of probably the bumpiest boat journey I have ever been on, it's a small boat and we were riding ... read more
The Split
Manatees (Seacows)
Nursing sharks, next to us in the sea! Agh

My time in Mexico has come and gone at quite a rapid pace! I feel that it was both long enough and not long enough at the same time. I know that I got exactly what I needed and intended from my time there. It is a place where you can’t help but feel super comfortable in, like being cocooned in a warm, fuzzy blanket! My wonderful friendships I formed there were hard to leave, but I know that I can make those connections anywhere in the world if I’m open to it! Puerto Escondido was an absolute pleasure to have had as my first stop out of my county, I picked it for a reason for sure! I walked away with a range of interesting experiences and new perspectives. The childhood deconditioning retreat I took ... read more
Heeeeeere's Caye Caulker:)
My Belizean Soul Mate Kitty:)
How f*uckin gorgeous is this?!

On Sunday 10 we left Belize City and caught the 12pm water taxi to the Island of Caye Caulker. Mal and I went across in a boat very similar in size to a speed boat and we were a little worried about our 45 minute trip across the Caribbean sea. It was a little bouncy but actually turned out to be ok. We took a taxi (golf cart!) to our hotel, Sophie's Guest rooms, which are a row of beach huts on the waterfront near to the end of the island and close to the split - a popular swimming area. We had paid a little extra to get the only room with a sea view and it was definitely worth it as the view was gorgeous. We decided to enjoy the view first hand and ... read more

So ends my Belizean travels, but not before I hit Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is a small island around an hour trip from Belize City. I arrived to find out that there were actually other British citizens In Belize. In fact all the other British citizens that came to Belize. I don't blame them- chilled out, beautiful, clear sea, nice food, accommodation and brilliant snorkelling. So as expected, it was pricey, but I only had a few days there to chill and enjoy. I spent many hours on the Split (so called as a hurricane split the island) everyone sunbathes and chills out there, it is conveniently located next to a bar and is at the end of the main road. On the island I met 2 other British medical students travelling Central America. We got ... read more

Et nous fûmes 3 ! Ça y est, la bande est au complet ! Et pour bien tous être au même diapason, lorsque Dams arrive en bateau sur la petite île de Caye Caulker (à quelques kilomètres de la 2ème plus grande barrière de corail du monde), c'est en canoë que nous rejoignons l'auberge où l'ambiance backpackers est omniprésente. Yanno et Marco y sont déjà depuis quelques jours, à faire de belles rencontres tout en buvant "allègrement", et l'arrivée de Damien n'entamera pas leur rythme bien soutenu ! C'est ainsi surtout de nuit que nous découvrons l'île et son ambiance très festive. Du coup, entre apéros et baignades dans un océan d'un bleu azur, nous partons toute une aprem faire du snorkeling découvrir la faune et la flore environnante. Un premier arrêt nous permet d'observer les ... read more
Du farniente...

I left Playa Del Carmen and hopped onto a bus to the small country of Belize. My sister has done this Central America trip before so she told me I have to have to have to go to the island of Caye Caulker in Belize ... and that's where I decided to go. It was a night bus journey taking 8 hours. As I reached border control I remembered an article I read earlier saying that if you are in Mexico for only a few days then don't pay the exit fee despite how much they try and force you to do so. I was tempted to hide on the bus or run around the customs building to the other side and cheat the system (easily doable) but I opted to stay within the boundaries of ... read more

Where do I begin.. 2014 was full of adventure. For me traveling is my passion! This past year for me was full of ups and downs. I found myself this year in a full-time salaried position in the city. This job was strictly 8 am-5:30pm and not extra time off with absolutely NO FLEXIBILITY! For the past three years, I always wondered what it would be to not worrying about what mood my boss would be in today. This job was very micromanaged and out of my control, I felt stuck. For three years, I continued doing the same thing everyday. I wanted change in my life but with the great income coming in it was hard to walk always from that. I knew I was at the lowest point in my life. I would come ... read more

Where does the time go? It's hard to believe that it is already 2015. I must go back and reflect one of the best travel experiences that I have ever had. I must say, 2014 entailed a lot of travel for this girl. On, June 28th, my fiance and I decided to go on a Western Caribbean Cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines. I didn't know what to expect because I had never been on a 7 day cruise. I thought it may be a bit long to be on a cruise ship. The cruise went out of Tampa, Florida and then continued on to Cozumel, Mexico. Once, we got to Cozumel we got off the cruise ship and it was time to explore. I had set up an excursion of the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel, this ... read more

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