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Hi everyone I think we have just about found the closest thing to paradise here. After arriving in Belize City (flying via San Salvador on what was the most efficient of Taca flights) we grabbed a water taxi across to Caye Caulker. Of course as it's us we arrived in the edge of a tropical storm so we ended up getting a local to take us to some places he recommended to stay which was much against my better judgement. What it meant was we are staying with the most lovely local lady called Chila in her first floor apartment overlooking the sea which is just 10 m away. Instead of paying the budgetted 50 quid a night we are paying 25 and have hot and cold, air con and the best position on front street ... read more
Lazy Lizzard bar
Morning coffee...

Our first snorkling trip was today! This is definately what the Belize Cayes are all about.. We set off with 2 other couples from the US, our captain Jermaine and his yummy boat boy Jacob. We first stopped at what looked like the middle of the ocean, to be told to "jump right in"...a bit of a stretch of a request as there was nothing around and you couldnt see the bottom! but oh well, we´d paid for this so in we jumped. Turns out this was a manetee area and our guide/captain swam us over to where 2 manetees were resting. It was amazing!! They definately lived up to their "sea cow" nicknames, and were so lazy just slumped on the ocean bed. One went up for some air after a bit and even though ... read more

Today was a very special day. We were moving hostels to a H-O-T-E-L!! a concept we are stranger to now. Tashas dad very kindly paid for us to have 2 nights at fancy Beachside Cabinas and it was lussshhh!! It was so pretty, filled with green plants and bright orange walls with brown decking. Comfy loungers surrounded a pool (the only one on the island!) and our room had a huge double bed, cable tv, mini fridge and lovely bathroom!! Such a treat! Em had a tense moment in the book exchange store where the girl practically ROBBED her of a fab book (offering spendable "credit" which was worth a lot less than some of the rubbish they had in there!) and Tasha sensibly stayed out the way. We sunbathed the whole day, then bought some ... read more

Today consisted of sunbathing and hunting for ham. Of which there is none in Belize. (ham, that is) Or any meat/fish that isnt frozen actually. In the evening we had the best bargain of the century: lobster tails, coconut rice, garlic potatoes, cheesecake and 2 rums each for $20belize, which is TEN DOLLARS. amazing. it was so so so good (minus the raging winds which ended up blowing Tashas rum over her lap..). Did a bit of non-crazy bar hopping after this but it seemed a bit dead in town! We ended up at Oceanside which was a bit of a lame club but we got some drinks bought for us by an admirer of Tashas who ended up making her do Kareoki hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa her face was hilarious. She thought she'd be clever and suggest an ... read more

Woke up late today with a couple of headaches so tucked into some delish breakfast at a nearby cafe. Tasha headed back to bed while Em did a bit of tanning on the jetty, then we went to The Split which was at the end of the island (where a hurricane had split the island in two). There was a bar here and loads of stone chairs and tables in the sea where you could chill out! Not much swimming was had here as the current through the split is incredibly strong and whips up all the sand so you wouldnt be able to see with a snorkle on! We headed West ofthe island to see a sunset (steadily avoiding the weird N.Carolina guy). We were interrupted from our romantic sunset watching by two japenese guys ... read more

Up at 4.30 (our earliest start so far) and checked into the airport where we payed a stupid hidden "leaving the country" fee. Caught a freezing cold plane to El Salvador, waited an hour, caught an even colder plane to Belize City and finally we made it! Whipped through customs and caught a taxi to the boat terminal. As our boat headed towards Caye Caulker, it was truley like arriving in heaven. The rickety jetty dropped onto white sands backed by amazingly colourful buildings, palms swaying and no cars but only golf buggies. The island motto here is "Go slow" and we were definately looking forward to fitting in! After checking out a few hostels, we settled for Tinas Backpackers which was right on the beach, painted in bright bright blue and orange, filled with swinging ... read more

My Latin American odyssey began in the only English speaking country in Central America. This was an added bonus as I had yet to learn any Spanish however I chose Belize because of the great reports of diving on the second largest reef in the world. I based on the backpacker island of Caye Caulker and it proved to be an ideal place to qualify for my PADI Open Water certificate. I had managed to time my visit to the island at the height of the rainy season (mid-October) and in fact the day I landed the plane had to circle several times waiting for a storm to pass over the runway. On the mainland there were floods right across the country with most roads into Guatemala impassable. On the island, I had pre-booked a fancy ... read more
The aftermath of the storm
Caye Caulker condominiums
The eyeless beast

In 2003 I was working a tour leader for a Canadian adventure tour company and my route took me through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. That is how I ended up in Caye Caulker for the first time. On one of my trips, I went with a local friend to rent some snorkel gear and met this lady that had a cat sanctuary. She was renting snorkel gear at the time. That is how I first met Madi from P.A.W. (Protecting Animal Welfare) cat sanctuary. Of course, at the time, I was working as a guide and traveling so much that my focus was not on animal rescue although I have always loved animals and have rescued many from the streets where I live in Mexico. I visited the small island of Caye Caulker many times and ... read more
Jaguar Cabana
The Dock

When we arrive in Belize we went straight out to the islands with Bob and Miriam and spend the first 2 nights in San Pedro. The appearance is of a small European city, but the atmosphere is all Caribbean. Instead of cars everyone drives golf carts, so of course we had to rent one for a night and rip around the island. Everything here was slow paced, grooving to the reggae music coming from every doorway. Then there’s the chicken drop… And it really is just how it sounds, they put a chicken in a fenced off square with a numbered grid. Ahead of time people have bought numbers and if the chicken shits on your number you win $100 Belize ($30 Canadian)!!! The catch is that you have to wipe up the poo with a ... read more

Photos from Mexico. Guatemala, Belize. Every one have a happy fall and great times everywhere. Patricia... read more
Patzcauro Lake, Mexico
Someone selling something? Fruit Juices
mexico city

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