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These are the blogs I wrote while travelling from August 2008 to July 2010 - two trips that took me through South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Canada, Mexico and Central America. I hope you enjoy...

Corn Islands We're rapidly coming to the end of our trip, and we needed another little holiday from our holiday. We came to Managua in Nicaragua and spent a few days investigating how to get to the islands. Websites were giving us mixed information on the exact day of departure for the ferry from Bluefields and not one site seemed to agree with another whether it was Tuesday or Thursday! As we didn't want to get stuck in Bluefields, we ended up deciding to splash out on the $106 airfare. Casa Sunrise We flew to Big Corn really early in the morning, landed about 8:00 am and then waited around for the 10:00 am speedboat to Little Corn. Elliott had done lots of research and had found a place away from the village where he wanted ... read more
Our one and only picture from Managua
This is what we were dreaming of...
Pilots on Costena Air

Having been to, clambered around and written about far too many ruins in the last couple of months, I just couldn’t bear to neither write nor subject you, my patient readers, to yet another of my accounts of our visit to a pile of rocks. So I enlisted help in the shape of the boyfriend to try and “mix it up”. Introducing Elliott the Travel Blogger: Tikal Tikal was apparently the show stopper for ruins in Central America, and certainly the major draw for Guatemala. Although we were somewhat ruined (ha ha) by visiting what seemed like every old pile of rocks in Mexico, we had heard good things about Tikal and were excited to finally visit. Unlike other Mayan ruins we had visited, especially the manicured tourist madness of Chichén Itzá, Tikal is a different ... read more
Early riser meditating on top Temple II, Tikal
Temple I and some of the main plaza
The main Plaza with the Central Acropolis behind it

Central America here we come! After spending almost half our time away in Mexico, we felt very ready to tackle the real Central America and make progress on our route - and entering Belize felt like we were on our way. The plan for Belize was to spend as little time as possible here, and yet see a few things, as it's rumoured to be the most expensive country in Central America. That's not exactly how it worked out for us... First, a few notes on Belize: It only has about 300,000 people; its capital is NOT Belize City, but the small, unknown Belmopan due to a hurricane almost destroying Belize City in the 60’s; and for good and bad, the Belizean dollar is 2:1 to the American dollar… The best advice we were given was: ... read more
Interesting houses in Belize City
Interesting houses in Belize City
Belize City lighthouse

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum April 7th 2010

I am going to begin this tale when we got to Quintana Roo, the Eastern-most state in Mexico on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Thus leaving out a fairly soggy interlude that saw us travelling all around Chiapas and Tabasco states to try to get to Palenque when the roads were blocked by protesters. We did eventually get there and enjoyed the beautiful ruins despite intermittently heavy rain. However, this chapter is going to be about the two weeks that my mum, Karin, came out to visit us and to spend my birthday with me. It all starts on Isla Mujeres... Isla Mujeres Elliott and I had actually thought we might spend a month or so somewhere on the Mexican Caribbean coast if the diving was good and we could find a cheap place ... read more
Mayan hieroglyphs
And then off to the something completely different: The Caribbean Sun and Turquise Water!
Of course once my mum arrived it was a windy and grey day

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Zipolite March 16th 2010

Oaxaca City Colonial Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ka) City, the capital of Oaxaca State is a very nice little place. Sun-drenched, a little dusty and very cozy, it had more tourists than we’d seen anywhere outside Mexico City since getting to Mexico. We quite enjoyed our hostel, which had an atmospheric central common room which was actually a covered courtyard that kept the sun out during the day, but still had a fresh air feel to it. It was fairly cheap, and it was nice to have a kitchen again after several weeks in hostels and hotels without one. We walked around town looking at their many churches and colonial buildings, went to the central market for food, and enjoyed a couple of cafés with free wifi. There isn’t really anything in particular to see in town, so we ... read more
Beautiful view in Oaxaca City
Yet another church in Oaxaca
Old lady cleaning the church

I last left our tale as we were heading towards that metropolis of metropolises, La Ciudad de Mexico, and although it is now almost two weeks since we left that grand place, I have a ‘few’ photos and comments to share… I am writing to you from the coast of Oaxaca on the Southern Mexican coast, but all that in good time. Mexico City La Ciudad de Mexico (DF in local speak for federal district) is big - REALLY BIG! We were told our bus would take three hours, and we didn’t believe it as usual. But true enough, after three hours we reached the city limits - then it just took another hour to drive through the rush hour traffic to the bus station. Likewise, when we left the city three days later from the ... read more
The leaning interior of the Cathedral
Palacio Nacional, Mexico City
The large post-colonial mural as you come up the staircase

I love water, I really do, so leaving the coast was not an easy thing to do... but some of the things I have looked forward to the most in Mexico are in the heart of the country, so we really had no choice :) Uruapan First stop on our way inland was the city of Uruapan that is best known for its proximity to the Volcan Paricutin which erupted suddenly on Feb 20th 1943. A farmer was out in his field when the ground started spurting steam and ash. He tried to cover the holes but quickly realised his task was futile and fled. Within a year the volcano had risen to 410 meters and covered three villages and most of the church of San Juan. Luckily the lava flowed slowly enough for the inhabitants ... read more
A cloudy day at the Paricutin Volcano
The Paricutin Volcano with smoke and lava in the foreground
Templo San Juan, Paricutin

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Zihuatanejo February 16th 2010

Pacific Dreams So, once again I find myself including a few too many photos... Sorry everyone - I tend to think they tell a story of their own, as I’m not actually expecting anyone to struggle through my longwinded stories :) I’ll try to keep it short this time... Maruata I guess I should’ve learned by now that anywhere described in the Lonely Planet isn’t actually going to be anything like what I imagine. This also turned out to be true for the first stop on our search for the Pacific Dream: Long white-sanded beaches with palm trees and cabanas with ocean views. Maruata is described just like that; a secluded little Oceanside village (with potentially no electricity, we read online) known only for the sea turtles that come here and lay their eggs at night ... read more
Walking around the three beaches in Maruata looking for something at least resembling our expectations to stay in...
This is the view we'd been looking for.  Turquoise blue water and a far horizon
The view from our cabana down on the main beach of Maruata

North America » Mexico February 8th 2010

El Sauzal I think it’s so cool that you can take a tram to Mexico!!! We arrived in San Diego early in the morning after a fairly restless night on a night bus (mainly due to an accidental overdose of caffeine, in my case), but luckily due to some fantastic online research on Elliott’s part, we knew exactly where to go and what to do, and within minutes we were on a tram heading to Tijuana. We’d heard a lot of stories about how bad it is in Tijuana; the LP claims you cannot pass through without forming an opinion about it, but to be honest, it didn’t affect me either way, except maybe surprise at how un-dangerous it all appeared compared to the stories… We got through the border formalities quite easily, with a nice ... read more
Tijuana border
El Sauzal
The hills behind El Sauzal

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 31st 2010

North America On the road again... How time flies. Not long ago, I had 3 months in London stretching out in front of me, in which I was going to get so much stuff done. So much stuff! And what did I do? I worked, saved some money, saw my friends and family. But I didn't get my blogs finished, and I didn't sort out all my photos. I did enjoy not travelling for a few months, though, not living out of a backpack, not moving all the time. But I also knew that I'd be looking forward to travelling again very quickly. And sure enough, after the novelty of working and wearing warm clothes in the cold weather wore off, I was dreaming of Mexican beaches and Mayan ruins again :) So here I am ... read more
Niagara Falls from the distance
And up close...
Elliott and I freezing our butts off

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