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Today we awoke with the roosters again. Didn't get a sandwich from amor y cafe since we were moving a bit slow this morning. I felt like I could sleep another 5 hours at least. Still tired from yesterday. We got to the shop & today our dive masters were seriously on a roll & ready to roll as compared with the go slow crew from yesterday. We were with George, Eli & Willem today. The group of divers was all young, which made for a completely different feel on the boat & everyone was pretty experienced divers too. We had a few slices of bread & some cheese & called it a breakfast. Yum. The water was smooth as glass today. I slept almost the whole way out to the Blue hole which is about ... read more
The Blue Hole
Just dove The Blue Hole

Up with the alarm today. Another beautiful clear day here. Woohoo! Well the moon is still setting in the west & it's been fun to watch the moon wax since we got off the plane. Now comes the waning. It's also so fun to look at the sky every night & watch the stars come out. It's a total trip to watch the moon rise over the eastern edge of the earth every night. So anywhoo, up with the roosters. We met at the dive shop at 6 am & got geared up & headed out on the boat. Today we were with Ish & Cas as our dive masters/boat captains. We headed out to our first dive spot (after waiting for the oldies to buy their breakfast & dawdle to the boat without carrying their ... read more
Dive Boat
Dive Tanks
The Nanaimos

Today I woke up feeling 85% back to normal. Popped an Immodium, ibuprofen & guzzled water & felt ready for the day. We've been buying a 5 gallon bottle of water everywhere we go that we know we'll be staying for a few days. It's much cheaper. $5 for the current one we have. Feeling ok enough to leave the safety of the room we went & had breakfast at Marin's. We had our first Fry Jack, which is basically a flour tortilla super quick fried & served cut in quarters. Of course, it was really good. We had some eggs & toast as well. The bread here is all from the local bakery & is excellent. Thick, airy wheat bread with a hint of cinnamon. We strolled around town for a bit & checked the ... read more
Shark Ray Alley
Shark-Ray Alley
Shark Ray Alley

Slept like a baby. It was warm, not too hot or cold & soooooooo quiet. You could hear the breeze, the fan, & sometimes the ocean. It's pretty calm out there so the waves aren't too loud. We're up early today to do our first dive. We're going out with Big Fish Diving,, check out the I&I Reggae Bar too. The wind has finally shifted & is coming from the East. The air is so much warmer & much more moist. I feel like I live with a layer of sand & salt on my skin. It's kinda different to get used to when you're not accustomed to it. I like it though. All of our stuff has a layer of salt/sand & honestly I feel like you hang onto the wind on your skin ... read more
Geoff pre dive
James' Boat

Woke up early today. Last night was the loudest it's been in awhile. Apparently everyone in Corozal owns a dog & they sleep outside & howl the night away. It was crazy noisy. That's why we brought earplugs! Thank goodness. We woke up to an alarm again, or well actually the dogs. Walked to the pier to catch our "water taxi" & waited with everyone else. It was fun to watch the water taxi being loaded with supplies for the cayes. Bags of potatoes, pineapple, sugar, tomatoes, bananas. Local people waiting for the taxi to take them home & a handful of tourists, like us, watiing to get to the cayes. It looked like most tourists were heading for the day for snorkel tours. We were the only two with backpacks or luggage at all, other ... read more
Caye Caulker Split
Mandingo's Trinkets

hola! so now we are in belize... all of a sudden EVERYTHING from taxis to milk has at least doubled in price! taxi drivers seem like extortionists to us! but we paid the $30belize to get from the border to a town called San Ignacio, a bit of a border town but with many other attractions close by, worth the visit! (the belize dollar is exactly 2 to the US dollar so we're about the same, just for those interested). We found a hostel called Bella's backpackers run by a woman called Natasha who's daughter is called Bella... hence the name! we arrived so early in the morning that we had time to get our bearings and then for a small fee Natasha and Bella and a few other young girls came with us to the ... read more
cahal pech ruins, san ignacio
dario on the river
mouth of ATM cave

hallo zusammen hier noch ein paar Foeteli von Caye Caulker..... nicht vergessen.... no stress...."go slow" :-)... read more
Tree Tops Guesthouse
Caye Caulker, Belize
In allen Himmelsrichtungen....

So after a well deserved night in the Holiday Inn, Tandi and I met the boys on the beach in Playa Del Carmen. This place was such a sweet town.. awesome beach, excellent nightlife and super yummy food. The first night started off with Mexican food, several margaritas and tequila shots.. from there on you can use your imagination. The next few nights followed a similar pattern, and Sean's streak of not vomiting has now come to an end. During the day, we spent most of our time hanging on the beach, where Stuey forgot how delicate his skin is and morphed into a lobster. One day Tanz and I took a day trip to see Chichen Itza, a seventh wonder of the world, and another day we visited Isla Mujeres on a yacht. For some ... read more

Travel in Belize was a pleasant surprise. As a former British colony, English abounds (which for this mono-language individual is a blessing). I started out my trip by flying into Belize City, catching a taxi to the water taxi area and off to Caye Caulker. The trip from the airport is a flat $25 US. The water taxi runs $20 US for a round trip ticket. I pre-booked my accommodations on Caye Caulker at The Tropics and paid about $45 a night for a private bungalow. There are many options for accommodations on the island and I'm not sure that pre booking is ever a problem. Prices range from $10 - $100 a night. There is a delightful backpacker's hotel - Tina's/Yuma that I would definitely consider for a return trip. Likewise, booking excursions is easily ... read more
caye caulker
caye caulker

Hallo zusammen Hier nur ein ganz kleiner Bericht. Wir waren ja, ca. 1 Woche in Belize auf der Insel Caye Caulker...., Fotos von der Insel werden noch folgen, da sie noch auf dem Chip sind. Die Insel hat mir super gefallen. Motto der Insel ist: "go slow" ! Ueberall hoert man, "yeah men.... go slow"... :-) wirklich ein Oertchen zum entspannen und die Seele baumeln lassen! Nachdem wir ca. 6 Jahre nicht mehr getaucht sind, haben wir uns wieder daran gewagt und wir hatten viel Spass! Zuerst machten wir zwei nicht so tiefe Tauchgange.... bei "Hol Chan" (ein Naturschutzgebiet), damit wir uns wieder ans tauchen gewoehnen. Ging alles super. Ebenfalls machten wir noch einen Schnorchelausflug mit "Juni", das ist ein 72Jahre alter Belizianer...... und der Ausflug war wirklich super..... er erinnerte mich ein bischen an dem ... read more
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