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Sunday, 9 April 10am - I had not pre-booked the water taxi as all the blogs said you could just rock up. At first the booking agent said they only had 2 seats but she called the captain and he said he had 4 seats. So we made a reservation and was told to go to the bus station to collect the tickets. We then drove around town trying to find the mystical bus station, only to discover it had completely shut down, as in, no longer in use. So back we went to our hotel, called the water taxi people and they told us to pay online via paypal. We then sorted secure parking for our rental car for 3 days. Subway for lunch. 2pm – we arrive early to check in for our 3.30pm ... read more

Country #2 Belize Hmmmm.. Maybe we stay in Mexico 4-6 weeks. After 9 weeks, we finally called it and left Mahahual on the 28th of January. Next destination, Caye Caulker, Belize. We took the bus to Chetumal, shared a taxi with an icecream vendor and crossed the boarder by foot. We paid 500 Peso (US 25$) to leave Mexico and walked 2 km through the free zone, got the Belize stamp and found ourselves on the other side. No bus is leaving from here? Daaamn… maybe we should plan a little more. We took a taxi to Corozal and found a local bus to Belize City surprisingly fast. Suddenly everyone around us spoke either English or Creole. This was a surprise...even knowing that Belize belongs to the British crown. We could definitely tell that we had ... read more
Truly paradise!
Swimming with the sharks.
With good friends... who needs enemies... and how we learned to catch lobsters.

Well, after a week down here memories of the coolish North are fast fading into the distant sea reef surf. Today, it's even a bit a breezy here -- the Belizeans are into their winter clothes -- while us northeners are swaying in a hammocks under (seaside) coconut palms in barefoot shorts. This is Caye Caulker, two islands 45 mins out from Belize City by water taxi, close to the Belizean reef. It's very laid back, just golf carts and bikes, coral sand roads and paths, friendly tourists and helpful Belizeans. No franchise businesses. Lots of tourists with a youthful int'l, energy and vibe -- diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, reggae beach and sports bars, and lots of budget accommodation. I'm staying at the Tropical Oasis Hostel, 6 cabanas and 2 dorms, run by a friendly Belizean/Norwegian ... read more

A lot of people who visit Caye Caulker use it as a base for taking a boat out to go snorkeling or diving. I signed up for a full day snorkeling trip as Belize has the second largest reef in the world. The first stop on the trip was at a place called shark alley due to the nurse sharks that are present there. I regretted not being able to take photos or video underwater in the Galapagos so this time I rented a go pro for the day to capture some images. While there were dozens I cool-looking fish on the reef, being able to swim with the sharks and rays was amazing and probably the highlight of the entire trip. ... read more
Nurse sharks
Nurse shark

Finally to the portion of the trip I've been looking forward to the most...Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is an island off of northern Belize. It's a fairly rustic island. No resorts. And absolutely beautiful. To give you a feel for the island, a few minutes after arriving there, a Rasta guy rode past me on a bicycle selling conch fritters for a dollar each. There are 2 animal shelters on this tiny island that takes in stray dogs. I visited one because they allow tourists to come and visit the dogs they have there and even walk them. Don't worry, I won't be bringing a dog home. But I was tempted.... read more
Spider monkeys
What lucky chicken gets to live like this?
Bird in Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is a very nice island, with various great snorkeling and diving spots. The people have an overall take it easy and slow - mentality, which makes it a very relaxing place to be. I must say that it is quite expensive and that was one of the reasons I didn´t stay too long. The first day I met Kate, Emily and Amara. We had some food and went for a drink afterwards. The next day I watched the sunrise from the dock until it started raining. It rained a lot in the morning. Kate and I stayed at the same hostel (Yuma´s House) and we chilled there until it stopped. Then we went to the Lazy Lizzard bar where we met Emily and Amara again and another girl: Alina. Some time later, we all ... read more
Street at Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker

HE SAID... This afternoon we were travelling northeast from Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve to Caye Caulker. On the drive from Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve to Belize City, derelict concrete houses dotted the highway, with little to no immediate reason why they had ever been built in the first place. On our arrival in Belize City at 4:15pm, our new driver (who replaced our street fighting driver who was sent home at breakfast) suddenly started making calls back to San Ignacio asking where the ferry terminal was. Not a good sign when we had a 4:30pm ferry to catch. We drove down roads, doubled back, asked service station attendants and finally found the ferry – only to be told by a policeman to move because we were blocking the road. Luckily, the policeman promised a parking spot ... read more
streets of caye caulker
streets of caye caulker
streets of caye caulker

Another blog entry, another country. Crossing the border from Guatemala in to Belize was a formality, although just a couple of days afterwards, the border was closed as long, ongoing territorial disputes flared up again between the two countries. Good timing for me then! Such is the ill-feeling between Guatemala and Belize, that some Guatemalan maps actually show Belize as part of Guatemala. Somewhat of an anomaly, Belize is the only country in Central America where Spanish is not the official language. This is because of the British pirates that used Belize as a safe haven during the 17th century and who then stayed on to dominate the territory’s logging industry. With Britain protecting the loggers’ interests on what was still Spanish territory, such became their domination that the local population were for all intents and ... read more
Lucas...And Stingrays!
Playa Asuncion
Me & The Reef

Limestone seems to be the theme of this blog entry I think it was more than a decade since I, Ake, celebrated Christmas at home. I have made it a tradition to go abroad for at least a few days over the holidays and I honoured that tradition in 2015 by going to Central America. Here in this the first blog entry from that trip I will write about what I did in the first couple of days when I visited Belize. Belieze is a small country that has lots of interesting places worth visiting. I spent only four days there but staying longer would have been no problem. I could easily have travelled for two weeks in Belize without getting bored. But I would have preferred to make such a trip together with my loved ... read more
Giant turtle.

We arrived in Caye Caulker yesterday on the water taxi, after a half hour trip from San Pedro and an early morning of sea kayaking before it got too hot. We ate lunch in a little place by the ferry pier before finding our hotel. In the afternoon, we swam off our hotel pier (there's lots of sea grass right next to the shore) and found lost of interesting fish under the pier when we snorkelled. We wandered into the village and had a beer at the split, a channel through the island, sorted our laundry and located the bank. Dinner was delicious fish at the Rainbow Grill. Today we went on a snorkelling trip - we enjoyed the last one so much that we thought we'd splash out (sorry, bad pun...) on a second one! ... read more

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