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Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau February 9th 2019

Be sure you have your Sea Card ready again. We are now at the Port Of Nassau. Remember our final port was changed from Labadee, Haiti to Nassau. No big deal because we have been to both before. Actually, we prefer Nassau over Labadee so all is well.....good and dandy. As I crawl out of bed and flop out onto our balcony......just like a fish out of water as I hurl myself through the sliding doors....I watched another cruise ship smoothly and slowly come along side ours as we are docked in Nassau. It was The Independence of the Seas by Royal Caribbean. Looks like a beauty. Soon after, a Disney ship, a Carnival Ship (Victory) and another cruise ship all docked in a row along with us. Think of the thousands and thousands and thousands ... read more
Independence of the Seas docked next to us
Disney Cruise Ship
Cruise Ships lining up

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau January 16th 2019

Sail away from Fort Lauderdale was lovely.The ship’s horn sounded and we slowly pulled away from the berth. I picked out my dream house as we sailed by; small by beachfront standards but with a pool. Would love to able to watch the marine traffic from my deck. A Coast Guard cutter escorted us our, keeping other boats away. Folks waved from shore and blasted air horns to see us off. Decided to eat early. Happy Hour is no more. This was always a good time to meet people but so goes the industry. We were about 1/2 hour out when the Captain announced that we had a critically ill passenger and we would be turning back to Lauderdale to meet a high speed boat. Not even four hours into the cruise. Hope the person is ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau October 4th 2018

The ship rocked & rolled last night while the thunder and lighting and rain pounded the ship all night. We slept great. We sailed into pouring rain in Nassau, Bahamas around 8am. By the time we were off the ship the rain had stopped and the humidity was all that remained. It was hot today. We took a tour to Nassau’s “Top Ten” spots. We liked about three or four of them. We agreed no more ship tours for us. We should have learned our lesson years ago. Regardless, we enjoyed spending time walking around the Atlantis Resort on our own. We bought a souvenir in their gift shop. We went to a rum cake factory (so-so) and to a rum distillery (awesome). The rum distillery tour was outside and self-guided so we skipped the tour ... read more
Sailing into Nassau
A resort on Nassau
Wet hair, don't care

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas April 4th 2017

It is official! We have left George Town and are slowly making our way north. In a way, it seems surreal that we are finally back on the road (or more aptly, the open waters). George Town was a wonderful hideaway for the last three months and we are taking many fond memories of the area with us. We had so many opportunities to embrace new experiences and to make many new friends; some who we have now been traveling with for the past week. Last Wednesday, after some consultation with the weather forecast (although not always accurate), we headed out of the harbour and into the big blue. For several days prior, the winds had been playing it up again, but Monday and Tuesday were calmer and so we anticipated Wednesday to be a good ... read more
Welcome to Black Point
Walking the Street of Black Point
Kids on the Dock

Another day filled with incredible once-in-a-lifetime memories.... read more
Hibiscus Lagoon
Feeding time at Hibiscus Lagoon

Two days swimming alongside the dolphins at Dolphin Cay was an experience of a lifetime!... read more
Dolphin Cay
Dolphin Cay Habitat
Waiting Our Turn

Today was all about FUN IN THE SUN! We shot the rapids, swam with the sharks, and plunged down the mayan slide. Most importantly, we relaxed at the pool. Aquaventure is a one-of-a-kind 141 acre waterscape. This non-stop aquatic thrill ride features over twenty million gallons of water, incredible Atlantean themed towers, thrilling high speed water slides, a mile long river ride with rolling rapids and wave surges, and 20 swimming areas. After our day at the park, we enjoyed shopping and eating at the Marina Village... read more
Relaxing by the Royal Baths Pool
Lounging by the pool
Enjoying the water

We are ringing in the New Year with Champaign and Fireworks in Paradise! Just off Nassau's north shore lies our resort...Atlantis! With miles of white sand beaches and over 100 acres of lagoons, rivers, pools, marine habitats and thrilling water slides we are sure to have FUN IN THE SUN.... read more
Ready To Go
Royal Tower
Royal Tower

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau November 8th 2015

As we arose this morning to allow the early morning light to enter our cabin, we could see something that we haven’t seen for almost one week: Land! How those intrepid ancient mariners must have felt to have seen a sight such as the Bahamas looming on the horizon. The dull sky was becoming bluer by the minute. Clouds loomed off in the distance; but, here we appeared to be entering paradise. The deep blue and greenish aqua of the seas close to shore were accented impeccably by narrow slivers of white sandy beaches and the green that crowned them. Leaning out over the rail I could see that I was not the only one peering to get a glimpse of Nassau as we approached its waterways. Already impressive resorts could be seen ashore. Sharon instantly ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas September 13th 2015

If you ever wonder to see how heaven looks like, you should definitely visit BAHAMAS! Bahamas is a such a beautiful place that people compose songs for it. At least I did (just 2 sentences in the lyrics :) I can share its studio recordings later on. Just kidding :) All right, I now start telling you a bit about Bahamas: If you travel from the U.S.A, I definitely recommend you to fly there instead of taking a cruise. There is a direct flight from Atlanta and it is very quick. Taking a cruise trip might be longer and I do not like being on the boat for a long time (especially not recommended for the people feeling seasick). So, the first day we arrived, shuttle service picked us up from the airport. You should either ... read more
Blue Lagoon Island

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