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Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas July 15th 2012

day 43-Last day at PMH. said bye to all our colleagues. amelia got emotional sayin bye to mcsweeney. Went downtown shopping. The day loz and nat turned into bahamians. tantastic. loz chased a lizard round the apartment. day 44-Loz and nat went beach. Adrian knocked on for us, nat answered the door and he stuttered asking us to come to curlys for a drink. Nat turned him down. Went to dianes and jennys that evening for drinks and headed out downtown to senor frogs and bambu. Saw frank the pharmacist. Darude sandstorm played (without our request) loz and nat dive into the dancefloor. Later went into mcdonalds drive thru and spend $40. Came home loz smashed a mug, nat was sick, amelia had a shower like she does after every night out. Day 45-loz did her ... read more

Day 40- Spent the day at the beach, bought a million pizzas from dominoes. Nat taught loz how to sew a button onto her top. Loz went to paradise island with zane to be greeted by his mates doin the small bounce dance. Day 41-After work headed home and got ready for independance celebrations. Went to senor frogs with the irish for fajitas and gangsta music. Headed downtown nassau for the firework display and parade. Day 42- Independance day. The sun had dissapeared. Did our big shop at city supermarket. Cool kid nat bought a skipping rope and waterbombs. Came home and played skipping and hot potato. Loz got soaked. Nat had a cat nap and mummy loz cooked tea. our badboi clinton brought us some mangos.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas July 6th 2012

Day 37- Loz went for a run and met the prime minister who lives round the corner from us. Amelia found a lizard in the bathroom and rescued it. Went to cable beach and spent the day sunbathing. Day 38- Went to cable beach for a swim. 4th July, watched the fire work display at sandals resort. Car alarms were going off because the fireworks were so loud. Amelia cried because she hates fire works. Day 39-Beach day. One of the hottest days so far. Ate loads of cake. Went downtown to Bambu and then to a house party in paradise island later. Had a pool party and woke the whole neighbourhood up.... read more

day 37-Nat usually sleeps with the lamp on and the night she doesn't, loz sleep talks in the middle of the night and tells her that theres someone in the room. Nat freaks out and cries. Went to the supermarket after work for big shop. Loz and nat dress up as retards for chat roulette. Day 38- Nat slept in fear with the light on. Hurricane debby was in florida and heading to Nassau. Loz and Amelia go to cable beach to be surrounded by all the newly weds from the sandals resort. Day39- Finally weekend. Woke up in the night by thunder. Went to the zoo. fed the parrots and saw the amazing flamingo march. went to fish fry. Waited 45 minutes for our food, loz kicked off and sent her food back. Went to ... read more

Day 33- Massive floods everywhere. Amelia finds a sean kingston lookalike on the side of the road asleep and dribbling and decides to take pictures of him. Loz did the washing and ironing (something you dont see very often) and went for a run along the beach. Nat cooked dinner. Day 34-happy fridayyy! On the way to work and Loz not looking where shes goin walks into a metal signpost and goes into work with a bump on her forehead. loz went to bed at 8pm that night and amelia and nat stayed up watching immature videos. Day 35-Nat got woke up by loz singin and cracking open monkey nuts. Lozzas mummas birthday, so skype date it was. Went to the mall, shopped til we dropped. Saw a hamster giving birth. Went to watch what to ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 18th 2012

day 30-went to the beach after work. loz and nat went for a romantic italian meal in the sunshine. they even shared their two main meals. candles..the lot! Day 31-Came out of work and got drenched.Loz and nat craving seafood 24/7 had conch, lobster, shrimps and mussels. The mango delivery man (landlord) arrived and we now have a total of 100 mangos. Day 32- nat nearly wet herself after receiving an email from a modelling agency on facebook being asked to model for them. Were not sure which photo they had viewed on facebook of her, but either the one with her head down the toilet being sick or the one lay unconcious on the bathroom floor...there bound to want to give this chick a contract. Made a new mate in mcdonalds...the 2 year old version ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 18th 2012

day 27- Spent the day at cable beach topping the tan up. Went to Senor frogs later for a meal. Nat screamed when a cocktail joined us for the meal. Ended up gettin on the yards, got a taxi home later. The taxi man was playing baby making music so we told him to put some rap and raggae music on and we soon turned the taxi into a party bus. Nat was apalled by the swearing in every song. Arrived home and woke up the majority of cable beach. Loz mooned the landlord. Day 28-Beach again, came back and found a lizard on the wall. loz attempted chasing it but failed and one of these mornings we will wake up with it on one of our faces. Went to downtown that night to sharkeys and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 12th 2012

Day 25-the 2nd time that the landowner has knocked on to give us mangos. beginning to think hes up to something. Amelia (who hates kids) saw a kid who she considered as cute and actually smiled at him!!! Loz had got food poisoning and was too weak to pick up a bottle of water. Went to the beach later and loz collapsed on the side road and the diva couldnt move for an hour. Day 26- A pigeon had a soft spot for nat, followed her downtown and wouldnt leave her alone. Went to the ice cream parlour after work and Nat came out with blue teeth and lips. The landowner came round twice in the evening and brought us mangos. Wondering if lozzas food poisoning is from the landowners generous fruit giving. Loz and amelia ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 10th 2012

Day 20-went to work, Loz came out of work unexpectedly to be greeted by the major peri Gomez and was interviewed for Bahamian news. Came home from work and got caught in the heaviest rain, thunder and lightening. The road turned into a river. That evening popped the news on to watch loz searching for her 100cc normal saline on tv. Day 21-Went downtown nassau to get drinks in the supermarket, Nat found a shark postcard, knowing loz has a serious phobia of sharks she decides to chase her round the supermarket with the postcard and have her screaming. Went to see Nadine at the craft cottage and drank coconut water. Amelia drank watermelon juice and was told that it was a natural viagra. Later Nat got robbed outside senor frogs and cried. Went into senor ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 5th 2012

day 17- Tried conch for the first time, as all the bahamians havn't shut up about it. Not much to comment on it. Excessive sweating at work today. dived in the sea when we finished. Nat came home and slept like a baby. Amelia and loz watched Miss America and slagged all the girls off for their fake smiles and tacky outfits. day 18-Woke up a million times in the night being bitten alive. Went to work, got a lift off tyrone on the way home. Tyrone being the 'relationship expert' gave us the big talk....think we all had our disagreements with him about men. Loz went for a run. All feeling pretty homesick that evening, sarcy pants Loz tries to cheer to girls up with watching the most exciting man on the planet sir james ... read more

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