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January 16th 2019
Published: January 16th 2019
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Sail away from Fort Lauderdale was lovely.The ship’s horn sounded and we slowly pulled away from the berth. I picked out my dream house as we sailed by; small by beachfront standards but with a pool. Would love to able to watch the marine traffic from my deck. A Coast Guard cutter escorted us our, keeping other boats away. Folks waved from shore and blasted air horns to see us off. Decided to eat early. Happy Hour is no more. This was always a good time to meet people but so goes the industry. We were about 1/2 hour out when the Captain announced that we had a critically ill passenger and we would be turning back to Lauderdale to meet a high speed boat. Not even four hours into the cruise. Hope the person is OK.

Had delightful diner with Joe and Peggy from Idaho, Bob and Carol from Georgia and Linda from Chicago. Bob and Joe are both hunters and proudly displayed pictures of their proud trophy”s. They are also active members of their churches, LDS and Methodist, are shared their experiences volunteering in Central America and Africa.

Docked in Nassau and watched as an ambulance drove off with a passenger. He looked alert and hopefully he will be OK. This is the side effect of sailing with an older demographic. Two days , two evacuations.

Day Four. Today is all about relaxing in the sun. We head to the Blue Lagoon for a VIP experience. I am among many, many fellow tourists as we cruise to the island. Music plays, the drew tries to encourage enthusiasm and we try to oblige. What separates us from the peons is that we are in an enclosure (the cage), greeted with a Bahama Mama and a chair and umbrella for our use. The beach is roped off and tiny. The depth is about 5 feet. We have unlimited lemonade and ice water and a really nice buffet lunch of salad, fruit, veggies, chicken and fish. After 4 hours it’s time to get out of the sun and back to the ship. Was it worth it? Considering the alternative, yes. The staff was attentive and friendly and since I didn’t plan to snorkel or kiss a dolphin, drink large quantities of booze and dance it was a lovely relaxing day.

Headed to the Billboard for Happy House and saw Mark from the Rotterdam. Always nice to see a friendly bartender who knows what you like. Not hungry so I settled for popcorn and a movie, Crazy Rich Asians. Cute take on the Cinderella tale and so comfortable to lounge on the Lido deck. Been feeling lots of soft breezes.

Day Five. This is the first sea day and I really feel lazy. Not much to report. Read and relaxed all day. Dressed for dinner and enjoyed the company as well as the escargot. Wandered down Music Row and enjoyed the Rolling Stone Rock group. Then to my room for a glass of wine and time to sit on the verandah and listen to the wake. Tomorrow, San Juan.


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