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24th August 2010

It all looks so beautiful there. I gotta get me to the Balkans. :o)
22nd August 2010

How will you ever have a career as a hand model now??
22nd August 2010

I will have to abandon that dream and focus on my other dream of becoming a Spanish gigolo.
21st August 2010

Admit it dude. You were running down and fell. Too bad we weren't there to witness your epic run
21st August 2010

Couldn't help it, thought I saw a Spanish girl and was tripping all over myself.
20th August 2010

Ouch.....guess a little part of Greek now lives inside of you - "a good scar in life", i hope =P
1st August 2010

You can come over and live hear when ever you wish Ceuta is small but its a very nice place to live once your a resident, buy the way this bar is owned buy an Italian and his spanish wife, lol lol, but don't wory for a cold beer or two thei
rs an Irish pub within a 10min walk and many many other interesting watering holes between. An Aussie far from home.
1st August 2010

Dear Jess, I live in Ceuta the statue that you were looking at is in the plaza de los reyes and yes it does resemble someone from the kkk with a child next to him, but its a penitance bearer! they walk infront of and behind of the Virgen of
Africa or the Cristo de Medinaceli or one of the other cofraries when the Saints are taken out into the streets on the shoulders of Bearers, Basicaly asking God for forgiveness for their sins, through their sacrifice and solemn worship in silence, or to thank God for something granted. Just an Aussie far from home. Buy the way Pat and Cris Bar is owned by an italian called Ivan and his Spanish wife lol lol lol
11th July 2010

The official name of the city is A Coruņa, after decades being banned.
From Blog: A promise kept
26th June 2010

we just visited this plaza. there is a statue at the corner of the plaze that looked like a KKK guy from the United states with a pointy hood and a child. We couldnt figure that one out.
25th April 2010

That's the 'outer' part of the restaurant lol.
17th February 2010

Rotterdam, Holland is the World Headquarters for Universal Esperanto Association, the largest advocacy group for Esperanto. By chance, once every 20 or so years we will hold our largest week-long conference there. For a decade over 2,000 pe
ople from nearly every country of the world participate. The "Universala Kongreso" rotates region and continent regularly and will be in Cuba for the second time in 2010. Castro greeted a delegation at the first conference there in 1990.
9th February 2010

Isn't this gone far too long sterile stereotype argument of exchanging women for camels? We heard this nonsense so many times before that it loses any sense of humour, if ant intended, devoid of any savoury sense, not because it is true but
because it is a typical inferiority complex some Europeans suffer from and resort to whenever they run out of ideas or anything worth saying. If you want to say anything approaching the truth you can always discuss the dowry that is required to be paid by the groom, but this does not need to be, by Islamic Shari'a, prohibitive, but symbolic, unlike the dowry which used to be paid by brides in the UK, for instance, to the groom. The payments made run, in some instances, into millions of present-day pound sterling. Where is the stereotype, or does any even hints to the Scottish quilt? Have you ever tasted English bread? the most abominable ever made, especially when you consider the widely consumed white, soggy, horrible sliced bread? But it is still nice for the people who eat it, and others choose, whole meal bread, French baguette, pita bread or Italian ciabatta, or any other.
9th February 2010

It's actually a reference to the day before, when a Moroccan merchant jokingly offered to buy Mary for 1,000 camels.
4th February 2010

Has the fact that I'm strange ever been in question?
3rd February 2010

You do realize that this hooded man is Hamou, right? He followed us for days, hoping to buy you with camels.
From Blog: Bug Buffet
2nd February 2010

I didn't even realized that my dad did that. My family thinks I'm out of my mind to travel with you again. They think you're strange and even more strange when you refused to walk out the gate with me at the Calgary airport.
2nd February 2010

Of course you didn't notice him, you were inside the restaurant. I took this picture because I thought it was cool how he was just standing there staring into the distance.
From Blog: Bug Buffet
28th January 2010

i stumbled across this accidently searching 'wish you were here' from manchester art gallery. found your blog fascinating and very entertaining to read. thanks i guess!x
21st January 2010

I love your sense of humour. We are Morroccan made me laugh out loud. ;o)
15th January 2010

Dude, that doesn't look right....
14th January 2010

Hi Patrick !I just know London in the summer.Seems like itīs very different from the winter !Anyway hope I can travel back to UK soon.Have a nice trip !!
30th October 2009

Dear Silly Blogger What an excellent post! It is clear that you met some wonderful people that evening. I really appreciate reading the recollections of them. Describing people and what makes them tick is something I should do more of in
my blogs too. Enjoying reading your musings, keep them coming.R/
From Blog: Abuelita
8th October 2009

Tricky. Go with the one with ears.

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