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5th November 2012

Baklava doesn't have to be fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is a kind of sweet which you couldn't make every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17th September 2012

I'm a few blocks away from the sites of your pics, on the banks of the Ebro, and feeling similarly tonight. Vivan los amantes del vino!
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5th August 2012

shoe shopping is the best experience in the world for Patrick- especially when he sees the big smile light up his girlfriend's beautiful face when she finds the right pair.
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16th July 2012

Im picturing your face being the same colour as the red wine and your giddy smile, I've seen that look on you before, that would have been fun. I love drunk Pat!!
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27th June 2012

3 years ago I was laying on that beach, feels like a lifetime ago.....sigh......
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11th May 2012

This is not George's "house", it is the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni.We stayed there a year ago. George's house is across the lake from here.
14th February 2012

think I've been to the same place. Had coleslaw and mac/cheese with brisket. ok-ish.
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27th January 2012

Crepes y Waffles its a brand originaly from Bogotá Colombia. Probably thats why its cheaper here in Bogotá than in any other country.Greetings
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7th January 2012

Jaja The grapes are not for de dessert , in colombia thre is the tradicion of eating grapes for news years. You eat one gropue after asking one with for each month of the year.... I have read all your blog, and it seems you have lots of cr
itics. Just a respectfull recommenation, if you travel to a new country with oppsote cultures, you should be more respectfull and open minded. Hope besides all your trouble in colombia, wish you spend a nice trip.Really sorry for my english I Know its very crapy, but i wanted to clarify the mistake.
25th December 2011

I couldn´t agree more - Brazilian bus turnstiles are a pain in the arse for backpackers!!!!
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10th October 2011

Must have this recipe, anyone know how I can find it?
8th October 2011

too funny
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15th September 2011

e o lugar onde se mede distancia de recife de outras cidades
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3rd September 2011

Ha! I know this menu, it´s restaurant Ambika! :D
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13th June 2011

Hi there! Great post - always interesting to read insights on new cities and experiences :)
9th April 2011

as somebody who lives in Rocinha, much of the information you posted here ius either exagerrated or wrong..water is NOT stolen but provided by the city as there is a watewr pumping station at the top of the hill. Also electricity is paid by
80 percent of the people. I do receive a light bill. There is a huge electricity grid right next to the cable tv station at the bottom of the hill. Maybe if your guide lived here they would have accurate information. I always recommend that if you are to takle a tour..go with somebody who lives here in the favela. The company you went with "Be a Local"...none of them are from or reside in the favela.And contrary to what they say, you could walk in here without a guide with no problems, just two words of advice...stay on the main street so you dont get lost and dont bring your there are places where you can not take fotos..they only tell you this so you will "need" to book a tour with them...the fault is not your own but to the wrong information given to want to read about favela life from a local? go here: thank you for reading..
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15th March 2011

?? ???? ???
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12th March 2011

It's definitely not as cheap as other South American countries. In some cases, Brazil is as expensive as some of the cheaper European countries.
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10th March 2011

From Blog: Yellow Fever
10th March 2011

did you have fun
From Blog: Yellow Fever
3rd March 2011

I was planning a trip to Brazil to Ipanema but the flight and ended up being a little too long plus bluegreen corporation does have resorts in Ipanema. I also heard STD's were really bad. better safe than sorry.
From Blog: Yellow Fever
3rd March 2011

I know, it's actually pretty funny when you think about it!
2nd March 2011

Love the watch story! I lived in the northeast of Brasil many years ago and on a trip down to Salvador, I was sitting by the open window of a bus and my sunglasses (super-cheap ones!) were stolen off my face through the windwo while the bu
s was oving! You have to hand it to some of those thieves, they are good at what they do!
13th January 2011

Esse foi o que me fez rir mais! Good Stuff!

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