Backpacking in the Baltics: How Many "Mary Moments" and "Mary-isms" Will I Witness and Document Before She Kills Me?

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From: August 23rd 2007
Until: September 23rd 2007

After planning the last trip to Belgium & Amsterdam, I wondered if it was time to see another part of the world. But since that trip was so short, it just didn't satiate my appetite for Europe. It only made me want to see even more of it.

The Baltics are the focus of this trip, but it's only part of the itinerary. We start with the requisite stop in Spain, along the Costa Blanca. From there we fly to Estonia and head south through Latvia and Lithuania, then west to Berlin via northern Poland. If there is time at the end I'll bum around Germany a bit before flying home from Frankfurt.

And poor Mary - she's obviously incredibly desperate for a vacation if she's willing to travel with me again. Didn't she learn last time?
Trip Length: 4 weeks
Blog Entries: 32
Photos: 746
Words: 36568

Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
August 23rd 2007 Call Guinness - it's the world's largest won ton! North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary
August 24th 2007 Chasing a Feeling Europe » Spain
August 25th 2007 3 senoritas showed me what was under their skirts! Europe » Spain
August 26th 2007 A feast for the stomach AND for the eyes Europe » Spain
August 27th 2007 Scandal: Mary almost broke my bed last night!!! Europe » Spain
August 28th 2007 Mary went to Sexyland to get her Sexyback Europe » Spain
August 29th 2007 Scandal: Mary showered with 6 guys today!!! Europe » Spain
August 30th 2007 We felt like judges on the "Iron Chef" Europe » Spain
August 31st 2007 From brunettes to Barbies Europe » Spain
September 1st 2007 Mary's Revelation: "I AM A DIRTY GIRL!!!" Europe » Estonia » Tallinn
September 2nd 2007 A Magda by any other name ... is still sweet ... Europe » Estonia » Tallinn
September 3rd 2007 Still dirty, but now also thirty Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare
September 4th 2007 Is "Panga Pank" the new "Hanky Panky"? Europe » Estonia » Saaremaa » Kuressaare
September 5th 2007 Surprise! We got "Mary-ed"! Europe » Estonia » Parnu
September 6th 2007 Did she ... wet the bed?!!?? Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga
September 7th 2007 Mary offered me a lap dance!!! Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga
September 8th 2007 We got our "Bow Chick a Wow Wow" back! Europe » Latvia » Kurzeme Region » Liepaja
September 9th 2007 Seduction on the beach Europe » Lithuania » Palanga
September 10th 2007 Mary: "I can't wait to slide down a giant tongue!" Europe » Lithuania » Nida
September 11th 2007 It must be the Axe body spray! Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda
September 12th 2007 Indecent Proposal Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas
September 13th 2007 Mary stops complaining about the smell of my nuts! Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius
September 14th 2007 I like my women sweet, and my desserts creamy Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius
September 15th 2007 The nicest urine-scented apartment in Gdansk Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk
September 16th 2007 It happened to me again: Love at first sight Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork
September 17th 2007 Mary: "Dirty things taste good" Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot
September 18th 2007 Berlin: Uber-cool Europe » Germany » Berlin
September 19th 2007 Does Mary think I am a sweet guy? Or a salty one? Europe » Germany » Berlin
September 20th 2007 Orgy of Pork Europe » Germany » Berlin
September 21st 2007 Stockholm Syndrome Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden
September 22nd 2007 The Beautiful Breakdown Blitzkrieg Tour Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig
September 23rd 2007 A question for the ages: "Why??!!?" Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt
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