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14th January 2016

Nice! Here it's 20 m snow and 13 degrees celcius below zero. BRRRRRRR,
From Blog: Vanilla
6th January 2016

You didn't tell us what you had for dinner when you met up with Vincent and his parents!!
From Blog: Rip-Off
5th January 2016

Oops! How's this, well done you make travelling sound so easy and enjoyable, are you sure you don't represent a travel agent , happy holiday Judy & Ferris X
From Blog: Rip-Off
5th January 2016

Hi Clint and Sue. Looks like you had a good flight. Brings back memories of when Denise and I were on that same flight. You are staying across from Raffles, if you can you should try the high tea. It really is a very special time. China tow
n sounded amazing, we've had dinner there as well maybe not the same restaurant but it is very nice. Enjoy your stay. Cheers Bevan.
From Blog: Rip-Off
5th January 2016

Sounds like you are having a good time already. Enjoy!
From Blog: Rip-Off
19th February 2015

I know the guy who made this stencil. The stencil represents the general who gave his life to protect people of Mostar. His name was Mithad Hujdur Hujka. He was a very important figure during the war in Mostar.
7th September 2014

I love your "Gelato Selections of the Day" feature
From Blog: Etna
4th September 2014

So not true, except the bit about me saying that perhaps she felt ill because of the nurofen on an empty stomach! And his name is Poley bear, AND he serves a practical purpose that shall fall under the code of what happens on the trip stay
s on the trip...G
4th September 2014

A good nights sleep always helps - looking forward to seeing photos of you and the Fiat!
28th August 2014

We are following your exciting trail Heinz with envy. I have a very old friend that I have not seen for over 40 years, who lives not far from your current location, so if you could find a telephone number for Henri du Cladier of 20 Glentui
Place, Waikawa, Picton 7220, South Island NZ. and say "Hi" I would be grateful.Bon Voyage, my free spirited friend.John Sangster
28th August 2014

Hi JohnI will try to look up you friend on my way back to the North Island in about 2 weeks time , Im currently in Graymoth 500 k to the south.... Cheers and hello to Victoria ....
22nd August 2014

Have Fun!!!
9th August 2014

Not at all surprised!
9th August 2014

Thank you, Leah!!! ;)
6th July 2014

Hope you guys have a ton of fun and may that bucket be filled of lots of good stories and experiences!
30th January 2014

I believe you left out the part where you were the only one who didn't snorkel in fear of having the runs in the water. Correction: Benita snorkelled with the amazing plankton while Patrick sat this one out.
From Blog: Paradise Lost
27th January 2014

I notice how there is a shrimp tail on your plate on not on mine. How appropriate...
From Blog: Pirate
26th January 2014

Hmmm I believe that same certain chef made the star- HOT and CREAMY soup!
From Blog: The Thai Kitchen
15th January 2014

This made me smile!
From Blog: Kaiseki
19th September 2013

A guide told me that these are actually shrines for people working out in the fields to worship.
From Blog: Soul Vs Soulless
26th January 2013

Uh ... Warlord Sunni, it wasn't me who wrote such terrible things about you, it was Benita! Have mercy on me!!!
From Blog: Warlord
24th January 2013

Thank you for posting the most-perverted looking picture of me! But more importantly, thanks for the laughs!! =)
From Blog: Warlord
15th January 2013

I love Badgie! He reminds me a lot of Patty Cakes. Furry, hairy and strangely cute, but ferocious when he is hungry. Not to mention his goofiest walk imaginable.
From Blog: Honey Badger
15th January 2013

Wow, I love our outfits. Yay for Woolworths!
From Blog: Safari

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