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7th October 2009

You're not supposed to eat the wax...
From Blog: A promise kept
7th July 2009

What exactly is a Tropical Thatch?<br>Rachelkw xx
25th August 2008

Nice! You accomplished quite a bit, despite the rain and the limited amount of time you had in Luxembourg. Interesting reading, keep it up! Louise BrownTravelPod Community Manager
20th March 2008

Re: Leaving Amsterdam... Isn't that the beauty of travel? There's always some place or something new to discover ...
14th March 2008

Leaving Amsterdam... IS sad. After all that cool stuff at the museums, who would want to leave? But then again, you get to see some other really cool stuff in other places... Louise BrownTravelPod Community Manager
26th October 2007

Re: thanks... Yeah, I guess it's becoming a bit of a bad tradition! But I think the tradition has finally ended. Have you been going to any Spanish meetups lately? I haven't gone in a while.
20th October 2007

thanks... Hey Patrick, thanks for keeping me in the loop of your adventures. but hey, sounds like you've got a tradition going on checking up on Isabel once in a while eh? helen
25th January 2007

Re: $5 hug girl? I never carry her in my backpack - that's a lie!!! I keep her in my pants ....
24th January 2007

$5 hug girl? You paying a girl $5 to give me a hug?? What!?!? That must have been a coverup to pull your Isabel doll out of your carry-on to squeeze her after you left me behind at the check-in counter. I always suspected but never knew
what you carried in your day pack. Now I know!
19th August 2006

Not sure what you are anyway Kiwi, Cuban, Mexican, Inuit, you can be any of the above.
3rd August 2006

Re: late Debes estar simpatica a mi! Soy viejo, decrepito, y lento!

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