Bert Duijzer


Bert Duijzer

In my previous life I worked for a more or less big company. Since about 8 years travelling is one of the things I try to do as much as possible.
Every year I try to make at least one big trip by train. I did already the Orient expres route in normal trains, all the trains in Australia.
Around Scandinavia and last year around UK.
In 2009 I made a trip from Faro till Singapore by train and the only country I had to take a bus was Cambodia
In 2010 I travelled from southern Spain to France, Italy and the islands in the Mediterranean.On my way by train to Damascus I returned home from Beograd because of illness in the family. Unfortunately Damascus is nowadays no option.
In 2011 I ll travel to Ireland, Scotland and ending on the Orkney and Shetland isles
2012 will be a trip by train,bus and ferries visiting Poland, the Baltic states Scandinavia, Faroe islands and ending in Reykjavic.
2013 starting in Rotterdam via Bordeaux, Spain, Italy via Hungaria, Poland and Germany to Paris

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant August 7th 2012

Hereby pictures attached of my July 2012 trip. I updated this week my "collection"of airports. The total I used untill now are 129 different airports in 42 countries. Unfortunately I ve no list of the railwaystations for I started collecting too late. The number of Unesco worldheritagesites I visited untill now are 105.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant August 2nd 2012

Monday evening I was back home. After 21 days traveling through 10 countries of which 38 hours by train, 25 hours by coach, 67 hours by ferries and 5 hours to fly back. All in all about 9000 km and I stayed in 11 hotels. Reykjavik excursions picked me up from my apartment at 6.30 and changing coach at the bus station I was in time for the flight of 10.15 to Stockholm, arriving there 15.00 hours and after a waiting time from just 1 hour I took the connecting flight to Amsterdam. The biggest delay during the trip was on the way from the airport to home. Due to a fault train we stand somewhere for over 45 minutes before we could move again.Back Home. The most fascinating during the trip were the natures of ... read more
Coffee house in Reykjavik

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 29th 2012

Blue Lagoon is situated around 40 km from Reykjavik on the way to the airport Kevlavik.It s an outside swimmingpool, actually you only can sit and walk ,with warm water from the geysir system.Approx 35 degrees c. Next to the pool a kind of industrial complex to control everything.If the sun shines the blue is probably better than today with all the grey clouds. I visited the pool on my last day in Iceland. It s rather boring to sit and walk a bit in the warm water. Around the Blue Lagoon it looks like a moonlandscape. Yesterday evening I went on a tour to see the tear in the American/Eurasion tectonic plates, a waterfall fed by the glaciers and the Gulfoss geysirs.Now you realise how bad it is for your character when you see too ... read more
Blue Lagoon

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 29th 2012

Hallgrimskirkja is the cathedral of Reykjavik. Visited yesterday the organ/violin concert in the afternoon. This church has an huge organ and I wanted to hear it. Friday I took the citytour. Reykjavik has 120.000 inhabitants and the small cities around another 80000 what means that on one spot in this large country about 65% of the population is living.Was looking for an ATM and found one in the oiffices of tghe Landesbankinn. The offices are big and look like everywhere in the world rich. Hot water also from the tap comes from the geysir system.They are using the steam and hot water from the earth to use as heating system for the city.The cold water has an different system and you can drink it without any problem only thing is you have after using the hot ... read more
Organ of the Hallmgrimskirkja
City airport Reykjavik
Tear in the tectonic plates

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 27th 2012

About the time I checked out wednesday to walk to the Thorshavn harbor the drizzle stopped and the wind took over again.Wind took over so much that the ferry captain was scared to damage a threemaster, a huge sailing ship, of the denish Marine.After various trials the ferry captain asked the denish captain to move his ship a few metres what they did by hand what costed quite some manpower. After it had been done we could leave with 1 hour delay.Sea was not too bad and I spent my last denish money to drink wine .Anyhow you never can buy much wine for also at sea its high priced. Reached Seydisfjoerdur at 7.30 thursday morning.I took the scheduled bus on 7.55 to Egilstadir .Nobody expected a minibus for 9 people and I had the last ... read more
trying to leave
Leaving Thorshavn

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn July 25th 2012

The Thorshavn weather forecast can t be too difficult to predict.Fortunately the storm went dow last evening and as compensation we have now already a constant drizzle for over 15 hours. No hard rain but very wet. A thousand or so passengers of an incoming cruiseship are set free this morning in Thorshavn and enjoy the drizzle and counting the hours that they can return to the ship and tell their fellowtravellers how interesting it have been to walk in the drizzle in Thorshavn. In the Netherlands you see recently new built houses with grass on the roof and probably think it s a new development . However in the Faroe islands its modern already for the last hundreds of years. Many houses old as well as new ones have the grass on the roof for ... read more
a boat in the church
Sightseeing Christanskirken

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn July 24th 2012

Faroe Islands: 49.000 people, 70.000 sheep, 1.200 cows, 18 islands, 19 tunnels, an own language and 4 traffic lights. Monday it was a foggy day in some parts and stormy in other parts. However it looks like it s stormy always. Due to the fog all outgoing flights( all 10 or so) were cancelled and only a few incoming flights were able to land.Good situation for the airport hotel.Everything on the islands happens if weather allows. It can change very fast.Suddenly seeing some sun in front of you its quite possible your backside gets wet from the rain already.I walked through the capital Thorshavn and bought a beautifull clock. A birthdaygift from my wife.What you realise after some hours of walking is that the Faroe islands are a white society. In the evening I went with ... read more
houses with grass on the roof
A street in Thorshavn

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn July 23rd 2012

Left saturday afternoon with the Narroenu owned by the Smyril line. The ship have beem built in Luebeck. Is that the same Luebeck as the Buddenbrooks? The length is overall 165 meter, speed 21 Nmiles and can carry 1482 passengers and 600 cars and 130 trailers. The distance to Torshaven is 570 N mile and took about 30 hours.' In the train from Copenhagen I saw a man in my wagon with quite some luggage. Some girls entered at the next stop. One of them with a tray beer. The man started to tell them he was thirsty. He got a tin at 8.30 in the morning. When empty the girl asked another one? Yes my last. After 2 more last cans the girls got of and he started to sleep.Happily smiling dreaming of beer and ... read more

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn July 23rd 2012

Left the hotel saturdaymorning at 6 o clock. Walked to the station. Even so early the prostitutes are alraedy or still in the streets. Took breakfast and checked the platform. 6.50 the train was leaving for Aalborg. I don t know why but it sounds like a spirit.Unfortunately my agent had forgotten to check if it was a train with reservation possibillities. I had no reservation. So in the 4 hours I was travelling in this train I had seven different seats. In Aaborg a coach with not enough seats was waiting to bring the remaining passengers to Hjoerring where I had to buy a ticket to Hirtshals almost the most northern point of Denmark. The train left half an hour later from platform 0.They have only two platforms in Hjoerring and found it possible more ... read more
the old town
Hans Christian Andersen
A special bed in Copenhagen

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 20th 2012

Went yesterday in Stockholm to visit the old town.Crowded bjut looking good.In the evening I viosited one of the many restaurants and had goodfood and drunk only a little due too high taxes. Had to get up early to have still abreakfast before walking to the station.Train 525 to Copenhagen was in time, the announcements in the train were in swedish and english.An old train but clean and could even be in use for handicapped with wheelchairs.Each wagon on both sides a machine to help the wheelchair in and even the toilets big enough. Sweden going south from Stockholm is beautiful green. Meadows with almost no cows. Only at one farm I saw the cows bringing into the meadows. Probably they just took their last drops and had to start up the process again with fresh ... read more

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