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July 29th 2012
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Hallgrimskirkja is the cathedral of Reykjavik. Visited yesterday the organ/violin concert in the afternoon. This church has an huge organ and I wanted to hear it. Friday I took the citytour. Reykjavik has 120.000 inhabitants and the small cities around another 80000 what means that on one spot in this large country about 65% of the population is living.Was looking for an ATM and found one in the oiffices of tghe Landesbankinn. The offices are big and look like everywhere in the world rich.

Hot water also from the tap comes from the geysir system.They are using the steam and hot water from the earth to use as heating system for the city.The cold water has an different system and you can drink it without any problem only thing is you have after using the hot water to open the tap for some time for the cold water so you don t get the sulfer taste of the hot water,

Even if it s not very cold in winter in Reykjavik you see in the houses the rather small windows you see everywhere in Iceland.Reykjavik has even an indoor ice stadium for they are never sure if there enough frost .

Went to a more or less exclusive restaurant.The exclusivity are the prices and the food available like Shark and Whale steak. Part of the problem is that they probably have extra costs to teach all the waiters french and english.French to sell the exclusive food and english to explain what they are telling you in french.

Friday as well as saturday was beautifull weather with lots of sunshine and about 15 degrees. Fun to see the icelandic people lying down shirtless in the parks to catch all the sunrays they can get

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