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July 24th 2012
Published: July 24th 2012
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Faroe Islands: 49.000 people, 70.000 sheep, 1.200 cows, 18 islands, 19 tunnels, an own language and 4 traffic lights.

Monday it was a foggy day in some parts and stormy in other parts. However it looks like it s stormy always. Due to the fog all outgoing flights( all 10 or so) were cancelled and only a few incoming flights were able to land.Good situation for the airport hotel.Everything on the islands happens if weather allows. It can change very fast.Suddenly seeing some sun in front of you its quite possible your backside gets wet from the rain already.I walked through the capital Thorshavn and bought a beautifull clock. A birthdaygift from my wife.What you realise after some hours of walking is that the Faroe islands are a white society.

In the evening I went with an excursion. Anyhow daylight enough. Unbelievable that they connected most of the islands with bridges and tunnels and you dont need any ferry to visit the other islands. It are rather simple built tunnels sometimes with only 1 lane and spots where you have to wait before passing.You wonder who is financing these infrastructure projects for their roads are good as well.

The fishing industry is the number 1 for export. The guide was very proud about it that they had so much fish due to the fact that they are making their own quota. EU is complaining a lot.

It s a rough nature. Hilly , green , no trees and everywhere the storm. To get out of the car at the coast and the coast is everywhere you have to park the car in a way that it s possible to open the door.Their hobby is football.The highlight of football is the match they won from Austria, 1-0 . 22 years ago.Their second hobby is making music, There are several musicschools and many festifals.

Their frustration is paedopholy. Never spoken about untill facebook entered the world. Now you can by Stop paedopholy T shirts,

Today, tuesday I went on another excursion from 7 o clock untill 5 o clockvisiting the northern islands. Many tunnels, many fotostops. Visited a church,80% is protestant and they have 66 churches and 20 priests or how you call them,and we could hear everything explained about the church even when they were in the middle of preparation for a funeral and the coffin was in the corridor.

The excursions are made for small groups. Yesterday 3 people and today 8.

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25th July 2012

I want to visit the peculiar island with different climatic condition at different places within the island

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