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Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn July 27th 2019

There are many joys of teaching in an international school. The one that I recently enjoyed, was visiting the homeland of a colleague's partner. Traveling is wondrous regardless, but there is a different quality to it when you are being hosted by someone in the know. We set off bright and early from Copenhagen for a quick two hour flight. Even the locals were glued to the windows upon landing, as we were treated to a clear sunny day, and therefore spectacular views. This airport is known for tricky landings, due to fog and wind, so our uneventful arrival seemed a great start to the adventure. We were picked up from the airport by Johannes' stepfather, and then driven into the capital, Tórshavn. We picked up our rental car, and then set out to the town ... read more
Fossá Waterfall
Walking up to the next layer at Fossá Waterfall
Seems so pillow-y, doesn't it?

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn June 16th 2017

Gestern Abend habe ich auf Wunsch meines Vaters noch ein paar Fotos vom Schiff gemacht. Sie sind im heutigen Post enthalten. Allerdings habe ich in der Nacht schlecht geschlafen. Ich war sogar noch wach, als wir um etwa 02:00 oder 03:00 auf den Färöer Halt machten. Evtl. hätte ich Fotos vom nordischen Sonnenuntergang machen können, wenn ich nicht so müde gewesen wäre. Dafür war dann wenigstens heute tagsüber das Wetter schön sonnig. Das habe ich schon um 09:30 beim Frühstück gesehen. Danach habe ich mich vor allem in der Kabine ausgeruht. Nach den letzten Tagen mit dem ganzen Sightseeing war das auch mal notwendig. Erst zum Kaffee bin ich wieder in die Cafeteria. Kurz danach sind wir wieder an den Shetland-Inseln vorbei gefahren, was ich von Deck aus beobachtete. Diesmal sind wir nördlich vorbei während wir ... read more
Die Cafeteria.
Die Bar.

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn June 5th 2017

Heute musste ich leider wieder früh aufstehen und zwar um 07:00. Denn um 08:00 begann schon unsere Rundfahrt auf den Färöerinseln. Ich war kurz vorher im Bus aber leider zu spät um meinen Platz zu verteidigen, der in meiner Abwesenheit besetzt war. Aber ich glaube, das Thema konnten wir an dem Tag noch zu meiner Zufriedenheit klären. Wir hatten zwei wichtige Ziele: Das Dorf Tjornuvik auf der Hauptinsel Streymoy und das Dorf Gjogv auf der Nachbarinsel Eysturoy. Beide Inseln sind durch eine Brücke verbunden. Dazwischen machten wir noch eine Reihe von Stopps für Fotos. Es war schon sehr interessant und die Landschaft erinnert ein wenig an die schottischen Highlands. Am Ende sind wir noch ein bisschen auf dem Rückweg durch die Hauptstadt Torshavn gefahren, aber so richtig war dafür keine Zeit mehr. Das Wetter war, wie ... read more
Traditionelles Gebäude auf den Färöer.
Die beiden versteinerten Trolle.
Die Schlucht von Gjogv.

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn October 31st 2016

Faroe Islands This was the third and last step of our trip to some of the Scandinavian countries (including Norway, Iceland and Faroe Islands). We took a flight from Norway to its only airport: Vagar Airport. It’s 56 kms from the capital Tórshavn. We were about to take a ferry instead, but the weather was not so nice and we decided to have a pleasant journey travelling by plane :) In spite of its small size, the Faroe Islands offers many opportunities for excursions and walks along the small villages connections or the incredible mountains with fantastic views to the ocean. The principal reason to go to Faroes Island was to go birding. Puffins, Kittiwakes, Guillemots, Gannets and Storm Petrels are just a few species that come to the Faroes to breed each year (around 305 ... read more

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn April 4th 2015

That's Thor's Harbour as in 'Torshavn', the diminuitive Faroese capital city (or town, to be more precise). It appears logical enough for a city break to the Faroe Islands to base yourself in Torshavn, as this is the only real built-up area on the island network which is likely to offer anything of a selection of restaurants, shops and hotels. The choice of hotel was the Hotel Streym, a pleasant place to stay on the harbourfront, a short hop from the main bus station, and a budget guest car rental service, which, as the other two days went to roundly illustrate, proved invaluable. Being such a compact-natured town made for easy tourist-route planning which was an effortlessly simple route to follow without straying too far off course. The harbourfront fortress known as Skansin is best characterized ... read more
The harbour front (Torshavn; Faroe Islands)
An urban woodland retreat (Torshavn; Faroe Islands)
The town from up on high (Torshavn; Faroe Islands)

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn November 3rd 2013

The Faroe Islands are one of the West Nordic countries, and I'm thrilled to chalk up number three in this amazing part of the world. Having already visited Iceland and Greenland during this memorable trip, I've been impressed by the stunning scenery on offer in the Arctic region. Although the Islands are a part of Denmark, there is a unique feel to the Faroes that makes visitors instantly aware you have arrived in a different country. Faroese is a distinct language, and closer to Icelandic than it is to Danish. The culture and traditions of the people on these beautiful islands also stand apart from the Danish, and this out of the way spot makes for a rewarding travel destination. It's less than three hours flight on the plane from Copenhagen to Torshavn, but once you ... read more
Torshavn house
Lovely building
Grass roof houses

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn July 10th 2013

Monday was a rainy day all over Faroe Islands, so we decided to stay in Torshavn to look around the town and to rest our feet after several days of hiking. We started by taking a little walking tour around an old citadel and lighthouse, as well as Tinganes, which is the old town of Torshavn and is still home to Faroe Islands government buildings, for example office of the prime minister (which btw is located in a cute, bright red wooden house with grass roof :). After a coffee break we walked some more around the town, via a church to a shopping mall. We thought we would possibly buy a book about Canada, but couldn't find any. In the afternoon we attended a free concert at the Nordic House, which is a Nordic cultural ... read more
Our new friend
Waterfalls are all over Faroes

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn July 7th 2013

Arriving in Torshavn We arrived in Torshavn (capital of Faroe Islands) on Wednesday evening 3.7. after a 30 hour boat trip. The boat was a lot like Viking Line cruise boats, even if we thought beforehand it would be much smaller. The main difference to the Viking Line boats was that nobody seemed to be drinking and partying :-) We too spent most of the time sitting and reading, having an occasional coffee or meal. We are staying in the B&B accomodation of a sweet lady called Fanny. Her apartment is within few minutes walk from the harbor, as well as town center. Well, actually everything in Torshavn is within easy walking distance: when we took an evening walk to take ­a look at the city, after 10 minutes walk we reached a meadow with sheep ... read more
View to the Vestmanna village

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn July 7th 2013

Suðuroy Setting out early in the morning when the rain was pouring down and the winds were close to 20 m/s to sit in a ferry heading out on the Atlantic ocean didn't seem that good an idea at the time, but luckily our faith in the Norwegian weather site paid off. The ferry ride was a bit bumpy, but when we arrived to Suðuroy at nine the rain stopped and after maybe one hour we had the sunshine promised. We didn't really have a clear plan of what to do once at Suðuroy, the southermost of the Fareo islands, so once there we walked to Tvøroyri. Tvøroyri is the second biggest town on Suðuroy, and close to the ferry. It proved to be a quite outstretched town, maybe 5 houses wide between coast and ... read more
it's a wee bit windy...
the harbour at Gjógv
flower power!

Europe » Faroe Islands » Torshavn August 13th 2012

Un dimanche un peu plus relax mais quand même assez excitant. J'ai pris un bateau pour me rendre à la petite île de Fugloy. Celle ci est la plus à l'est et aussi l'une des moins habité. La balade en bateau d'une heure s'annonçait mouvementé, ce ne fut pas le cas, la mer était très calme (il semble qu'au retour c'était autre chose). Le vent soufflait fort à Fugloy et il faisait plus froid aussi. J'ai rencontré un très sympatique couple des pays Basques, la conversation était vraiment intéressante ce qui me donne envie d'aller faire un tour là bas prochainement. J'ai profité de l'occasion de cette petite excursion d'un jour à Fugloy pour revenir en hélicoptère, c'était une première pour moi. Pour la modique somme de 20$ je suis revenu à Klaksvik en 15 minutes ... read more
Oiseau en vol.
Kirja - Fugloy

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