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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 29th 2009

Have had two sleeps in Oslo at the Perminalen Hostel. Liked it so much that I have booked myself in for January. Arrived at 06:25 by train from Bergen. Hostel open but room not accessible. Have coffee and eat the sandwich i had made on ship ... yesterday. Walked past fortifications to Pier 3 and paid the fare to go on a cruise around Oslo. Big deal cruise ... sailed , by motor, saw the fortifications I had just walked around, went past huge cruise ships and stopped at the Opera House. Good views of city from water perspective. I got off at the next stop, which came after a sail around a big island. Because this is the winter route I am asuming that the number of stops have decreased in number. Was dropped off ... read more
Johnson's was There ... on the Fram
Engine Made In Stockholm
The Kon-Tiki

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim October 26th 2009

Originally named Nidaros because it lay at the mouth of the Nid River,Trondheim is the 3rd largest city in Norway, established by the Viking King Olav in 997. He brought Christianity to Norway in 1024.. Apparently he was buried and on being exhumed after a certain number of years his body showed no signs of deterioration. He was canonized in 1164. The Nidaros Cathedral, built on his grave, was begun in 1070 and finished in 1150. It has suffered numerous fires and only a small part of the original building remain. The massive front facade depicting revered personages and saints is no longer used as the main entrance. Coming in from the side three alters can be seen. Organ concerts are held in the cathedral on Saturdays. There are many,many chairs. I asked one of the ... read more
Looking at Detail
The Old Wooden Bridge
The Wharf

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Kirkenes October 21st 2009

October 16 to October 27, 2009 Bergen to Kirkenes ....6,206km ... And Back -twelve days and eleven nights on the MS Nordcapp; built in 1996, holding 691 passengers, 464 berths, 45 cars, 123.3m long, travelling at a service speed of 15 knots and owned by HurtigrutenASA. -have crossed the Arctic Circle, seen three rainbows in one day, been to the northern most point in Europe, been to the point where Russia,Finland and Norway meet, witnessed the Northern Lights, stood under the Milky way, saw seals swim in the harbour and looked for trolls in the TrollFjord. -have gone on tours to see the Art Nouveau in Aalesund, seen the Arctic Cathedral and Polaria in Tromsoe, looked into a replica of a Sami tent on the way to North Cape, visited numerous museums which all mentioned the ... read more
Twelve Days of Luxury
The Guilded Staircase
Many Pieces of Art on Board

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Nordkapp October 20th 2009

The ship takes six days to go from Bergen to Kirkenes. Along the way it crosses the Arctic Circle at 67degrees N and passes Nordkapp or North Cape, a point in past days known equally as the end of the Earth or the beginning thereof and a part of the territory occupied by the only indigenous peoples left in Europe. MS Nordkapp stopped at Honningsvaag. From here the tour bus travelled north in latitude and up in altitude to 71 10' 21", a distance of 34km and passed thru Sami territory . Samiland, formerly called Lapland, stretches across the northern reaches of Russia, Finland, Sweeden and Norway. Evidence of ten thousand years of settlement have been discovered. An attempt had been made to obliterate this culture, forbidding the speaking of the language and burning the drums ... read more
The Highway
Fishing Villages Passed Along the Way
The Landscape

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø October 19th 2009

FROM THE INTERNET: “At a latitude of nearly 70 degrees north, four days’ sailing from Bergen and barely a two-hour flight from Oslo, Murmansk or Longyearbyen, at the same latitude as Alaska and Siberia, between the island landscape, fjords and mountain peaks, you find Tromsø - Gateway to the Arctic and capital of Northern Norway. “Tromsø is situated right in the centre of the Northern Lights zone and is, therefore, together with the interior ice in Greenland the tundra in northern Canada, among the best places on earth to observe this phenomenon. Most of the Northern Lights outbursts visible from Tromsø are green, but large outbursts can also include other colours. “Tromsø was founded in 1794, although the first church was built here back in 1252. In the 1850s, Tromsø became the centre for Polar sea ... read more
Polaria Centre
Private Seal
Words for Snow

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen October 15th 2009

Salhus Tricotagefabrik ... the sardine version of a very wet and interesting day went with girl from Prague to buy batteries in the Galleria marched to the bus stop to catch the 280 bus at 12:11 to Stalhus Tricotagefabrik. changed buses at Asan ... Ikea took the circuitous route to Stahlhus Rolls Royce plant museum clearly marked watched a twenty-five minute film with English subtitles ... had a private guide ... I was the only visitor made a sock in one minute with the sock machine bought a scarf that I had seen knitted had no coffee in cafeteria caught the 15:10 bus back to Bergen. stopped in at the wool and stitchery shop walked the route to the Hurtigruten wharf ambled back to the hostel ate my left overs spoke to a young man from ... read more
Tight Squeeze
The Dock at Salhus
The Factory

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen October 14th 2009

the short of it: Weather ... sunny with some wind ... nippy by late afternoon Blog entry ... successful Leper Museum ...closed Bergen School ...closed Bryggen Museum ... a little disappointing A wander through Bergen's history on Bryggen' Fisheries Museum ... Great Picture taking ... good Window shopping ... exciting ... bought nothing ...tempted but was able to resist. Walking ... not too too far and without the map People met ... three lovely persons Grocery shopping ... successful ... had a hot meal. Shower very good ... am warm now Bed ...warm and squeaky ...seems I will share the room with someone tonight the rest of it: Stockfish = Cod = Driedfish =Prosperity Many commented on the fine weather. Usually it rain in Bergen and sunny days are few and far between. This was to ... read more
Tonnes of Fish
Buying Quality Stockfish
Cod Press

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen October 13th 2009

When speaking to the girl at the desk we realized I had made an appointment at the wrong hairdresser. She kindly agreed to phone the place an cancel the Thursday appointment. After a breakfast of the night befores leftovers I walk to the proper hairdresser. She gave me a 12:30 appointment. This left some time to scout around the old wharf. First Oleandar Knits, a shop with traditional and new look clothing all done in machine knits all looking fantastic and all to rich for my pocket. Anyway these pieces are much too lovely to have to undergo my adjustments ... sleeves too long... necklines too tight ...put away the scissors! A sleeveless top costs over $200. Left the store after receiving a lovely little booklet. I went past the fish and flower stalls at the ... read more
Bryggen - Old Wharf
Ferry to Aquarium
School Outing

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bryne October 12th 2009

Bergen and Marken Gjestehus The day began at 05:30 because I was most anxious about reaching the 09:30 bus in good time. Had packed and needed only to put away my toothbrush and the laundry hanging from the curtain rail over the heater. The Tillys underwear ARE drying overnight. At breakfast I saw the men who work all night at refurbishing the tunnel. The tunnel is closed from 21:00 till 07:00 every night till April 2010 not know how long they have been working but am happy that I made my reservations for Heimley Pensonjat last year. And I had a room on the good side. The food offered was exactly the same every morning ... enough to put one off eating ... the coffee was always lukewarm, in a thermos, and not strong enough.The ... read more
View  from Room
The Room

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen October 12th 2009

Bergen One The story in a peanut shell: 159km from Flaam by bus, walk to the hostel from the bus terminal, get organized in room, go out to dfind hairdresser and food, return to eat and go on Skype , go out to the movies, find my way back at the night time, find room mate, sleep well in Ikea bunk bed. Here's the whole papaya: The day began at 05:30 because I was most anxious about reaching the 09:30 bus in good time. Had packed and needed only to put away my toothbrush and the laundry hanging from the curtain rail over the heater. The tilly's underwear ARE drying overnight. At breakfast I saw the men who work all night at refurbishing the tunnel. The tunnel is closed from 21:00 till 07:00 every night till ... read more
The Elevator Control Panel
Window View
The Bunk Bed

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