Apple Blossom Festival in Annapolis Valley

Published: May 29th 2016
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The MountainThe MountainThe Mountain

Mountain Top Campground was up behind this rock cliff.
Saturday, May 28 Kentville

It was not hard to leave site #13 at Mountain Top Cottages/Campground because the day before a family with a dog and two kids moved into #12. The kids were running around and the woman did not pick up after her dog. Happy to leave the place before a stepping-into-dog-poo incident occured!

I remembering to bring back the electrical plug converter. The standing plugs at the camp sites are designed for the big RV's so i Have bought myself such a plug for $4.50 ... will surely run into similar plugs in other campsites during the next few months.

...drove into Annapolis Royal to attend the Farmers' Market. What a treat ... first breakfast... a $5 sweet from the German Bakery ... I am amazed that they are in business... all their prices are so steep ... but then a woman in the market was selling green eggs at $7.50 ...the same eggs that I can get from Capreol for $3.50 ... the coffee $2 came and I stood about munching away at my poppy seed and cheese?? and resting my cup on an empty table. While drinking the good coffee a
Library in City HallLibrary in City HallLibrary in City Hall

Annapolis Royal has a quaint library housed in the City Hall building.
person informed me that this was her table. She sells rhubarb ... I moved a bit the side. All the prices seem high. The only purchase I made was a cloth bag with the name of the market on it in support of the market.

... forgot to ask how much the table rent for the summer would be. Did receive cards from two hookers so I could probably ask them.

Such lovely things....took pictures of those things I most wanted to buy ... some rug hookings ... a clay dish that serves as a garlic shredder ... hollyhock plants for a dollar... a huge woven basket to carry on the back ... no jewelery, no scarves, no antiques, no pottery ... must save so as to make purchases in NFLD ... save space in the van that is!

Using Highway #1 I headed towards Kentville. It is a secondary road going past small towns and endless yard sales. The road is narrow so when approaching a lineup of cars one knew that at some house a yardsale was taking place.

Bridgetown is pretty with many turn of the century period homes painted in bright colours.

Lawrencetown is less pretty.

Middleton is neat and lovely and has a Tim Horton's. I stopped at a family seed store selling large bags of seeds to farmers and also small packets of seeds off two or three racks. I was not interested in OSC seeds or seeds on a tape but rather heritage seeds. The man behind the counter was not really into the 'heritage' idea so I did not even buy the packet offering black tomatoes.

Kingston has a Loblaws Super Store and traffic lights.

Aylesford has a large cementery and many yard sale signs.

Cambridge has a Michellin factory.

Coldbrook has a fish hatchery and KFC opportunity.

Kentville does not have a Walmart but I found two Tim Horton's. Because of the Apple Blossom Festival Parade the first Tim's bathroom lineup was out the door. The second Tim's was just a drive thru place. Finally to find a bathroom without a huge lineup and I took a walk to the Pharmaplus. It was clean and a key was necessary to get in. I finally returned to the spot where I had left a lady in a chair. She was

There was a vast arrey of spring vegetables to be had ...radish, spinach, beets, carroys, strawaberries
worried I could not stand for the waiting and the passing of the parade.

The parade began somewhere down the street at 13:00. It was no Macy's or Rose Bowl Parade and it did not end with Santa Claus.

John Deere tractors, antique cars, a full sized bus, vintage cars, apple floats with princesses, boy scout troups, a religious group calling on Jesus, the Shriners on their little toy vehicles. The Masons with their aprons of power, Mounties in scarlett, a navel band in uniform, the Red Cross with lifesaving messages, The WarAmps with benefiting kids on the float, the Pc;s, the Liberals and the NDP in anything orange, HomeDepot, Sobey's Groceries, Bell Aliant, a huge dark green tank accompanied by soldiers in camouflage suits and the mayor of Kentville all went buy in sun and under dark clouds as the clock ticked towards 16:00

Sunday was such a good day that I am not going to tack it onto Saturday because what I missed doing Saturday while watching the tractor and princess parade has made me a bit sad. I amnot a parade person. I couldhave been watching and participating in a Back to Back Competition.
The Baker in Argyle TightsThe Baker in Argyle TightsThe Baker in Argyle Tights

... not theGerman Baker

All will be explained in the Sunday Blog ... a most eventful and worthwhile day ... not like Saturday ... well the Market was good, the drive was good, funding the campground waseasy and it is good ... just nolonger appreciate the Parade since I missed the BAck to BAck!

AND ... I have not yet seen an apple orchard! where are they?

Additional photos below
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Iron Policemen Painted Yellow Iron Policemen Painted Yellow
Iron Policemen Painted Yellow

These policemen stand guard in front of the Liquor Store. Such ramparts were last spiedat the American Embassy in Toronto ... albeit not painted yellow.
French Fry Chip MachineFrench Fry Chip Machine
French Fry Chip Machine

Behind the Lions Deep -Fry-Trailer one person man-handled fifty pound bags of potatoes. The bag was ripped open, the potatoes were dumped into the top of the chipper and voila ... french fries ...40 bags in one afternoon ... no scrubbing or rinsing neccesasaary. Watched this while eating a small portion of excellent unwashed potato fries, THis plus hot dogs and hamburgers yielded $15,000.
What No Santa?What No Santa?
What No Santa?

Two sparkling fire engines brought upthe rear hoses and nozzles curled and in place. Only the good looking firemen were showing.

30th May 2016
What No Santa?

Once again you have a hilarious blog. Love the rug hooking and the bread man in tights.

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