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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Annapolis Valley August 3rd 2013

We had a nice relaxing ride from Cape Breton to Grand Pre. We seem to always arrive at our destination at 6:30. Tonight we arrived at our little hotel in Grand Pre and were just too tired to travel for dinner so we had vodka, chips and granola bars. lol. Our meager meal just added to our sense of adventure. I am so glad that Hank and I are able to just roll (at the same time) when we need to. The Bay of Fundy is just incredible. The tide can change by 80 feet. We stoppedat an inlet on the Minas Basin today to see a little light house. A volunteer guide told os the Basin used to be a busy sea port. The big ships would come in at high tide and would be ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Annapolis Valley March 5th 2012

Trailing Along The Glooscap and The Evangeline Trails As we drove westward from Charlottetown to Wolfville after spending too few days on the Gentle Island (Check out our blog: Prince Edward Island Days), our first stop on the northern shores of Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy, was Truro to grab a bite to eat and see the Tidal Bore, a wave of water that moves upriver against the current of the Salmon River twice daily as a result of the incoming Bay of Fundy tides. Unfortunately, timing is critical when it comes to seeing the Tidal Bore and since we still had a long day of driving ahead of us to get to Wolfville, we continued on our merry way since Truro was no more than a pit stop with lots of fast food joints. Stops ... read more
The Bailey House
Acadia University Campus, Wolfville
Beauty of Wolfville

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Annapolis Valley August 6th 2010

Nice sunny day!!! We had fun at the Fisheries Museum. I tried to get in for the children's price but they didn't believe me. I tried to prove it by playing with the crabs, scallops and star fish in the "touch me tank." Margaret made me behave myself. In return I made her to crawl into a lobster trap. After that it was onwards to Annapolis Royal and a visit to Port-Royal. This is Canada's oldest settlement and was actually attacked by settlers from Jamestown, Virginia back in 1613.... read more
Lobster Margaret
Me at Lunch

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Annapolis Valley July 21st 2010

Port Royale Habitation is an old fort reproduction of Canada's first permanent settlement. The Annapolis Valley is gorgeous. This is where the Acadians lived for 200 years before the English deported most of them and stole their land ... read more

Hey folks! I know I haven't kept up with my blog as much as I would have liked, but it's too late now! I'm leaving tomorrow at 5pm out of Fredericton and flying to Toronto, on to Amsterdam and then lastly to Accra. I promise to try my hardest to keep you updated as much as possible, if not, I'll be keeping a journal to fill you in on my return. I love you all, you have no idea what your support means to me! Much love, kate.... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Annapolis Valley September 23rd 2009

Brier Island NS Setting sail from Yarmouth NS in beautiful sunny weather, our intention was to set sail to Grand Manan Island NB via the Brier Island pass. Not even an hour out of Yarmouth we sailed into very heavy fog, lasting the duration of our sail and making the approach to Brier Island a very challenging one. Not to forget that in the passage of Brier Island, when not in slack tide, there are currents between 7 & 9 knots. With radar on and keeping a close watch, we slowly entered the passage and made way for the Town port in order to take refuge until the heavy fog lifted, after which we would once again set sail to Grand Manan... Well as we always say.... Sailing plans are made in Jello... Saling are ... read more
Brier Island NS
Brier Island Seals!

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Annapolis Valley October 7th 2008

Most of our time in Nova Scotia was spent on Mike's Mum and Dad's farm. Janet, Mike's Mum had surgery whilst we were there so it was perfect timing in that we got to spend some time with her beforehand and then visited her in hospital afterwards. The hospital was in Kentville, about and hour and a half from Halifax - on the West side of Nova Scotia. We managed to fit in a couple of visits. We stayed overnight at Annie and Deke's, Aunt and Uncle. On the way home from their house in St. Margaret's Bay, we stopped at Peggy's Cove. However, it was swarming with people and we back tracked just further along the road and got a great view of the lighthouse from across the water. After three attempts, we finally got ... read more
A yummy coffee
Lighthouse with an army of ants around it
Mike doing some honest work!!!

Annapolis Valley during apple blossom festival.... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Annapolis Valley August 31st 2007

After picking up Dan at the Halifax airport in mid-August, we all traveled in the bus to Parkers Cove, a tiny fishing village on the Bay of Fundy. The Bay, located between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, has enormous tidal swings, up to 54 feet at its head. Our campground was right on the water and within walking distance of a little seafood market that cooked up several lobsters for the three of us. We went on a whale-watching excursion and spied mother and baby humpback whales, one of whom breached--to the delight of everyone on the boat. Mid-afternoon the skies turned cloudy and a blanket of fog rolled in. Visibility was very poor, and we landlubbers were glad to get back to shore. We visited a tidal power plant in Annapolis Royal (great concept in ... read more
Lobster Dinner
High Tide

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Annapolis Valley February 26th 2007

Heey, wel ja waar jullie in dat echt niet zo koude kikkerlandje een kerstvakantie hebben, hebben wij hier in het Trotse Noorden (lees: ijskoude Canada) een X-mas break :) Eerst kerstmis; leuk met mn gastgezin en familie hier thuis, lekker eten en gezellig. Dit 2 dagen lang :) Erg veel cadeautjes van ze gehad, onder andere zelfs een mobieltje en een mand vol Nederlands eten :D Een paar dagen daarvoor ook een Formal Xmas Party gehad - een grade 12, invite only feestje waar iedereen in galajurken / pak moest komen. Was gezellig, maar ook wel errug The OC-achtig (mooi huis met zwembad, meisjes die fancy drinks en hapjes maken :P) New Years dan, een enorm feest bij een meisje thuis. Nog nooit 250+ mensen in 1 huis gezien, erg leuk gehad, helaas alleen geen echt ... read more

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