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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura February 21st 2007

After a long drive and a stop over in wellington ferry car park we arrived in out new home the space ship named Mir. Our new home consists of a van type car with 4 seats and a matress...not really big enough for 3 but after various attempts and trials of possitioning it is possible to sleep 3 (we have the car for 22 days so it has to be possible! the cooker spins out fron the side so we can cook food wherever we stop and the boot lifts up and out springs a tent for additional space (not much though it like sardines with 3 in there)...the car does have a dvd player and enough room in the chiller for 6 cans of beer...bonus! The Main attraction here was the fact they sold cider ... read more
dusky dolphins
sunset or sunrise im not sure
sheeps and rammy

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland February 16th 2007

God everythings so normal here it feels like coming back to reality or something everyone speaking english, fish and chip shops around the corner its weird! arrived in auckland at 4am but was wide awake as the time difference from south america is about 11 hours. 1st day found a free festival to go to called groove in the park, was good not as big as the festivals at home but a good start, ended up going back to a girls house with some people we met and stayed out all night (as usuall) Spent the next few days pottering about i went to the zoo and the underwater place whilst hannah went vintage shopping...I saw a giant stingrays about 1.5 meters width the biggest id ever seen and they are really cool! Spent a day ... read more
it get worse
me and jim really plastered at this point
me jade and hannah at sumersound festival

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia February 12th 2007

Afer staying out all night in aukland after a festival i was feeling a little worse for ware having to check out of our hostal and get on a bus for 6 hours to the bay of islands, i felt so bad we missed out bus stop and got off at kerikeri got some food and went straight to bed. Next day got back on bus in opposite direction and went to Paihia to go catermaran sailing which entailed lying on a trampoline at the front of the boat and getting a great tan. We stopped off on a desolate beach for some sea kayaking and snorkling and on the way back saw a pod of about 20 or more dolphins swiming besides the boat. ... read more
swigin beer as usual
sea kayaking
bay of islands

After another mamouth bus journey of about 30 hours we arrived in bariloche. Now ive heard some rumours about the chocolate shops and i can confirm they are all true...chocolate shops everywhere arrrrgh and really good ones at that (i told hannah i would post here passport details and photos in the windows if she was found lingering in them for more than 20 mins at a time. We went horse riding into the mountains which gave us amazing views of the lakes, it was quite amusing watching our friend danny trailing behind on his pony and yelling yale cadema acshelly which is in hebrew comeone forward my brother as he was always last...ha ha (yes ive been learning bit and bobs of hebrew along the way. everyone arse, back, arms etc were crippled after the ... read more
niaome on her horse
me and wes
me and wes again

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 3rd 2007

Well its been 4 months and this is our last stop befor newzealand. Santiago is a great city so we took advantage of the great weather and sunbathed by the hostal pool and shopped ! god knows how i have managed to fit everything in my rucksac but after many attempts i have managed. We spent our last day sight seeing in the park forestal and walking round the markets, the city has a grat back drop of snow capped mountains even though it was boiling in the weird! im sad top leave south america its been truely an eye opener and a wonderful experience to see the vast divercity of the land...i love it xxxx ... read more
weird thing
forestal park

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón January 31st 2007

It was time to say goodbye to gill, maya,wes naiomi and danny that hannah and i have traveled with for the last month, We spent our last day here in el bolson which is a really cool place. There was a hippie market on so we did some shopping for hand made stuff like bags, belts, neclaces cheese boards etc like you do and then sat in the park with a can (ok a few cans) of quilmers and watched some live bands playing their guitars and saxaphones...what a chilled out day ....was abit blurry by the end of it he he ....said bye to the lads, was really sorry to leave them, ive had a really good time over the last month dispite the trecking in the p*ssing rain, the blisters, gils sandwiches, mayas bloody ... read more
me ans hannah
our last day together

Today were took a tour to see the famous moreno glacier and WOW it was so stunning ive never seen anything like that before. The boat you go on takes you right up close to the ice and you can hear it roaring and then crash a hugh chunk would fall off into the water forming a floating ice burge. This place is absolutly amazing deffinatly a highlight of my trip hear in patagonia! i can describe it like you know in superman when he goes home and its all ice well its like that! we are off on a mamouth bus journey tonight for 32 hours, im hoping the bus will be like the moving hotel we came down to the south on with nice food a couple of movies and ofcourse so complimentry vino ... read more
not that is an ice burge
view of the top of the glacier
hannah me and maya

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 24th 2007

Im back in chile again yes thats right more border crossings! i have about 8 enter and exit stamps now for this country! Ok im back of my treck in the torres del paine national park and am feeling like i need foot replacement surgery! this is the story... Myself, hannah, mayo,gil and wes set off on out 3 day treck to see the glaciers and lakes of the park on a nice sunny day. The first day we set up camp and hiked 9 hours up and down to see the towers (hugh granite mountain pillars) which was amazing dispite the rock climb/scramble up the mountains. We were really lucky as we got to see the famous 3 towers (mum i have sent you a post card of these) as the clouds cleared (some people ... read more
these are the rocks we scrampled up
gorgeous views in the torres del paine national park
me and gill and my huge rucksack

Now this was a journey and a half after a brief stop over in rio galego were were off to ushuaia the most southern tip of the world. Now it took us what felt like a million hours to get there as you have to exit argentina enter chile then lkeave chile and reenter argentina so lots of border crossing. We after about a 15 hour bus journey to the town and ofcourse like mourons didnt pre book accomadation and it is peak there was 8 of us me, hannah,naiomi,moyo,gill,wes,lior and was 1am and no where to sleep the hostals were all full....luckily a nice lady who worked in one of the restraunts took pity on us and said we could all stay in her front room, so off we went. We were so ... read more
rio galago bus stop again!
me and gill
this is where we slept

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn January 15th 2007

Again another long bus journey from b.a to puerto madryn, 20 hours in total but ona bus i can describe a a moving hotel....oh yes thank god a real bus at last rather than a moving shed on wheels. I was sad to leave katie in the millhouse as we all had such a good time together but she was going home and had already traveled the south. So theres me, hannah, niome and maya the 4 girls on a road trip to meet up with the lads that had left before in buenos aires, now this bus was good infact when it finally reached our destination we we fast asleep and had to be woken up, i would have stayed on there another day you got hot food and wine and a movie in english ... read more
the boys having stone thowing competitions
oh how romantic
the sealions yay

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