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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 12th 2007

We arrived in buenos aires on the 20th december just in time for christmas. Now the millhouse hostal i can describe as a badly organised student union and was adiment i wasnt staying there for more than a few days...3 weeks later was still there this place grows on you...something to do with the friendly staff, finding out there was sun terrace after 1 week and ofcource the 10 peso wine in plastick cups no seriously ive had the best time here. We went to a club called opera bay which is a little like el divino in ibiza for those that have been there and staragley enough has a big pond poll thing inside so you can imagime some of us cam out a little wetter than others!. We went to pacha on christmas ... read more
befor or after we went out?
me adriano hannah and katie
pacha on christmas eve

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este January 5th 2007

we went on a little trip from b.a to uraguay for 5 days. Now the 3 hours boat trip for us skivvys that are tight and got the slow cargo boat turned into a 6 hour trip and whilst having a nap on the deck also meant getting freak sun burn on one side. Went straight to the capital montevideo for the 1st night so more traveling on a bus but got a really good steak there so everyone was happy. We met up with some of the irish lads from the millhouse hostal. We went to punta del esta and the main aim for going to uraguay was for the beaches its supposed to be like the south american ibiza...well the prices deffinatly were we went in peak season where everything had trippled in price. ... read more
robbie otherwise known as forest gump
hannah and robbie

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon December 18th 2006

Now Why do i ask myself do i keep going trecking when 1..i have bad feet so walking any longer than 3 hours becomes agonising. 2..i hate walking up hills and by this i mean scrambling up rocks etc and 3 why do i feel is neccesary to everytime i go trecking go on some massive walk where i think i may have a heart attack aloing the way. why? i dont know but i seem to think its a good idea at the time and change my mind half way through when theres no other way out of it but to walk! Well heres the story Hannah and i decided to go on a 3 day treck down the deepest...yes thats right i said deepest canyon in the world. The walk down was ok for ... read more
ok so this is what im about to walk down
what a lovley sun hat hannah
got to a village in the canyon

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco December 11th 2006

So we stayed at loki hostal best one so far its a converted monastry, lots of crazy partys here and loads of fun, fantastick food ....erm apart from the guine pig i got roped into eating ugh, its a local dish called coy and comes spattered on a plate with all its features and teeth still in tact! now those of you that know me will be wondering why i would do such a thing but i said i was going to eat a guinea pig befor i left so went with caroline and another girl from the hostal and got the deed over and done with... ok change the subject...made loads of friends here the first few days i was really ill and had to have a few injections in my ass much to the ... read more
mikey in hannah pink cardie

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina December 11th 2006

We came here to go sand boarding, thats me hannah jonny and ian and bumped into george and paul who we met in bolivia. Stayed in a gorgeous hostal el huacachina which has sun loungers a pool and came complete with parrots and white rabbits that roamed around (so lots of entertainment for me as love mackaws and bunnys!) this place was cool as was in the middle of the huacachinas dunes and i mean litraly slap bang in there with a lagooner and oasis round the corner so it was a great place to chill after the antiocs of cuzco! Going sand boarding was one of the best things ive done so far i reckon, sliding down mainly on my arse screaming my head off much fun and even better if you were crap ... read more
thew dunes so cool
agian the dunes
stretching befor the boarding!

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu December 7th 2006

After getting up at 5 in the morning and missing the train we finally made it to olyentambo in the evening to catch a conecting train to aquas calientes to go to machu picchu. Machu picchu was really great we got there at about 5.30am befor all the tourists, never saw the sun rise as its in the clouds so you have to wait for them to pass to get a good look. we got bits and bobs of information about the incas and machu picchu on the way round. hanna and i decided not to do the 3 day uphill treck but instead decided to do the optional hike from machu pichu to some caves and waynapicchu which was a killer. 4 hours we hiked not up steps but more of a rock scramble and ... read more
machu picchu
machu picchu
machu picchu

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz November 29th 2006

We stayed in copacabana for a few nights on the edge of lake titicaca, wasnt that nice really bit like skeggy beach full of rubbish and not that scenic there were a few nice cosy bars though. To get to isla del sol we though we would take the scenic route and hike supposidly for 4 hours and catch a boat accross. The walk was amazing with view of lake titicaca all the way. There were a few steep bits so alot of huffing and puffing was coming from me as usuall. Got the boat accross from somewhere beginimng with y. some old man rowed us accross it took half and hour and god did i felt sorry for him, i would have helped but i was that knackered from the hike there was no chance. ... read more
bus transportation
cute kids
view of the sunset on illia del sol

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque November 20th 2006

I love this place minus the mosquitos ofcourse. Went on a tiny plane to the rurrenabaque which skirts the amazon and pampas (wetlands and surrounding area). w chose anaconda tours and went into the pampas for 3 days. This waskind of like the pantanal in brazil however the trip was mainly on a large motor cannoe which zips through the rivers where you can see many birds, alligaters, anacondas and pink river dolphins. on the 1st night at about 9pm we went back out on the canoe from our camp to spot alligators in the river with a torch, saw a few, the most amazig part was seeing all the stars there are millions of them as its really dark there no lights or pollution...amazing! 2nd day spend 4 hours trapsing round a hugh swamp in ... read more
monkeys everywhere
having a quick nap
i havent turned into a princess yet!!

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Yungas Road November 19th 2006

ok so after the most hurrendous bus journey from uyuni we arrived in la paz the capital of bolivia and the highest capital city in the world, let me tell you about the bus though 1st. It was deffinatly not the tourist gringo bus it was a shed on wheels full of locals crammed in the isles with some annoying drunken singing person playing the guitar and howling bolivian songs for 13 hours! (the singing at 1st was good but at 5 in the morning when your knackered squashed and have been shaken to death on the bumpies dirt track ever somehow the singing isnt quite as appealing) anyway enough about that.....mum, dad you might want to stop reading at this point.... Theres something called the death road in bolivia which runs from la paz to ... read more
the 3 amigos
i love mackaws
before the ride swigging 96% alcohol

Just got back off a 3 day tour to see the salt plains which are pre historic dried up salt lakes. Its really weird it looks like snow but its all salt. The views from fish island where all the giant cactus grow are amazing. Theres lots of lamas here...its the bolivian dish and quite chewy! we visited a train grave yard which was cool and had out dinner by a volcano and slept on beds made from salt blocks. The 2nd day we went to the lagooners and they were stunning, there was a green one a white one a blue one and a red one all complete with flamengos! the colour of the water is stunning and backed by mountains and deserts its an amazing place to be. We saw an active volcano too ... read more
perspective photos
again more fun
me hannah and jonny

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