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Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab November 25th 2010

I'm in the 'backpackers paradise' town of Dahab, a little ways north of Sharm el Sheikh on the east coast of the Sinai. It's a very cute town with a seaside stroll about a kilometre long which has endless restaurants/bars/sheesha joints hanging on the oceanside and hotels/dive shops/tourist shops on the land side. It's sooo layed back, the sun is endless and the sinai mountains create a pretty funky backdrop. There are sooooo many dive outfits here it's rediculous, I just went with the one in the hostel i'm staying in which by the way is $4 a night to stay at. The cook at the restaurant there always has a cool dinner going, think tonight is shark steaks, and charges unbeatable prices for the budget minded travellers staying at the hostel. I did a warm ... read more

Africa November 20th 2010

Well, that was a whirlwind trip down south. Train to aswan, then an early morning wake-up (2:30) and a 3 hour bus ride to the temples of Abu Semple. Magnificent, don't know how they managed to cut the temples out of the mountain and move them, but they did a fantastic job and a beautiful site. A bit of a jaunt, 3 hours each way in a convoy with a hundred other busses, but totally worth it. Back at Aswan we boarded our Faluca and sailed up the nile for the afternoon (well, seems I did most of the sailing while the captain sat up front smoking his sheesha. Spent the night on the bank of the river at the captains village where he took the 5 of us to his house or one of his ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan November 16th 2010

Been a whirlwind of a couple days. Yesterday a few of us from the hostel hooked up a driver for the day and toured Giza and the great pyramids, then went to a couple other locations with pyramids including one which you can still go down to the burial chambers. It was tough going, small tunnel at a steep angle doubled over trying not to hit my head too often for a couple hundred feet until you are in the middle of the pyramid. Felt kinda creepy and cool at the same time. Boiling hot inside it and my quads were killing me. Spent most of the evening walking along the nile until sunset, then the rest of the evening smoking shisha and drinking tea until my 9 pm train to Aswan. Ugh. 12 hour train ... read more

Africa » Egypt November 14th 2010

I arrived at 2 am after a long 22 hours of travelling. Sat for a while on the balcony overlooking a still bustling city for a while before crashing into bed. Woke up around noon, took a look around and said to myself 'Damn, I'm in Egypt'. Spent the day wanderring around the city and a good couple hours at the Egyptian museum. Beautiful stuff there, rather unorganized though. The fella at the hostel here is prioritizing a trek through egypt for me that will maximize my time here and try to get it all in. Tomorrow I start with Giza and the great pyramids. ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima December 1st 2009

Well, that sure was a wirlwind trip. I can't believe it;s pretty much over, one more day to play around in Lima before a midnight trip to the airport. I spent the past few days in Puerto Maldonado, a little ramshackle and hectic jungle town in the south east of peru. It was sure nice to be back in the rainforest, forgot how damn hot it is in there, three showers a day and you still felt gross. I did a couple day trips into some of the reserves along the river. Saw among other things, way more monkeys than I thought, they were everywhere, big and small, some of them even started throwing stuff at us from the trees. We went fishing for pirhanna's and managed to collect enough for a nice lunch, and ... read more

South America November 28th 2009

Machu Pichu was pretty spectacular, we got up at 4:15 am to do the hike up, only took Warren and I about 30 minutes, guess being used to the grind pays off once in a while. That being said it was no problem for the Waynapichu ticket, we were number 20-21 or something like that. Except for the occasional rain squall, it was a bit of a cool day at the top, but what a fantastic spot, it surely would have been the worlds most spectacular city in it's day. On our way back from Machu Pichu to Cusco, all the boys were pooped and headed right back to town, instead, Caroline and I did a quick blitz of a couple more sights along the route (Morai and Salina), the taxi guy we hired was ... read more

South America November 24th 2009

So, the famed Inca Trail was all booked up for the month and next, we took a look at the alternative trips, and decided in the end to just make our own Inca Trail adventure. Starting in Cusco in the early morning we grabbed a collectivo (one of those minivans they pack full of locals) to the town of Pisaq in the Sacred Valley. There they had a great sunday market going on and a huge tourist market you could easily get lost in (which we mostly avoided). Climbing up the hill behind the market are a whole whack of Inca ruins that we were able to see once the ticket guy realized the peruvian entrance prices were a bit rediculous and gave us a 3 for 1 offer. It was quite a hike to ... read more
Machu Pichu
Me and Mr. Lama
Baby in a Box

South America November 21st 2009

18th November After a great night sleep in a wonderful little Possada, actually with a decent bed. We awoke to a full breakfast and energy to get on the move. The Plan: Leisurely make our way down to the dock and find a nice boat operator to take us to one of the islands in the middle of the lake to spend the night with the locals. The Reality: We leisurely made our way down to the docks and before we got within 200 meters of it we were swarmed by tour guides, boat operators and the like all trying to get us to sign up with them. Luckily Caroline speaks spanish really well and is able to easily organize us with one specific boat operator for a decent price. The Itinerary: First stop are the ... read more

South America November 18th 2009

Wow, so, ok, it´s been a few days since i´ve found a computer that doesn´t crash when you hit the enter button. It´s been a great weekend, we took that overnight bus to Araquipa, a really nice city, friendly people, very clean, lots to see, but ultimately, our main goal was to find a good company to take us on a Colca canyon trek. It worked out perfectly, and we were set for a 3:30 am pick up the next day. The colca canyon was absolutely fabulous, it would be hard to describe in words the beauty of it. There was a little bit of adjusting to the altitude (5000 meters), but our trek actually took us to the bottom of the canyon a couple thousand meters below. The first night we stayed in a little ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina November 12th 2009

It is 11 am on Day 3, i´m in this beautiful true oasis in the middle of a sand dune desert. I little lagoon surrounded by palm trees and beautiful hotels and restaurants. This little spot used to be the gettaway of Lima´s rich and famous, with dune buggy and sand boarding adventures leaving town constantly and little pelicans to paddle around the lagoon. It was a whirlwind couple of days. Day 1 was a tired cruise around Lima´s best sites, followed by a christenning of a cat? at a nearby hostel. We were up at 5 am on Day 2 to catch a bus to a seaside town Paracas and jump on a boat tour to Peru´s "Galapagos" Islands which were coverred in various birds including Penguins, Cormorants, Boobies and of course Pelicans. Jumping around ... read more

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