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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 7th 2013

well it is still more or less broiling - the usual 32C or whatever - seems til the end of the week and no change other than promised coupla showers (won't hold my breath). Wed. 6 March was a late start and lunch/brunch at almost 2pm at Press * (I think the asterisk is part of the name). Anyway later found out it was Advertiser (the local rag) restore of the year last year. Anyway I had a pappardelle with blue swimmer crab with chilli tomato creamy sauce, which was pretty good. And a glass of SA syrah/Gamay red which I wondered about later (red in the middle of the day that is). Style of the place was suitable boho - long communal benches and stools and rough cut timber walls. Will likely go back there ... read more
Skeleton poster

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 5th 2013

well to those who did not know, yes I am in Adelaide broadly for Womad music at end of week, but also bookended by Festival events. Despite the technical problems of no wifi at hostel, but can do from data on mobile, I am managing - thx in this case to free wifi in Rundle Mall. I flew over yesterday Monday and had a couple of hrs nap when I got to the Shakespeare hostel as v little sleep afore. Only just got to Itoseng, a solo piece by a black Sth AFrican guy about the death of the township community after they burnt down their shopping ctr in 1994. 18 years later they were still waiting despite the promises of the new ANC govt that they would all be rich etc. Alongside this was the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona September 23rd 2012

I did not mention yet that the problem with hotels (as in getting one) was La Merce annual festival, the biggest thing in Barcerlona. The actual fest was on Monday 24 Sept but the weekend before Sat-Sun was full of events and free concerts - and some free museums (more on that later). The maddest one seemed to be the Correfoc - to quote the info: .... The correfoc (literally, “fire run”) was an invention that dates back to the restoration of democracy; nevertheless, it brings together the traditional ingredients of Catalan culture and the absolute essence of Mediterranean festivities. This procession kicks off when fire-spitting beasts and devils pour out from the Gates of Hell, bathing the streets in fire .... Honestly this is one of the maddest events I have ever seen in terms ... read more
Correfoc fire-breathing dragon
Correfoc dragon sparks action
more Correfoc sparks action

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » Bilbao September 20th 2012

(warning - contemporaneous flashback in progress) Now this is not what I was expecting - (almost) sending an email from a moving bus, rather than a train! Yes leaving Bilbao - but not as I intended, on a train, but on a bus. I effectively tore up 21E train ticket (fortunate with 40% discount rather than 36E) - by the time I left the Guggenheim, waited for tram to Metro station - got Metro to Pension (12 mins), then just missed Metro back to town (5 mins wait - might have JUST made the RENFE train). No train til tomorrow - either 6.50am (not that desperate) or same time of 3.28pm. Had a stiff coffee and a bocadillo and contemplated what to do. Could have got a 5 hr train to Madrid at 5.10pm, then another ... read more
Bilbao Cruces metro
Bilbao FEVE station
Bilbao dinner 1

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Burgos September 17th 2012

another of those sort of whistle stops/one nighters in a town of interest. This time Burgos, and one would have to say there is one reason - yes, another Cathedral. But this is THE Cathedral in Spain I think I can say, and I am not just repeating the guide books (which do say just). Anyway got the train here from Valladolid - and am in fact writing this on the same train (number 4087 Alvia that is) as it runs from Madrid (via Burgos) to Bilbao. I had heard from the Aussie couple from Melbourne I had spoken to that there was likely some sort of industrial action on the Monday. I did not mind, otherwise I would likely have just missed the train as I left my fast walk to the station a little ... read more
from room 303 of Via Gatica
Burgos Museum of Human Evolution (??)
Burgos -Arco de Santa Maria

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Zamora September 11th 2012

This might even more or less kick start the blog season {likely going backwards anyway - seeing as how I have 3 1/2 hrs on this Alvia "fast" train from Zamora to Santiago de Compostela with nothing much else to do - other than listen to some Miles Davis "Tutu" (the difficult Warners period Miles fans) on my Ipod. The train is not that fast - would be on Madrid fast train sections but out here in the scrub it is more like 80kmh average due to the track no doubt. It runs all the way from Zamora. It was a one night town - I will have to be doing more or this as my pace has been too relaxed. However getting into Santiago at 8.30pm I have booked 4 nights there, in 2 separate ... read more
Holy Week hoods
public hall? glass louvre land
Plaza Mayor - police noddy cars

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Salamanca September 9th 2012

Although this is notionally entry number 2 in the Spain blog , it is actually about my three nights in Salamanca from Friday 7 September through to Sunday night 9 September. Because of the often problems with booking weekend accommodation, especially Friday and Saturdays, I decided to book the three days as a block. Apart from the fact that Salamanca seemed a relatively pleasant place to spend such an amount of time. Although already the travel arrangements are starting to become hazy, I got the bus over there (about 90 minutes) from Avila - we may or may not ever catch up with that place. The hotel was a reasonable place called the Monterrey - an old 50s style but a reasonable price , although the room was somewhat small. It was on the fifth floor ... read more
Salamanca parade - with pippy pipe
Salamanca parade
Salamanca parade

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 2nd 2012

Yes, there had to be one, a "corrida" (bullfight) edition, but I decided to make it a completely separate one, not because it was that important, but because some people might not want to look at all at the images. By request I have chosen relatively delicate ones - no bulls streaming with blood etc, although some will inevitably be seen cos that is what happens. However I have censored the gorier ones (especially those with the picadores - who lance the bull from horseback to "slow it down"). But there is also I must admit a certain art (or nerve) to what the guys out there with the capes do (matadors/toreros) - even more so the guys (called banderilleros?) with small lances who place the lances on the bull's neck/back with no cover whatsoever. This ... read more
Ventas arena - not that busy
Ventas bull charge
Ventas torero tempting

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju July 1st 2012

As I really only had one full day in Gyeonju, and the particular things I wanted to get to were relatively spread out, this meant a relatively early start (like 11!). There was a free espresso coffee machine in the lobby of the hotel so almost gave a random button a push (they were labelled in Korean after all) and at least got a shortish black coffee which wasn't too tragic. Noted that they even have a toaster, some bread and jam sachets. However I have tended to rely on places like Paris Baguette for my morning pastry. In this case I ended up heading off with only the coffee under my belt as I headed straight to the bus stop. Buses here tend to be of the exact change variety, although if you throw 2 ... read more
more Bulguksa stonework
Bulguksa temple drum
Bulguksa - Dabotap pagoda

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju June 30th 2012

This was the day to leave the "comforts" of the Lord Beach Hotel in Haeundae in Busan and head toward somewhere a bit more cultural and with more history, namely Gyeongju. This involved taking a bus for about 50 minutes to the north. The Nopodong bus terminal is however at the northern end of town right at the end of the subway line 1 - only about four stops on from where I started mountain bashing the other day. This did of course mean taking the 16 old stops into town on line 2 and then changing to line 1 for about the same again. Despite the fact that I did this the other day I still messed up the transfer as the signs only seemed to take you half way. Anyway I got to the ... read more
pick a bus any bus
Gyeongju $Motel
Gyeongju DollarMotel

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