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13th April 2019

I didn't stay in Ella but I went there to hike. It was nicer spot than Bandarawela. I think, tranquility and chaos describes all of Sri Lanka. I'm enjoying the walk down memory lane with your blog!
21st March 2019
Snow Leopard on guard at Komik Monastery

Komik monastery
At least they could have done a good taxidermy of a snow leopard. The one they have is an insult to the beautiful and magnificent rare snow leopard.
7th March 2019

Sri Lanka was my favourite country to visit so I’m always drawn to other’s blogs to see what they made of it. You captured some lovely scenes of Anuradhapura, it was such a bustling madness.
7th March 2019

Good place.
Would love to know more about this. MOT IN PORTSMOUTH
24th February 2019

George Town
Loving your blog and the education I am receiving! You do it so well Linese with your writing and the lovely photos. I will never tire of keeping up to date with you guys and your travels. Stay safe and continue to enjoy ?xx
12th April 2017

Great memories brought back. Thanks for the blog Linese. I loved Hanoi. Cycling through It is an interesting experience also ?.
18th April 2015

the Himalayan trip
loved reading your blog - very descriptive. thanks
10th March 2015
Kampung Morten as seen from our hotel window

Great contrasts!
Luridly painted trishaws and the serene Kampung Morten, beautiful, but grimy wall tiles, 3 religions coexisting on Harmony Street, a 5* restaurant and a funky barbershop--I love these contrasts of travel. I'll miss your blogs, but I guess a new grandchild is a rather big adventure itself. Enjoy!
11th March 2015
Kampung Morten as seen from our hotel window

Thanks Tara! Yes grandchildren are definitely an adventure... But we will travel again - as you know, it is very addictive.
29th November 2014

Loving your blogs keep them coming. Tea with the man sounded just like my idea of travel too.
29th November 2014
The interior walls of Zhencheng Lou, looking from the top floor

Fantastic travel!
I've been following your adventures, and this is my favorite--off the tourist track and exotic! Backdoor visits to amazing tulous, singing birds and a helpful friend getting you on the right bus. What a great holiday and great photos!
14th November 2014

I know you are not allowed up to the top of the Muta but we waited until the guard had a break and then sneaked up to the top floor - amazing. Yungang was one of our highlights also - I just saw a story in a newspaper and thought it might be worth a look - very surprised. On the same day our driver took us to a ruined area of the "wall" and said walk one hour that way and we did while he waited for us to come back - original parts of the wall and then from the gorge the wall just went on and on……oh…memories.
13th November 2014
The happy monks and us.

A magical day!
How special the encounters with the monks, and the cave art is fabulous! I must say I'm shocked by the prices if you saved $60 on the discount, and you only only visited the Muta and caves sites--yikes! And while sad you couldn't enter all the caves, and there were new "temples" and tourist services, it's great to see that China is working to preserve its ancient treasures (and money makers).
13th November 2014
Muta - the world's oldest and tallest wooden pagoda

Great pic
Great pic of Mu Ta, Linese
13th November 2014
Muta - the world's oldest and tallest wooden pagoda

Thanks Dave. High praise - your photos are amazing...
13th November 2014
Close up of the wooden structure of Muta

Not allowed up the stairs at Mu Ta...some caves at Yungang closed for refurbishment...reminds me one time I was at Tiantan there was scaffolding. Looks from your pics you still had a great time at two highlights of Shanxi Provence. Lucky you to have been there...exquisite!
13th November 2014
Perched on the side of a cliff

The old-new
The Hanging Monastery looks fantastic--worth putting up with the street music and the missed beer. China is so bizarre--destroying the picturesque hutongs to build new, old cities. Glad you found treasures within those streets, and I love that great doorknob.
13th November 2014
Perched on the side of a cliff

Door knob..
Hi Tara, I agree with you re the doorknob.... Thanks for reading and enjoying my blogs.. Linese
12th November 2014

Delightful Datong
Wow...Datong is getting a facelift...wow! Hope you get to Yungang Grottoes. I reckon they are the best in China. By your pics the Hanging Monastery has not changed since your cousin Ros & Mike and we were there in about 2007. We met them south of there in Pingyao as they were heading north and we south that led to us travelling to Mali together years later. Shanxi is one of my favorite provences...full of treasures. Enjoy.
13th November 2014

Yungyang Caves
Hi Dave, As you can see we did get to the caves. A highlight of our trip this time - though the amazing tulou houses we saw ten day later were high on the list too. Thanks for reading. I love your blogs too... Linese
12th November 2014

Incredible Dating
I appreciate your vivid description of your travel experiences in China and your consistent interesting pictures. Thank you Linese.
6th November 2014
Posing in front of the vase of flowers

I'm too late!
How lucky that you went to China earlier! Those queues, those prices, those hutongs being torn down, the smog--all so discouraging. However, I'm glad your hutong was still standing and attractive, and you did find lovely sites, but I, like you, wouldn't want to stand in a long queue for the Forbidden City, even though I've always wanted to see it. Glad you could see the stars in your new spot--maybe there won't be queues either.
5th November 2014

It's amazing that it doesn't topple over entirely .... great shot!
3rd November 2014

Ahhhh, the memories
Your blog brought back so many fabulous memories Linese. I spent a total of 7 days there - four at the start of the cycle and another three between visiting Burma & Lao, so I got to see and enjoy so much of this fabulous city. It is the one Asian city that I would love to return to. Cxxx

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