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North America » United States » New York » New York November 11th 2013

After 19 hours of travelling, I had finally arrived in my last destination, New York just after midnight on a cold November evening. I then had to make my way from JFK airport to my hotel in Chinatown, adding another hour or so to my day, but when I finally arrived I did find my room to be lovely and warm, and easily set about going to sleep and having a long lie in. Waking up at about 9am, I decided not to keep lying in bed, as I had a very early start the next day, and so started exploring New York. I started my day going over to the Flatiron building, and then walking up Fifth Avenue, past the Public library, Rockefeller Center, and into Central Park - before heading back down to Grand ... read more
UN Security Council
Site of the South Tower WTC
Manhattan Skyline

Eventually arriving in St. Maarten I wondered - would this really be worth it? Should I have just flown straight to New York and be done with this palava of getting there? After all, I had just taken an 5 hour overnight flight from San Francisco on a boring old plane, waited in a mostly closed Miami Airport without WiFi for another 5 hours, and then boarded another fairly old boring plane for 3 hours to an island that from the face of it seemed much like Fiji - bad infrastructure and potential for hassling, and this was also hurricane season! - but boy was I wrong, this island was amazing!!! The apartment I was staying it wasn't that cheap, but then it came with a kitchen, free WiFi, a huge double bed, air-con, satellite TV, ... read more
View from the apartment
Dutch-French border

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hollywood October 25th 2013

After visiting the desert I had arrived back in Los Angeles, staying in Hollywood for the next 5 days. The following day was Friday, and one of the few days that the Six Flags Theme Park was open, with massive rides - one of the few things I was interested in doing in America, and so I got up nice and early to make my way across the city by three methods of transport to the theme park. Being a Friday, the theme park was almost empty, despite having some of the biggest rides I'd ever seen - making queues for massive rollercoasters almost non-existant. This meant that by 4pm, I'd already been on all the 12 rollercoasters I had wanted. The day was lovely too, like any summer day we could dream of in England! ... read more
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Golden Gate Brige

North America » United States October 17th 2013

Hi everyone! The next stage of my trip took place in the USA. Now as many of you know, the USA is far from my top holiday destination, but as this was a round the world trip I decided that I would go there, see everything I wanted and now have no need to return! Coming in to land over Los Angeles, where a Fijian asked me if this is what Britain looked like (to which I replied "no, its much greener and denser at home") I had arrived the other side of the dateline in yesterday - my second 12th October. Whilst everything had gone to plan on my trip so far, this is where the first problem arose...after doing some casual tourism around Downtown LA in the afternoon I arrived at my hotel in ... read more
Grand Canyon

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi October 12th 2013

Bula Bula, Bula Bula Bula - that's Fijian for...well, anything you want it to be really! - They seem to say it at any and every occasion possible The first long stop of my trip by myself had arrived - I had a week to spend in Fiji before crossing the dateline and making my way back home, and it was time for relaxation! Unfortunately the weather decided it didn't want to let me enjoy Fiji at its best, and gave me only 3 of 7 days with nice weather, but I made the most of them Arriving at the airport I was collected by the owners of the hostel I was staying in, before eventually getting to my huge room! Paying just £25 a night, I had my own room with three beds, on a ... read more
Token Cultural Entertainment
'Coral Reef'

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua October 5th 2013

Hi all! After spending some time with my family in the south, I flew up to Auckland to spend a few days exploring Māori and geothermal activity (#GeographyYAY). Flying up in the morning I spent the afternoon of the first day seeing most of Auckland - starting with the port area, before making my way over to the Domain, where the Auckland War Memorial Museum was located, and then over to Mount Eden - a dormant volcano that has the highest point in, and gives the best free 360˚ view of Auckland - one thing I really noticed being how much hillier Auckland was compared to Christchurch! The following morning I took a coach over to Rotorua - home to the most geothermal and Māori activity accessible. Arriving in blissful sunshine I checked into my hotel, ... read more
Māori Art

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch October 2nd 2013

Hey guys, hope you're all well! Now that I'm back, I can finish up my blogs of my trip! The two weeks I had planned in New Zealand were almost exactly as that of Australia - arriving in the coldest part, staying for about 10 days with relatives, followed by a few days in a warmer part. Having left Sydney for New Zealand, I was met at the airport by my Aunty and her family, spending a week and a half taking a break from hectic sightseeing again - giving me time to catch up on sleep and washing, which was just as well, as the weather in Christchurch was very much as it was in Mount Gambier - being generally cold but mostly fine. After having a rest day on the first full day, on ... read more
Family Photo
Christchurch Cathedral

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » CBD September 22nd 2013

Hi everyone...its blog number 5 time, and this one is all about Sydney! Having flown in from Melbourne, I spent just a couple of days in Sydney before my onward flight, but it was enough to see what I wanted. Arriving in the afternoon, I visited Hyde Park and the Australia Museum where there was a good section on Aborigines, whilst on my full day I visited the rest of the city, including the Queen Victoria Building and the botanical gardens, before making it over to the landmark of the city...Sydney Harbour with the Bridge and Opera House in sight. After viewing them from both afar and from up close, I walked around The Rocks before visiting Darling Harbour, where a Japanese girl dancing with Hula Hoops told the crowd she had come all the way ... read more
Views of the CBD

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier September 20th 2013

Hi everyone! Hope you're all fine This is my next holiday blog, focussing on my time in the very South of Australia, between Melbourne and Mount Gambier, where I stayted with my relatives for around a week. Having flown in from Hong Kong overnight I arrived on a fresh Monday morning in Melbourne to meet up with my Australian relatives who I hadn't seen for over 10 years! We then drove back along the Great Ocean Road seeing some of the Geographical Landscapes that are reminiscent of the Jurrasic Coast in Dorset. Although unfortunately sleep deprivation did catch up with me and so I didn't get to see everything along the coast, and even ended my first night being too tired to continue eating! Staying overnight in Warrnambool we finally arrived back in Mount Gambier the ... read more
Blue Lagoon
Flinders Street Station

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island September 8th 2013

Hi guys! Hope you're all fine This is my third travel blog of my world trip, focussing on Hong Kong. Although it actually includes other areas too! Leaving Tokyo, I flew to Hong Kong with a transfer in Taiwan, unfortunately only spending an hour there - but enough time to buy a souvenir, and see some views out of the plane. I then flew into Hong Kong circling over Hong Kong Island, and again seeing great views over the central areas. On my first full day the weather in Hong Kong was torrential...getting absolutely drenched after a few minutes, despite all my waterproofs on, but this didn't matter so much as I walked a short distance to the ferry terminal, where I would take a ferry over to the Portuguese version of Hong Kong - Macau. ... read more
Ruins of St. Pauls
Po Lin
View over Shenzhen

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