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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada November 18th 2012

Hey everyone! So, since Turkey I have been hard at work with my final year at University, and two weeks ago was the compulsory field trip (yes, I actually had to go on holiday this time!) to Granada in Spain. Like all my university trips, it was very busy, but I still managed to see everything as well as meet up with the Spanish girls a few times! So, let's start at the beginning - Day 1. It was an early start on Sunday morning, catching the flight at just after 7am, however luckily as the flight was from Luton I didn't have to get up too early. As it was a group booking we had to go the old fashioned way of physically checking in, rather than doing so online, and to my surprise this ... read more
Class inside the Alhambra
Sierra Nevada

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul September 24th 2012

As you all know, last week I went to visit Onur in Istanbul, the furthest place away from home I have been (although Athens was further south, and Kyiv further east). Although a short trip of just 3½ days, it was jam packed with things to do and see. After visiting Athens in March and from what I had seen and heard before, I was expecting Istanbul to be full of old buildings, but also rather dirty and feel very foreign...but actually I was completely wrong, the city was very clean and welcoming and felt very European (bar the Mosques scattered everywhere). It was rather shocking to find that in a Muslim country, there were much less people in Burkas than can be found in Bury Park in Luton. On the first day, I got up ... read more
On the Eurasian border
Blue Mosque
Topkapı Palace

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 24th 2012

After arriving by minbus in Riga, we decided to go for dinner only, and leave the sightseeing for the next day as we had more than a full day in the city. After having a busy few days we also decided that we would have a lie in and take our time - however the next morning, my sister, for the first time in her life, voluntarily got up at 8:30am rather than the 11am we had agreed and we were already in the city when our alarms we had set went off! We started the day by walking along the edge of the old city walls, from where we were staying, in the market area, towards the Freedom monument and Laima clock tower. Afterwards we went towards the river, visiting the castle area, before coming ... read more
Tallinn City Walls
Helsinki Cathedral

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius August 21st 2012

Although my Erasmus time has finished, I will still write some blogs after holidays and other important events. And this latest one will come in two parts - my Baltic Tour. Although it was only a week long, the trip took me and my sister to four countries and six cities - its therefore no surprise that we had forgotten much of what went on at the beginning before the end was even upon us! The first day involved us leaving home at 5:30am to make it to the airport for a 7:30am flight to Vilnius. However as we were about the board the plane, there was a technical issue that delayed us by almost 2 hours. Although we didn't mind arriving later, as we already knew that we had plenty of spare time and we ... read more
St. Anne's Church
Three Crosses
Curonian Spit

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 30th 2012

And here is the second part of my final days of Erasmus - the way home via Brussels. After taking a packed out coach from Bremen at midnight, I arrived in Brussels at 7am and took my suitcases across the city to my hotel in the south. Already by half past 7, it was reaching 25˚C, and although the hotel was just 5 minutes from the station, the cobbled streets on the way there made dragging 55kg strenuous work. Luckily the hotel had storage and so I could leave my luggage there and then go off into the city with just a few bits. Firstly, I went to the European Parliament, where there was free access to the debating chamber twice a day. Afterwards I went to Jubelpark followed by Brussels' most famous attraction - the ... read more
European Parliament
Grand Square

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen July 25th 2012

Hey Guys! I am now back home for good, but I was so busy I didn't write about the last adventures I had in Germany, so I shall write them here. At the start of the week I had gone to do the last tedious tasks necessary, which meant waiting for 2 hours to tell the Germans I was leaving their country (only Germans seem to wait for hours and hours to tell their government every little bit of information about their lifes) - however as I was not going straight home it got very confusing as the lady wanted to know if I was registering in Brussels when I got which I responded "No". On the Friday evening we had our Erasmus farewell party. The exchange students were all treated to some speeches and ... read more
Completion Certificate
Family Photo
With Kayleigh

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven July 19th 2012

Hey Leute! With Erasmus coming to a swift end, I looked at what I had still wanted to do and never got the chance, and so on Sunday I went with 3 other Erasmus friends to the port city of Bremerhaven, on the North Sea coast. This town is an exclave of Bremen, despite being 45 minutes away by train. The city is home to several attractions, including the records museum of German emigrants, who left by ship to America and other nations, as well as where we decided to go - the Klimahaus. The Klimahaus is an eight-zoned museum where climates of several nations along the 8th Parallel East are recreated. Before going I had not really heard anything, but after visiting I can say it was truly worth the visit. In each zone there ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Esbjerg July 13th 2012

Hey Leute! So these last two weeks have been pretty busy, and I've just got back from Denmark. I already visited the country last year, but this time I went to Jutland in the West. I was with 4 of my Erasmus friends, one of whom is Danish, and we stayed at her place in Esbjerg. Whilst the weather was pretty dull (well it is as north as Scotland), we made the most of it, and toured the city the first day, seeing the town centre and visiting the white men, for whom the city is most famous for. In the evening we took a ferry to the island of Fanø, which looked very traditional and for the first time we had been there was sunny! On the second day we took the train to Ribe, ... read more
Mennesket ved Havet
Olympic Flame

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice July 1st 2012

Hey everyone! This weekend I took a break from studying, and went with 4 of my other Erasmus friends to Venice for a few days. We managed to book it all two weeks ago, and for only £100, flew from Bremen to Venice and had a really nice apartment right in the centre of the city. After a 2 hour delay (thanks to Italian military exercises) we needed to take a 45 minute coach from the Ryanair "Venice" Airport to the city itself, and after arriving in the afternoon we did a little sightseeing in the evening, which was more pleasant (cooler temperatures and less tourists), whilst the next day we walked around the city again, seeing the Rialto bridge and San Marco Square. We were there for only two days, but that was enough for ... read more
San Marco Square

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen June 27th 2012

Hey everyone! As you know, being an Erasmus student not only means living in a foreign country, but also meeting people from a huge range of different countries, and this week was no exception. This weekend we had two midsummer celebrations. Firstly was Swedish Midsummer on Friday, where we had a barbecue, dressed with pale colours, flowers were everywhere, and we played stupid games. Whilst on Saturday was Spanish Midsummer, and so we went out at 11:30pm to the lakeside to have a barbecue in the dark. On Saturday I had my last class on a weekend (of hopefully ever!). I now only have an exam on a Saturday morning to look forward to, and then I can finally have my weekends back to normal! Today I had a presentation in a group of 6, however ... read more

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