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Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen June 18th 2012

Hallo Leute! Wie gehts? Hope you are all well, as you have probably noticed, Euro 2012 is is full swing, and Germany is for the only time in the year, actually excited about being German! Everywhere you look are German flags, Germans with face painted flags and flower petals around their necks. And with all these flags at my disposal, I joined in too! It's kinda fun to see places on TV all the time where I've been, such as Kyiv, Warsaw and Lviv - Halina who I lived with last semester is a volunteer in Lviv. Here in Bremen, there is a big public viewing of every match in the city, and every day hundreds of crazed people go to see the games, which we have also joined in for a few times. Yesterday we ... read more
Public Viewing

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Worpswede June 6th 2012

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the Jubilee Weekend! I managed to see most of it whilst I was here, and it looked great, even if it did make me a little homesick - although its only two months until I'm back properly, and a month today until my weekend at home! As before, the weather is generally the same as at home, just slightly warmer, and so yes, we have also had plenty of rain (the most I've ever seen here) which came as a bit of relief at first after the sunbathing weather of two weeks ago. At first I was so pleased to be reminded of home, that I announced during my German class that I actually quite like rain, as it reminds me of home - to which they all laughed! It also ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen May 28th 2012

Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying the nice weather too! Today was the third bank holiday this month (so much for Germany being workaholics), and as the weather was real nice, I went to the Werdersee with some Germans where there is a beach next to the river/lake. I even managed to get myself a sunburn! In fact, the weather has been really nice a while - this last week has been almost 30˚C everyday, and we've had numerous barbecues at the house for birthdays, work groups or just an excuse for a party! This month I have been working hard, and even with my week off this week, have managed to get many of my reports done, even though they are due in late June. Inbetween this, Camilla held a birthday Party, where she made ... read more
Loreen Dancing
Camilla's Birthday

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen May 4th 2012

Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying yourselves! So this week has been a lot of fun! On Friday night we had the first party of this semester, and it was really nice to see a lot of people from last semester as well as meeting some of the the end there was about 30 of us in the tiny kitchen, before we made it to the club. Whilst outside showing people in, the neighbours came back home so I thought I'd better tell them what was going on, which led to a funny conversation: Me: Yeah, we are having a party here right now, but we will be leaving's not gonna be like it was last semester Neighbour: Oh, you heard about it last semester? Me: Err yeah, I heard about it..... Luckily ... read more
Jetty Drunkeness

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam April 27th 2012

Hi everyone! So these last two weeks have been rather busy, as usual! Last week we had the Welcome Night, which was a party organised for international students, where I got to meet up with many of those who I had not seen since last semester, as well as some of the new people who have just arrived. Then this weekend I travelled to the Netherlands to visit Roel and Johan. On Friday I took the 6 hour/4 train trip to Helmond, passing through some of the West German cities like Osnabrück, Essen & Düsseldorf. On Saturday we, along with 2 more of Roel's friends drove to Amsterdam, where we walked around the city seeing all the sights, as well as having a few drinks - including one café where the waiter had the most peculiar ... read more
Donny Montell

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen April 14th 2012

Hey again! So after a busy few months on my travels, I am now back in Bremen! And this is my story up to now: Getting back from Edinburgh after a 1 hour delay on Friday night, I had just a few days before going back to Germany for the next few months, so I said my goodbyes to many people once again, as well as booking my weekend return from 6th-9th July, when the Olympic Flame is due to pass through Dunstable. On Tuesday I had my haircut for the last time before leaving, and so I decided to have it done very short, so that it was not too long before I would have it cut once again (last time resorted in Halina from Ukraine having to cut it for me). However it really ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh April 6th 2012

Hi guys! This is the third catch up post, and this one will cover my time in the UK during spring break! So as you should know, I had a two month break, and I got home in mid February, where I had my 21st Birthday celebrations, before many travels had begun. Between going to Athens and Prague I came down to Uni for the day and saw many of you which was really nice. After getting back from Kyiv on Monday 26th March, I had a days rest, before seeing some of you again on the Wednesday where we had the barbeque and night in the Forum. I then stayed for two more days and going to the Forum once more, before leaving Hatfield until September. Spending the weekend celebrating my Dad's 50th birthday, on ... read more
Scottish Parliament

Europe » Ukraine » Kyiv March 26th 2012

Hey guys! So this is part 2 of my Eastern Europe Adventures: Having first visited Krakow, later that night we took the coach to Lviv in Ukraine, which despite only a 5 hour trip by road, involved more than 3 hours crossing the border - half an hour to queue, 45 minutes to check our passports on the Polish side, another half hour in no man's land, an hour checking passports in Ukraine, and then just when we thought it was finally time to go through, half an hour to search the coach. Even more fun was when the military style border guard in Ukraine, who had clearly never seen a British passport before spent two minutes staring at me and the passport, and then came back 45 minutes later, called me, and I had to ... read more
Lviv Opera House
Golden Cathedrals

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 20th 2012

Hey guys! I hope you are all well. I have been pretty busy lately, and haven't been able to post, so this will come in many parts. Firstly with the beginning of my long trip through Eastern Europe - 6 cities in 12 days: On 13th March I flew out to Prague, and met my friend Marketa, whom I had lived with last semester, at the airport. The next day we went into the city and saw almost everything in a single day, which slightly annoyed Marketa, moaning about how we had seen "Prague in a day - Unbelievable". We went and saw Vyšehrad (a pretty park in the south of the city), Wenceslas Square, the Old Town (where the clock models were being replaced), the famous Charles Bridge, followed by a walk to the top ... read more
Český Krumlov
Palace of Science & Culture
National Stadium

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens March 6th 2012

So Guys, March has finally arrived, which for me means travelling, travelling and more travelling. Despite only arriving back from Leeds 5 days before, I left early on Saturday morning for Gatwick Airport to fly to Athens. What originally had been a simple journey on the train from Luton, became rather annoying, as the Thameslink line through Central London was being shut all day, and so i had to get off at St. Pancras and use the underground to reach London Bridge - further lengthening my journey. However all went well and I arrived at Gatwick in plenty of time. The flight itself was rather great, and as I reached the Alps, the clouds disappeared - giving me an excellent view out of the window of the Alps, the Croatian coast, and Albania before reaching the ... read more
Olympic Stadium

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