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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds February 28th 2012

So guys, I am now back home, having finished all my exams for this semester and I will be back in Bremen in April - but for now I am travelling. So, all the way back in January I was finishing my last lectures, revising and sitting exams, and saying goodbye to most of my friends who were leaving back to their home countries. Although perhaps the partying did get a little too much....on one occasion the police even came to stop the party. At the end of January it got exceptionally cold, for three weeks it didn't reach over freezing point, with the nights reaching -20. For over a week it was -10 in the day. The river froze - but still, we didn't get any snow. On the day I left it finally warmed ... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Emden January 25th 2012

Hey guys! Hope all is well for you all! It's now the end of January, and less than 3 weeks until I'm back in the UK. Tomorrow I have my last classes for this semester, and then 4 exams in the coming weeks. Seems like just the other day I came here, and already half my time is over! On Monday I took a break from my studies to visit the world's most leaning building - The Leaning Tower of Suurhusen. And even better - it is covered in the semester ticket, so I didn't have to pay anything to get there! Who needs Pisa, when you can have Suurhusen? The tower is in a small village literally in the middle of nowhere, and with a bus turning up only once hourly, and it pouring down ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Dunstable January 6th 2012

Hi Guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Whilst most of this actually happened back in England, for continuity purposes I will tell you anyway! So I will begin where I left off - Preparations for Christmas. I bought German pressies for my family, with Dad getting a Cuckoo clock shaped bauble, and Mum getting a Bremen calendar. I went to the Tourism Christmas Party - and ended up being the only non-German, partying with the Germans from all the different years - even they didn't know each other....The next day was the Erasmus Christmas Party, the party I was supposed to go to! However, as this is Germany, there's non stop work, so I had lectures all day over the last weekend before Christmas - they sure know how to have fun! We then ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen December 11th 2011

Hey Guys! Hope you are all getting into the Christmas spirit! As always, I have been a busy bee, and here is the latest installment! The Mexicans decided to visit Amsterdam last weekend, and so we held Anti-Mexican Party: Part 2, with lots of Eastern Europeans and some Brazilians coming to the house to Party without the noisy Mexicans. However this caused a bit of controversy, as some people didn't seem to understand a joke - and you can see what our response to this was as you read down the page. This week Bryony came to visit me in Bremen for three days. She arrived on Wednesday morning, and we spent most of the days she was here walking all around the city centre looking at the famous sights, such as the Two UNESCO World ... read more
Anti-Eastern People Party

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen November 27th 2011

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well! So this Thursday was the International Day, which meant the whole University cancelled lectures, and instead we had stands with Information about foreign countries. Most were about study abroad opportunities given by last year's Hochschule exchange (I went to speak to the people on the Hertfordshire stand, and they told me about how much they loved Hatfield!), however the Incoming exchange students like me also held Food stands where we made traditional food for the Germans to try. And so last weekend I went to a Russian Party, where the girl from Russia was testing her food for her stand, which was pretty cool! With the two other British exchange students, we had a food stand with Scones, and spent three hours the evening baking 240 of them. They ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin November 15th 2011

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well! So, as I mentioned last time, Germany is keeping me busy! This weekend was the trip to Berlin. On Friday morning we met at the University and took a coach for 5 hours to the German capital. In the afternoon we went into the centre and had a scavenger hunt. You will be pleased to know that my team were crowned the winners, despite us having spent the least time completing it! I was told a funny story about one of the groups - my housemate Rodrigo was trying to answer the question "How many types of Coffee are there in Germany", and so he went in to a Café and was about to ask a lady - when one of his team members stopped him, as it was ... read more
Berlin Wall

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen October 31st 2011

Trick or treat! Hope you are all enjoying Hallowe'en! So I've been quite busy this weekend. Last Thursday I decided to go with my housemates to Copenhagen for the weekend, and so, incredibly last minute, we booked a hotel for Saturday night and overnight coaches for Friday and Sunday night. After my all day class ended on Friday I came home for a few hours and then took the train to Hamburg to catch the coach to Copenhagen - after a 2 hour delay in Hamburg we finally left and after crossing the Baltic Sea by ferry, we arrived in the Danish capital. As the hotel was booked for Saturday night we could not check in until 3pm, meaning when we arrived at 7am we had 8 hours to amuse ourselves. Being Kevin, I of cause ... read more
Danish Royal Guards
Malmö Castle

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen October 15th 2011

Hi guys..Hope you are all well! So it's been well over a week since I last informed you of the goings on here...(which is surprisingly a long time!) So what's been happening? Well on Tuesday I had my first proper lectures (5 in total) so I had to get up at 7am, and they were due to last on and off until 7:30pm..Being the first Tuesday lectures I was attending, they were new subjects for me. I tuned up at the room and sat down..and then in walks this Chinese lecturer who starts speaking Chinese and writing it - after waiting to see this wasn't some kind of German joke, I realised I was clearly in the wrong lecture so i went down to check the board with room changes and there is NOWHERE that says ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen October 6th 2011

Hey guys, it's me again! So today I went to my first lectures in Germany. I had registered for courses about 2 hours after it opened on Tuesday - but already by that time I had missed the first lectures for 2 modules, and so I went today for the second lectures for them - Sustainable Development and Introduction to Tourism (the later being a first year subject). When I arrived I found that lectures were in full swing - the Germans all knew each other and they had already completed some work. Me and the other English girl felt so left out. However once they learned we were foreign students they were all very welcoming and the class itself wasn't so bad - The lecturer even made some funny jokes. So all in all it ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg October 2nd 2011

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather! We certainly were! Yesterday a group of us Erasmus students went on a day trip to Hamburg (which with our semester ticket was free) And walked around the city and went to one of the river beaches. There was about 20 of us who left in the morning for the train which took about 75 minutes. When we arrived in the city, we walked around seeing some of the sights like the town hall and the port, before we reached the river boat station, which for just over €2 took us upstream to one of the river beaches (and with it being almost 30˚C, meant many people had turned up). The rest of the group stayed later and went into the city to party, but with classes ... read more

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