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hi karen here, I'm a first timer to this travelling lark and off on my first adhoc adventure in 17 days !! Thailand is my destination both north and south. I'm alone for the first two weeks going around the north and then my friend Ange will be meeting me in Bangkok to do the Islands for the last two weeks. I'm excited with a just a tiny tad of aprehension (which is a healthy thing I recon !)

so here I am writing my very first travel blog

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls June 19th 2017

So up and out early for our next adventure, we stopped at Orillia town centre for a very quick wander around. It's the cutest town, with loads of really pretty shops, all independent with very friendly staff. Liz was in her element introducing us to all her friends in the shops, I felt like celeb !!! img=https://photos.travelblog.org/Photos/106177/975905/t/9429469-Continues-to-opposite-side-of-road-0.jpgContinues to opposite side of road Every year the town have a different sculpture design made out of tin that local shops and organisations sponsor a local artist to decorate, this year as it was a maple leaf design and there were about 20 dotted around the high street, a touristy photo opportunity obviously. It took a couple of hours to drive to our little B&B and when we arrived we were all shown to our rooms which were al ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Orillia June 17th 2017

Today is the reason why I'm in Canada ??..... our reunion day, 4 days of laughter and gossip, and dreadful jokes ? We checked out of our hotel and headed to the airport, reluctantly giving the car back. We visited the VIP lounge courtesy of My lovely friend Sharon, and took full advantage of all it had to offer. Connie made sure she got her "free" money's worth by not only having a massive breakfast but a Bacardi and Coke to follow .... 10 am !!!! ?. When we met up with the common people in the departure lounge, a tannoy announcement asked for passengers to give their seats up as the airline had overbooked !!!!! Honest a god how can an airplane be overbooked !!!!! Anyway Connie is Danish so she donned her Viking helmet ... read more
Back garden
Hello sailor
Big Chute - boat lines up to embark on lift

North America » Canada » Quebec » Beaupré June 16th 2017

Today we had our last breakfast in the hotel (Best western) and we had th funniest waiter ever, gay as Christmas and as camp as a row of tents ??? Julian, he described himself as aggressively happy ?, and he was not kiddin, it was like being at a stand up comedy night. He Whispers to us that if we didn't like the scrambled egg or omelette at the buffet he could get us eggs anyway we wanted. I really didn't mind as the buffet was HUGE, but us seemed churlish of me not to go along with it. So egg sunny side up was presented to me with added bacon for good measure. Sadly it was time to leave Quebec City, I really have fallen in love with it, such a chilled out, arty city, ... read more
Sitting area with the dead above us !
Sweat house / sauna ......
Me squaw Nicecuppatea

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 14th 2017

Today was Connie's choice day, we take turns in being the person who makes the days choices, saves lots of wasted time "where shall we go ????" .... "I don't mind" ...... "well I don't mind either" result is 20 mins later no decision has been made ? So her choice was to go to Citadelle, which is a huge area of gardens and relaxation area overlooking the river. So we catch the bus as directed by the person who sells us the tickets, after 10 mins it feels like we should be there by now, so I ask the person next to me if we are near the stop ..... but it seems we are travelling in the direction ! So we get off and cros the road to get the correct bus ...... afenabout ... read more
Possibly the only Mountie I'll get to see
I do like a good ghost tour
Gorg cafe

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 13th 2017

So Connie and myself caught the train to Quebec City, to be greeted by the worst taxi driver in the world. He clicked open the boot and just sat in the taxi, when we didn't open it he got out and just stood there, not offering to lift our cases in, so we asked him if he would put them in, which he did. Silence in the taxi for the 5 minute ride, he stops outside the hotel and asks for his money, which I give him ....... and take my change, he clicks his boot open. And just sits there ? So we get out of the taxi leave the door open, take out cases out and leave the boot open and walk away .........what a ****** liberty ?????? We were greeted by the loveliest ... read more
Poutine and whisky and orange chaiser !!!
Part of living art !!!
Water driven elevator

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 11th 2017

Today was our first full day in Montreal, we went down for breakfast, and although the food was nice, we had to use paper plates and cups !!!!! Honestly even in hostels we are trusted to use crockery ??? I had arranged for us to be shown around the local district by Montreal Greeters, there was the main guide, an apprentice Greeter and a photographe, who wanted to use our visit to put on the Greeters website ???. Well you know how I hate to be the centre of attention, but I thought it's for a good cause ? So what the hell !! So, off we set 1 guy and 4 women, and had such a good time a 2 hour tour ended up being 4, we all got on so well !!! We visited ... read more
We all scream for ice cream
Squaw Karen ?
Film projected on the wall

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa June 10th 2017

I woke early and was in the queue for the free trip around the Parliament by 8.20 am, there already 50 or so people in front of me, but the tickets are time specific and are gone by 9.30, so that's why I'm here so early. My tour starts at 9.50 so I'm happy. The tour is really interesting, based on our HOP, and House of Lords, it looks very similar, it's very beautiful, with huge marble floors and pillars. There is a painting of every Prime Minister for the past 150 years, even if they were only in the job for a few weeks, l Was looking at them and deciding what kind of a person they were, some were obviously very pompous and "important" while others seemed friendly and laid back, and a couple ... read more
Fire truck but no firemen !
Where all the decisions are made ?

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa June 9th 2017

I woke early, after a surprisingly comfortable night in my top bunk, it was sunny so I got up to make an early start. I had a sausage and egg wrap and a very un-nice cup of tea in a cafe, before strolling around the main park in Ottawa (that is very small to me, no bigger than Phear Park), however it overlooks the river and a canal so it's in a very beautiful location. I had booked a 2hr walking tour, and was told to be at the Terry Fox satue at 10am, I was there early (horror of horrors) ?, So I started reading the plaque next to the statue, oh my god it was so moving I started to cry. He was a man born 2 years before me, an cross country athlete ... read more
Ottawa river

Another sunny day greeted me, and today was going to be the day I intended to do the one thing that I imagine when I think of Canada ....... kayaking on a lake with nothing but trees either side of me. It was boiling hot, the water on the lake was as flat as a sheet of glass, and I set sail ???? it was exactly as I'd imagined, just me and nature, paddling gently along with the only sounds coming from the wildlife in reeds and trees along the riverside. I saw a family of Geese, fish that jumped up out of the water, a sea snake that was about 3 ft long ............... and a crocodile .....ok I made the croc up but everything else is true. It was a 8 mile round trip ... read more
Perfect lakeside setting
My Canadian dream !!

I woke up to sun sun sun, clear blue sky, yipeee I shared my bagels, smoked salmon and cream cheese for breakfast with Suzie & Jerry, and Kitty the lovebird that eats with the family ! He had a little nibble of bagel ? I had asked Suzie could she recommend any nice gardens to stroll around, and she said she'd wanted to visit one that had been recommended to her but she'd never found the time to go, so I was the perfect excuse to down tools and visit. She drove us there and it was a HUGE garden that is managed by a husband and wife and 2 gardeners ...... god knows how they do it. Anyway we wandered around a trail of different gardens, the sun was beating down so it was gorgeous, ... read more
View of the mill from my paddle boat
Yes you got it
Fire pit evening chillin

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