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hi karen here, I'm a first timer to this travelling lark and off on my first adhoc adventure in 17 days !! Thailand is my destination both north and south. I'm alone for the first two weeks going around the north and then my friend Ange will be meeting me in Bangkok to do the Islands for the last two weeks. I'm excited with a just a tiny tad of aprehension (which is a healthy thing i recon !)

so here i am writing my very first travel blog

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach June 4th 2013

I spent last evening talking to a very nice young lad from Oz, he's travelling to 5 different countries in 2 weeks, sounded very frantic to me !today I woke up to a beautiful blue sky, my Roomie leftbefore breakfast so I had the room to myself .outside my window I could see that the river has risen again overnight, but the trains ate still running, so Ishould be ok for my trip tomorrow. Today was spent wandering around town, reading, in the sunhine and shade as I could feel my arms getting a tad pink ! Basicly I've been very lazy today. I've just had my evening meal here at the hostel, (the food is really good here). anyway, bit of an embarrassing episode. I usualy pay for my meal at reception and the lady ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach June 3rd 2013

today I woke after a good sleep in my bunk, Ihad d breakfast with Mika my roomie. Great breakfast here in the hostel, my only complaint is tthat they hve lots of different teas, incuding the posh kind, but no everyday tea ! so I had to make do with a berry fruit tea .... ok but not my nice cup of tea.After brekkie I went into town, a.d just mooched around some lovely shops and had a coffee and watched the workd go by. I finished the most depressing book ever called Tge Lifeboat, be sure NNOT to read it x . Then I bumped into Mika who had just been to the local doctor for a chest infection, and was clutching her antibiitics. . it was arounnd lunch time so we went for a ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach June 2nd 2013

todaystarted with another fabulous breakfast from Timo and Alex. Then we skyped Joanne nd Nick, which was great. Then Timo drove us to Bacharach , which is the prettiest of towns. It's got small cobbled streets, with half wooden houes , shops and restaurants. I'm staying at a,HUGE castle that is 500 years old and really cool. I'm in a bunk room with only one other person which is brill,. my roomie is a Japanese girl called Mika, who seems friendly enough. I' So Alex, Timo and myself went for a walk around tbe town and had a spaghetti ice cream, which is ice cream , cream, then strawberry sauce on top with cream that looks like spaghetti on top ! Then it was time to say bye bye for two weeks until I see them ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 1st 2013

I woke up after a luuuuvely sleep, and was ready for my first full day in Germany. Alex took me to buy food for breakfast from the local market that is literally 20 metres from her front door. There are stalls the full length of the road, full of fresh fruit and veg, butchers, a smelly cheese stall, florists, bakers, and fast food stalls. Alex bought lots of breads, sliced meats and pate. The breakfast we had was a massive feast with everything we got at the market, plus cheese, smoked salmon and jams. I was stuffed to bursting, but hey it would be rude not to eat everything offered :) Then we went to Kingstone which is the town where Alex works as a teacher of 17-18 year olds. Its a lovely old town that ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt May 31st 2013

Today I arrived in Frankfurt airport to be greeted by a smiling Alex, a friend of Joannes from Uni. When I was coming through customs there was a queue that took about 15 mins to clear, Alex said it was because someone had left a bag unattended and the bomb disposal unit had arrived and used a robot to investigate the aforementioned bag, that turned out to be a very innocent bag left behind by a forgetaful man !! So we arrived at Alex and Timo's appartment, and they have a double decker garage, you drive in normally, then you use a hydrolic lift and it raises the car up, and tah dah !!! there is space for another one underneath...... genuis !!! After settling in and having a nice cup of tea, we went out ... read more

Europe » Russia July 17th 2011

Today is my last day in Russia, and I need to do a couple of things I didn't get to do when I was in St P at the beginning of my holiday. So earlier in the day off I trotted to the Peter and Paul fortress which was a good 40 minute walk along the riverside. I walked though a walkway that was held up by statues, I earwigged an english guide saying that it was said that these statues held all the worries of the world on their shoulders, so it was customary to rub the feet of the statues and ask them to take all your troubles away, or to make a wish and they will grant it ................ so when in Rome or St Petersburg ..... I made a wish :) Then ... read more
statues that take the worry of the world on their shoulders
wishing hare
entrance to fortress

Europe » Russia July 16th 2011

So I arrived safe and sound to a cloudy but dry St Petersburg at 6am, while I was on the metro, there were lots of people who were either still partying from the previous night, or were very very worse for wear !! the Metro carriage stunk to high heaven of stale booze ...... lovely at 6,30am I can tell you ! On the walk to the hostel there were lots of people still drinking out of cans and bottles and staggering all over the place. One guy was laying on the pavement with his hands down his pants, rumaging !!!! ....... my pace speeded up at this point !!!! then I was back home at Apple the hostel I stayed in last week. I was greeted with a smile and a hug from Anna, nice ... read more
illuminated bridge

Europe » Russia July 14th 2011

yes today I have been chilled to the bone .......................... relaxing wise :) Just eating every so often, reading layed on a huge bean bag on the varranda, and lots of tea (obviously) I did go for a walk to the museum of wooden houses that was really cool. Its full of replica wooden buildings that would have been around from the 15th to the 18th century. And there were even signs in english which is VERY unusual, so it was nice to know what I was looking at. They had houses of simple peasants and grander ones that were what they called "well to do peasants" a few churches and 2 windmills. Then it was time to relax again and thats what I've been doing all afternoon, reading on the bean bags and the odd ... read more
gone finishing
wooden house
posher wooden house

Europe » Russia July 13th 2011

So today was another hot day, after a shared breakfast of bread and peanut butter from my two friends from Amsterdam and myself went to Suzdal's kremlin. Which was a mixture of museum type houses and modern art as well as churches from the 12th century so something for everyone. Then we went for a spot of lunch and had chicken salad and warm cherry dumplings ... very nice indeed. We decided against the honey wine as it was a very hot afternoon and the girls were leaving after lunch for a coach trip to moscow. However I did notice them stock up with it at the supermarket before they left !! I went for a read after lunch and a little snooze zzzzzzzzzzz and when I woke up there were 3 girls in my dorm, ... read more
another part of Kremlin of Suzsal
local lady
smile !!!!

Europe » Russia » Urals July 12th 2011

Today I was up and out at 7.45 to catch a bus to Suzdal, a small town of 15,000 people. After city life for the past 9 days I was ready for a small town and lots of open spaces. After getting to the bus station (the usual chaos) I bought my ticket and settled down for the 4 hour trip. The bus was quite comfy and while waiting for it to start I got chating to a family from Mexico who spoke brilliant english, there was mum, dad and two teenagers, one boy one girl. It made me smile when I saw that teenagers no matter where they come from (England or Mexico) have that same "I'm bored blank looking expssion !!) Sure enough after 4 hours and two rest stops and numerous bus stops ... read more
amazing sculptured house
local wooden house
inside a local church

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