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June 19th 2017
Published: March 17th 2018
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So up and out early for our next adventure, we stopped at Orillia town centre for a very quick wander around. It's the cutest town, with loads of really pretty shops, all independent with very friendly staff. Liz was in her element introducing us to all her friends in the shops, I felt like celeb !!!
Continues to opposite side of road
Every year the town have a different sculpture design made out of tin that local shops and organisations sponsor a local artist to decorate, this year as it was a maple leaf design and there were about 20 dotted around the high street, a touristy photo opportunity obviously.

It took a couple of hours to drive to our little B&B and when we arrived we were all shown to our rooms which were all lovely. Then the owner asked if we'd prefer to go into an apartment where we could all be together, as there were 3 bedrooms, a lounge and kitchen. This was perfect so we all moved and settled in. Connie and me were sharing a king sized bed but knowing what a wriggler and general bed wrecker she is, I did wonder if I'd have to move to the sofa in the lounge in the middle of the night, I tested it out just in case and it seemed quite comfy.

So off we went to explore the town called Niagra on the Lake, it was yet another beautiful little town, with horse and cart rides, flowers everywhere, beautiful stores. There was even a lady
Boat almost over to the other side
playing a cello on the pavement, as Robina is a cellist she stopped to listen, chat and play a little tune herself ! There was a store that sold witty signs, one made me laugh out loud so I bought it for my friend Gaye who has them all around her house ...... " better to arrive late ......than arrive ugly "

After a couple of lovely hours wandering around in the glorious sunshine we set off for the Falls ........... I don't know what I was expecting .... but it was breathtaking it really was, so much so that we were hugging each other, it felt sugh a momentous occasion 😍😍. The first thing you walk up to is the flat bit of the river as it comes towards the falls, the speed and noise is amazing, you can FEEL the power of the water, and then it turns and FALLS !!!!! There are 3 separate Falls, 1 one the American side, 1 on the Canadian side and the biggest one that goes around in a horseshoe that joins both countrie. There's only about 100 yards between the 2 countries with a bridge that you can walk over
Boat about to be lowered and go about it’s busine
if you want to get your passport stamped. There's also a walk out platform on the USA side that takes you out over the falls. However the bad news is that on the USA side you have to walk up and down the side of the mountain to go onto the boat that rides the falls. The Canadian side has Avery civilised lift !!!

We walked along the side of the falls taking hundreds of photos, including ones of when a rainbow came out ...... screams of "rainbow rainbow " 🌈🌈 all around meant that no one missed out on seeing this amazing sight. The rainbow is below you on the water, you look down onto it and can see both ends which is very beautiful if slightly weird. It's difficult to describe how amazing it is, so hopefully my photos will give you a taste of its beauty.

Connie and myself went in the boat trip to go right up to the falls, we were provided with a red poncho and went aboard the red boat called The Hornblower, (USA side has a blue boat, blue ponchos and called The Maid of the mist). Anyway boarded and got our premium spot on the rails at the very front of the boat, and it was hysterica 🀣🀣🀣🀣 ....... you get VERY close to the falls and you get TOTALLY soaked !!!! The poncho does diddly squat 😜😜😜 I was wet down to my not so small smalls !!!! It was BRILLIANT, everyone was laughing and screaming, the falls were sooooo amazing I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

By now it was raining and although it made no difference to Connie or myself, the others were cold and getting wet so it was time to head back to our b&b for a drink and rest before going out to dinner. We walked about 50 yards to a restaurant that was owned by a young couple who worked really hard at making it very relaxed and friendly. The food was great AND they served Archers & lemonade so win win 😍😍.

After a lovely meal we wandered back and had more drinks in the lounge and discussed what to do in the morning before being taken to the airport to fly home, in my case and travel on around Canada for Connie, Andrew & Robina. Andrew & Robina were keen to visit a local winery, I said I was happy to with the majority vote, but my face must have given me away as Liz said that as it was MY last few hours in Canada and I don't like wine, we should think of something else. Andrew was reading a local tourist magazine and jokingly said maybe we should play Dinosaur crazy golf........ well I was straight in there ..... and persuaded them 1 by 1 that this would be a brilliant way to spend the last few hours of our reunion as we would have a great laugh and finish on a high !!!! So it was agreed Dinosaur crazy golf here we come !!!
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