Jodie Sabin


Jodie Sabin

So ... 7 weeks in Nepal to do my elective placement plus some exploring! This is my way of keeping everyone up to date with what I'm doing, hopefully anyway!

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara May 26th 2009

This will probably be my last blog seeing as I shall be home on saturday! I am feeling back to my normal self now, so much better than I was this time last week! I haven't done a huge amount since we got back from trekking, just lazed around the hotel reading my book and spent time out on the lake. We rented bikes one day and went for a bike ride over to the other lake in Pokhara, it was worth the bike ride but I wasn't saying that on the way back when it became really hot. One of the other girl's bike also broke just as we started back, the chain literally snapped in half but then I guess thats what you get for hiring a bike for the day for 100 rupees ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara May 21st 2009

Before you start reading this I would just like to point out that I am fine, so don't worry about me! It seems ages since I last wrote in this blog but in reality its only been just over a week. We got back from our trek yesterday afternoon, I enjoyed it but I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more had I have not been so ill for most of it! We decided to do the Ghorepani-Ghandruk trek which is 6 days long and takes us by the Annapurna region of the Himalayas, with the aim of getting up to Poon Hill which is 3210m high and one of the best view points for the Himalays in the whole of Nepal. We took a guide with us because it saved us the hassle of ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan May 12th 2009

Namaste! Hope everyone is ok at home, sorry I've not been in touch for ages, combination of the internet being too slow or there being no power! The phone lines aren't all that much better either! Anyhow, today is my last day in Chitwan, just popped into the main town to pick up some food for our leaving party tonight. I finished my placement yesterday and am going to Pokhara tomorrow to see the mountains! I have loved village life, its been an amazing experience and I'll be sad to go tomorrow, but at the same time I'm looking forward to the change of scenary and cooler climate! The novelty of the Nepalese way of life has also worn off somewhat as well and I'm ready to be more active! Don't get me wrong though, its ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan April 26th 2009

Namaste! sorry I can't send people individual emails but the internet here is so slow! hope everyone is ok at home life at the health post hasn't changed much, same old same old really! some of the villagers decided to arrange a picnic for us so noone went to work on wednesday, only in Nepal is this perfectly normal! they made us go there on a buffalo cart which is an interesting experience, they are slow animals and the driver was crazy! he got very drunk and we decided it was safer to walk back at the end of the day! we had a really nice day swimming in the rafti river and the guys cooked us chicken curry, the sight of a claw on my plate was enough to put me off the chicken though! ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan April 18th 2009

Well I made it safely to my village and what a change in lifestyle! Its amazing, peace and quiet. The village is lovely, we're surrounded by fields, goats, cows, buffalos, chickens, dogs and pigeons (honestly) and its a very laid back, simple way of living. It is incredibly hot here (I would like to point out I am drinking lots, wearing a hat and suncream!), mainly in the afternoon but its not too bad if you stay in the shade! lack of electricity is far more noticable here as the fans are very welcome when they're on and there's nothing to do in the evening with no lights! It means most people get up before the sun comes up which is the nicest part of the day. Watching the sun set over the fields from the ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 14th 2009

Happy Nepalese new year! It is the first day of the year 2066 here, so yep you really can time travel! Having said that, it seems most nepalese people aren't all that fussed by the new year and the pubs seem to have cottened on to the fact that foreigners will pay lots of money on new years eve, whatever country and year you are in! All the volunteers who are here in the city at the moment (there are 5 of us) went for a meal with the hope and home staff, then a few of us decided to hang around until midnight in one of the pubs as we figured most of us won't be around to see the real 2066 so we may as well make the most of it! I've been getting ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 11th 2009

Thought I may as well write as many updates now whilst I can, once I get to Chitwan at the end of this week internet won't be as readily available. The hostel that I am staying in is just outside the tourist area of Kathmandu, it is quieter than the main area but still very noisy at all times of the day! I think I am going to be glad of the peace and quiet when I move out to the rural area. I shall be going to a village (although by village they mean small town I think) from which one of the members of staff originates from so he was telling me about it today. There are 3 volunteers out there already doing teaching so I shall be put with them hopefully, although the ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 10th 2009

Hello! I am in here in Nepal, safe and sound. writing this on a very dodgy keyboard so please excuse the typos now! After a somewhat eventful outogoing journey, nothing like a bomb scare and airport evacuation to liven up the wait, I somehow made it into Kathmandu on time. I don't know how because we were an hour and half late leaving london, but they thankfully held our connecting flight so we were only about 50 minutes late leaving Doha - had to be a record time for transfer from one plane to another! Much to my immense relief, my luggage turned up (you have to see Kathmandu airport to realise why I was dubious. Its not much bigger than my high school was and strangly looks quite similar in design) I was also very ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Dudley April 8th 2009

I think I'm ready to go anyway, bags are all packed and well within the weight limit, although I'm convinced I've forgotten something! Still don't think its sunk in yet that I have passed finals and am going to Nepal tomorrow! After all the messing around this week with the flights, I will be amazed if I turn up at Heathrow and actually have a place on my flight to Doha and I make it onto the connecting flight. I will be even more amazed if someone turns up at the airport to meet me in Kathmandu, not convinced that I managed to get my message across about the change in schedule, we shall see! Will try and keep this as updated as much as I can, but no idea at the moment how often I ... read more

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