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April 14th 2009
Published: April 14th 2009
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Happy Nepalese new year! It is the first day of the year 2066 here, so yep you really can time travel!

Having said that, it seems most nepalese people aren't all that fussed by the new year and the pubs seem to have cottened on to the fact that foreigners will pay lots of money on new years eve, whatever country and year you are in!

All the volunteers who are here in the city at the moment (there are 5 of us) went for a meal with the hope and home staff, then a few of us decided to hang around until midnight in one of the pubs as we figured most of us won't be around to see the real 2066 so we may as well make the most of it!

I've been getting the hang of bargaining as well, not entirely successful but I'm getting better at it. You do realise that I am going to complain soooo much about the prices in England when I get back, I've got very used to being able to pay less than a few pounds for everything! A couple of nights ago we went to a traditional nepalese restaurant, a six course meal (they just kept on bringing food out!) plus drinks came to 700 rupees. Thats just under 6 quid. And it was seriously good food as well!

The last couple of days have just been more language lessons and sightseeing around the city. I have today free and am then off to Chitwan tomorrow. I won't have regular internet access there so please don't worry if you don't hear from me for several days! Thanks for letting me know about the albion, I'd completely forgotten to check. I'm still not optimistic about a great escape!


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